Job Description: Pottery Studio Technician


- Tasks include loading pottery and ceramics into kiln, maintaining the clay recycling program, keeping tally of fired pots per student and dating student pottery for pick up, as well as general pottery studio cleaning tasks, and tool organization, and re-order lists.  Input is welcomed on how to better improve Mondaes pottery studio systems, workflow, and student environment.


- The Pottery Studio Technician position requires excellent people skills, a love for learning,, ability to problem-solve and humility to ask questions, physical strength and an eye for detail while working quickly.

-This position demands the ability to stand primarily while on the clock, suspend 10 lb kiln shelves carefully while loading kilns, and walk with boxes of pottery or clay 40 lbs or under.

-Work spaces must be kept relatively clean and contained in order to set an example for students and to promote efficient work-flow and safety.

- Required dress: Closed-toe shoes at all times, gloves when loading/unloading kiln, goggles when cleaning kiln shelves, particulate mask when working with dry clay or glazes, shirts with sleeves at least short-sleeve length when on Mondaes retail floor or Pottery Studio.

-Team members who take ownership of their client base will influence Mondaes buying choices, ultimately the U.S. and fair wage art supply markets, and will have a lot more fun at work.

Time Frame: Mon 8am-12pm, Tues 8am-12pm, Thurs. 8-12, Fri. 3-7, Sat. 9-1 to equal 20 hours. Shifts may vary and can be expanded based on Pottery Studio needs, receiving shipments, special event participation, and extended work at Mudd Ceramic Studio.

Pay: $8 starting, $.50 raises at quarterly reviews 2 x per year minimum when job requirements are met.

Begins: Once hired. Training is paid and lasts between 2-4 weeks depending on position.

Reviews: Quarterly personal reviews with management provided in order to assess performance, job position fit, and changes to the job description or tasks. Raises offered during reviews if merited.

Pay Periods: Semi-Monthly on the 3rd and 18th of every month.

Monthly Meetings: 2nd Mondays from 7-8pm, paid and mandatory unless excused.

To Apply, email your resumé to : with “Resumé” as the subject.