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Sonoma Index Tribune Letter to the Editor
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Sonoma Index Tribune Letter to the Editor

November 5, 2021


An Open Letter To Pacaso

Editor:  Here is an open letter to Austin Allison CEO of Pacaso.

I live in Sonoma, California - a prime target for your business.  You say you were inspired “by Pablo Picasso’s revolutionary thinking, and decided on Pacaso to honor his legacy of innovation.” I am an artist well aware of revolutionary thinking and all for it. But a world is made up of both beautiful thoughts and beautiful actions. It’s important to ask the question, is your innovation creating more good or doing damage to the world around you?

Many of us in Sonoma perceive Pacaso as a detriment to our town. Bringing people into our residential neighborhoods who treat their residence like a hotel, rather than a home, creates a culture of people who don’t really care about the community. They disrupt the ecosystem, and Sonoma has a wonderful ecosystem. I would hate to see that destroyed.

I wouldn’t want to buy a home in a neighborhood that is transitory. That’s one of the reasons I live here. When your clients discover that they are

perceived as threats to our town, that Sonoma is not just a place to party but a place to live life fully, your reputation, and your business along with it, will shatter. If this is just business, and I can’t imagine it’s anything more, than keep in mind that creating dysfunctional systems is bad for your bottom line once the problem is exposed. People don’t like to be associated with destructive causes. Wouldn’t it be great if you could put your fine creative mind and abundant resources towards leaving this world better for you’re having been here?

Jacqueline Kramer