Minutes of the WSC Board Meeting

March 31 2012 at WSC

Board Members present were: David McLamb, Jim Wimbish, Mike Butts, Valerie Georgevitch, Bill Purcell, Butch Blanchard        


Yeoman Report:  Minutes for February 2012 were approved.  


Purser Report:  Bank balance is $19,567.30 as of 3/30/12 with 50 paid members.  Full memberships for Todd Fiskin & Margaret Cooley, and for George Jack were attained with payment for stock.  Several 2011 members have indicated they will not renew membership for 2012.

Valerie reviewed the list of unpaid members for Board contact.

Commodore David McLamb has a newsletter ready to be distributed to the membership.  Members should update their email address and indicate to him if they are unable to receive the newsletter by email.

Moorings:  State officials have said mooring balls must have Owner Name and Number on ball by April 1, 2012 or the state will remove the mooring.  The line extension into the lake has not yet been determined by survey.  Surveyor David Goldston was contacted to do the work.

 Events:                  April 14        Club Clean-Up in morning; Boats Clean-Up in afternoon

                                Lunch provided.  Members will help each other ready their boat.

                        April 28        Scheduled - Monthly Club Sailing

                        Isotope Nationals or State championship to occur with Indian Summer Regatta

                        Tanzer 16 SAYRA event to occur with Indian Summer Regatta

Hosted Events:        April 8                Easter Sunrise Service LW Churches

                        April 21        Belinda Collins party

                        April 27        First Presbyterian Church picnic

                        June 17        Cardboard boat Regatta – Whiteville Rotary Club

                        Open                Boy Scouts sailing merit badge skills day planned

Racing:                Dates have been set for make-ups on July 14 and Sept 13.


Site and Equipment:  Water to be turned on first week of April. Hot water heaters have not been inspected, repaired, or replaced as appropriate, with wiring and piping to be redone to provide for energy savings by piping heaters in series and installing electrical time clocks.  

The canal property fence to secure boat storage area will be installed.  Storage will be on a pre-paid basis under appropriate rental contract for $200 per year for assigned space.

Primitive camping space is available on the WSC Canal lot for members free with a 15-day limit.

Planned improvements include additional pier rub-rails for boat and pier protection, additional cleaning and staining of the facility buildings,

Web Site Publishing.  The NEW WEBSITE address is www.waccamawsailing.com   Please check the site monthly for calendar, events, and news.

Next Meeting:   April 28, 2012 at the Club at 10:00 AM

Respectfully submitted,

Butch Blanchard, Yeoman