English 8 Curriculum at a Glance


  1.  Comprehension
  1. Recall elements of plot, sequence, character, & setting
  2. Identify text elements in multiple genres
  3. Apply concepts of theme
  4. Identify literary elements
  1.  Vocabulary
  1. Analyze word structure (roots & affixes)
  2. Learn Greek, Latin, and Anglo-Saxon roots and apply knowledge to new words
  3. Use context clues for understanding
  4. Identify synonyms and antonyms
  1.  Fluency
  1.  Students will be able to read sentences fluently
  2.  Students will be able to comprehend reading orally


1. 6 Traits Writing Unit (Multiple 5 paragraph essays, NeSA-W assessment)

2. Blogging (Digital Literacy and Citizenship)


  1. Report one informative essay orally to the class (speech)
  2. Group presentations (various, throughout year)
  3. Participation in group discussions


  1.  Identify points of emphasis from oral readings for notes
  2. Take notes over peer presentations
  3. Ask pertinent questions to further classroom discussion

Literature Units

  1. Poetry
  1.  Short Story Unit
  1. Nonfiction
  1. Mythology & Folk Tales
  1. Drama


Grammar Unit

  1. Identify parts of a sentence
  2. Identify phrases and clauses
  3. Identify four functions of sentences
  4. Apply learned grammar concepts to writing
  5. Adhere to proper capitalization, punctuation, and spelling rules