4th Grade Math Curriculum

1st Six Weeks

2nd Six Weeks

3rd Six Weeks

4th Six Weeks

5th Six Weeks

 6th Six Weeks

 Place Value:

• read, written, standard, expanded Properties:

• addition, subtraction, & multiplication Compare & Order (whole numbers and decimals) Value vs. Place (10x) Decimals with Money Relate fractions to decimals Tenths/hundredths Number lines (decimals and fractions) Addition (whole numbers and decimals) Subtraction (whole numbers and decimals) Round/Estimate 100,000’s Compatible Numbers Recall Math Facts:

 Problem Solving ( multi step with strip diagrams and letters)


Fact families

Multiply by 1 digit patterns of 10 & 100

Multiply by 2 digits

Basic Division Facts

Divide by 1


Divide with Remainders

Divide 4 digit Dividends


Problem Solving:

One/two step Multiplication, division, money, input/output with multiplication and division

Algebraic Expressions

Understanding equalities

Adding and subtracting equations

Multiplying and dividing equations

Patterns and Tables


Simplest Form

Number lines

Comparing and ordering fractions

Decomposing fractions

Adding and subtracting fractions

Points, lines,and planes


Lines: perpendicular,

Parallel, intersecting, point, line segment and ray


Triangles: right, obtuse,acute


Measuring Angles

Adding and subtracting angles

Perimeter and Area

Interval time


Weight and mass



Frequency table

Dot plot

Stem and leaf

Common denominators

Adding and subtracting with unlike denominators

Multiplying fractions

Area of composite shapes

Personal Finance