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New Student Chromebook Training

Cyndi Smith

Will Herring  [beard is gone]


11 Inch Lenovo’s

  • Camera
  • Microphone
  • Bluetooth
  • Google Suite

$25 / Technology Fee Per Year

$20 / Per Damage

**Up to replacement cost ($250) if deemed intentional or neglect**

Acceptable Use Policy

Google Drive Until Graduation

Keep Bags entire 4 years

Logging into Chromebook:

Username = your email account

Password = MCS_______

See Ms Smith for any issues

Logging into Zscaler:

Username = full email address

Password = MCS_______

PowerSchool / Canvas / SchoolNet

*You will need to “claim” your account the first time.

CLICK FOR VIDEO - Our LEA Code is 630

Contact Ms Smith with issues

UID Number: 8-9 digits

Password: MCS_______