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“Deafverse Promo” video


Logo: DeafVerse. Static swirls. In a white room with electronic equipment, green and black gloved hands hold up a mouse. A brunette teenage girl leans forward and nods. She signs at the person that wears gloves.


Remember what to do?


She lifts a pair of goggles over the camera and the vision is washed in green light. The gloved hands hold up a comic book that reads ‘DeafVerse’.

In front of a bright white background, a young man has a neatly trimmed dark goatee beard. He

wears a tight fitting black shirt and cap that has yellow and red wires that run across the top and

front like a circuit board. He pulls down a pair of thick black aviation-style goggles over his eyes.

Elsewhere, the young man stands in front of a vector cartoon-style background that depicts a candy bar at a movie theatre. He wears a cerise pink long-sleeved t-shirt and has short dark curly hair.

He uses sign language to communicate.


You purchase some popcorn and settle down in your seat.


The young man wears the circuit board suit again. Three orange circuits frame him in a square with a letter ‘A’ inside a circle on the lower right. He uses sign language.


Ask about captioning...


The orange circuits change to aqua and the letter in the circle becomes a ‘B’.


Or, throw the popcorn at the screen.


A vector style comic book has three horizontal panels. The middle panel becomes an animation of a lion. It chases two small robots towards a sun-like vortex.

The young man stands in front of a vector cartoon-style savannah background.

He uses sign language.

[lion roaring]

The young man wears the circuit board suit again.



[static and electronic beeping]

[techno music]


Text: Choose your future.


Text: Play now.

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