UI/UX Artist,
Games Generalist

Nathan McGuire

1414 Julian Street
Denver, CO 80204



Hard Surface Modeling, Environment Modeling, Mechanical Rigging and Animation, UI Art, UX Design, Production Art, Video Editor. Proficient in Photoshop, Maya, 3DSMax, Zbrush, SpeedTree, Quixel Suite, Substance Painter, Unreal, and UNITY 5. UV Efficiency, Modular Environment Creation and Atlasing, Texel Density and Memory Limitations. Scrum, Agile, and Kanban project planning, version control with Perforce and Tortoise SVN. SLA and FDM 3D printing.


Dire Wolf Digital / UI/UX Artist, Unity Generalist, Marketing Artist

June 2019 - PRESENT,  Denver, CO

Shipped Titles and Roles:
UI/UX Artist - Raiders of the North Sea (Steam/Mobile)
UI/UX Artist - ROOT (Steam/Mobile)
UI/UX Artist, Animator - Unannounced Project (Steam/Mobile)
Production Artist - Clank! Temple of the Ape Lords (board game)
Production Artist - Clank! In Space! Cyberstation 11 (board game)

Video Editing:
Rigged, Animated, shot in unity and edited in Adobe Primere/After Effects game Trailers for ROOT and Sagrada. (Digital Board Games)

Marketing Production Artist:
Web Ads for both Website banners and all social media
Complete overhaul of the Mailchimp E-mail Newsletter Layout design and ad creation. Created a themed visual language to use across studio news, and specific game titles.
Website Design in Adobe XD and Development on our main website
Large Format Convention Marketing Art (Banners, Booth Skins, Signage, Price Sheets, Hand Outs, etc)

EA / 3D Modeler and Rapid Prototyper for XLabs

June 2017 - May 2019,  Austin, TX

Sole 3D modeler for internal think-tank for 3D printing working with all EA titles and IPs as well as creating custom one-offs for internal employee recognition. I created small dioramas, props, character and monster statuettes and then 3D printed them, often with the capacity to hold electronics which I wired integrated myself. Solely responsible for rapid iteration and problem solving in order to create high fidelity 3D models that were also structurally possible to print.

Desert Owl Games / 3D Artist & 2D Artist

November 2014 - December 2016,  Tucson, AZ

Principle hard surface, prop, weapon, and vehicle artist for Space Wars: Interstellar Empires, modeling, texturing and creating prefabs for player and NPC ships for both major factions. I also authored and optimized shaders, assisted in the development of the art pipeline and documentation. I was a contributing pixel and UI artist for Pox Nora an isometric turn-based tactics game where I generated retro sprites for heroes, monsters, environments, and props.


The Guildhall at SMU / Master of Interactive Tech, Art Creation

August 2012 - May 2014,  Plano, TX

I was an art lead on one of the major group projects, where I coordinated with a design, programming, and production team and led a team of 2 other artists. I also was a TA running bootcamps in modeling, rigging, animating, and the Unreal 3 and 4 asset pipeline and served as a resource for underclassmen team game projects

University of North Texas / Bachelor of Arts, Drawing & Painting

August 2008 - June 2012, Denton, TX

Honored to be selected for: UNT Senior Honors 2012, Juried by UNT Faculty, 500XPO 2012 ,and FRESHMEAT 20111, Juried by 500x Dallas.