Sunday School on Sunday, October 14th

Nursery - Kristene

Preschool, K - Jess Degliaberti, Linda Phillips

1st-4th Grade - Heather Vaillancourt, lead

Middle School (5th-8th) - Cathy Phillips, Mary Ellen Lane

Supe of the Day: Alana Dros

Preschool and K

Preschool Room 3rd Floor

Sparks: Wondering in the Wilderness

*Grocery Store Play

1st - 4th

Kids Accompanied by volunteers after Time with Children (by Leo)

 to Upstairs Youth Room 

Sparks Video: Wondering in the Wilderness Week 1

Trusting God and Each Other: Emperors New Groove Clip

Middle School:

5th through 8th grade

REform:  Unit: Jesus, Week 4: Is Believing in Jesus the Only Way to Get into Heaven?

[Looking Ahead to Next Week: Sunday, October 21st]

3rd grade bibles are distributed during worship. Full Sunday School.

Wondering in the Wilderness Week 2 for PS and 1st-4th

Middle School joins youngers

Did you know you can