Roleplay Evolved : AtlasRP Rules

These rules are subject to change, please keep yourself up to date on any changes!

This section will cover the rules for our community both in-game and out. Please make sure to familiarise yourself with the rules and read them carefully before applying for the whitelist. If you are unsure about any part please feel free to contact a staff member - we are here to help!

The whitelist will question your knowledge of these rules. Failure to adhere to them once accepting will result in warning points, bans, and eventually permanent removal.

Before you read!

Regardless of what these rules read, the staff team are in place to make certain that actions in-game never A. Break the rules and B. Harm the server or population of the server.

This means, even if something is not clarified in this set of rules, that does NOT mean you’re allowed to abuse that specific loop. As a player in this server, you are expected 100% of the time to be respectful to your fellow players, if something is not clarified in this rule set but is still harmful to a player, or players in a way that is not entirely roleplay centric (example: bullying of some form, or doing something just for the sake of doing it rather than the sake of roleplay) you CAN and WILL still receive a strike and/or suspensions from playing.

There is no space in which it is appropriate to be detrimental to this community, please do not assume just because something is not listed here that inappropriate and or hurtful actions will not be harshly punished.

Overview of the punishment system

When an action that violates the rules is committed and the staff team find this person(s) responsible for the actions that lead to this rule being broken then these person(s) will receive a strike. Major or Minor.

A Major Strike: A major strike is a permanent strike on your record, that never goes away. It is always followed up by some sort of temporary in-game ban as well. A Major strike is given for major offenses.

A Minor Strike: Is a strike that will affects your total count for 3 months at which time it’s effect wears off. However a Minor strike is NEVER removed from your record, and repeated rule breaks of the same kind can and will result in harsher punishments than normal.

Community Rules

Be Mature and Respectful

Be Respectful Of Staff



Claims and Boat Rules

This section clarifies some general boat and claim rules. Any specific regulations that affect either can still be found in their appropriate sections.

Claim Flags
Boat Rules

General PvP Rules

This section of the rules will cover all rules relating to player vs player combat and roleplay. It does not cover specific instances like wars, base attack or such - they can be found in their own sections. Please remember that when participating in PVP on our server the focus should always be on roleplay.

Initiating PVP Actions

While on land
While at sea 

Active PVP Situations

Hostages & Kidnapping

Attack Limits

Roleplay Rules

This section of the rules covers the various rules surrounding good and bad roleplay on the server. Roleplay rules are arguably the most important rules of them all so read carefully!

Roleplay First

If the consent of ALL parties involved is explicitly obtained you may circumnavigate the rules in the General PvP Rules, Claims & Boats Rules, Base Attacks & War Rules in order for roleplay to make sense.

Good RP & Bad RP

Good RP:

Bad RP:

New Life Rule

Perma Death

Forbidden RP

Due to the age limit of 16+ on the server, there are some restrictions on what can and can't be RP'd. These are hard limits and there is no room for negotiation. These rules are in place for legal reasons, breaking them can mean increased punishments to those involved.

War Rules

These rules take effect anytime you declare/participate in a war.

These rules exist to provide a fair and fun playing field for all players and ensure that any wars are done to the satisfaction of both sides and don't ruin any enjoyment.

Declaring a War

Active Wars

Ending a War

Base Attacks

This section of the rules will cover any rules that are specifically revolving around base attacks. Please be mindful of these rules before you perform any sort of attack on a base or structure. Bases are any 2x2 building with walls, roof and a window, ships or cliff platforms

Offline Raiding

How To Attack A Base

Rules During Active Base Attacks

Open Containers and Bases

Containers left in the open both inside and outside of bases may be stolen from without following the base attack rules if left unlocked. However, if the owner catches you in the act of stealing from a container they gain 2 hours of attack rights on you.