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iPad Tune Up Note - 2022
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iPad “Tune-Up”!  

It’s great to stay organized and up-to-date.  Take a few minutes to tune-up your iPad to make the most of your learning.  Keeping your iPad tuned can help to avoid problems.


Update iOS – Update Apps via Self Service – Clean out & Organize – take care of it!  


  1. Update your D95 iPad’s iOS

You do get notifications to update the iOS on your district device.  However, if you missed them or what to check for the latest update:  Go to Settings > General, then tap Software Update.

  1. Update your key learning apps  

Remember on your D95 iPad, apps do NOT auto update.  You have to do it!   

Canvas – Notability  _____________

Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sheets, Keynote, & any other apps you use regularly.  

Avoid downloading all the apps in Self Service; the iPad has limited space, let’s not fill it up with unneeded items.

  1. Delete what is no longer needed

  1. Organize Notability

  1. A few tips to help you be successful:

  1. Issues? Reach out for support.