2019-2020 SEASON 1


Version 1.20

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League Mission Statement

The first SRW league started life as a friendly league for fun racing within the great SRW community and to a certain extent that still remains today. we encourage set-up sharing and help for those that may be rookies to the series. We all give up precious real life time to organise and host these events but we all share the same passion, we are here for fun and we love to race. we would like you all to kindly remember that. Thank you


30th October deadline for invited teams to register

18th November 2019 - Public registration opens

25th November - Payment deadline

29th November - Paint/ Team name deadline

8th December 2019 - Barcelona GP

January 2020 - Daytona Road Course

 February 2020 - Road America

March 2020 - Spa Francorchamps Endurance

April 2020 - Silverstone GP

May 2020 - Sebring International

Season Entry Requirements

1.1 Each driver MUST have a current SRW account, that is verifiable through the iRacing service via the users iRacing ID and must have a valid verifiable email address which they can confirm using our automated email system. Via the website.

1.2 Season entry is via the official website only.

1.2.1 Once registered on the website you will be able to choose the championship you wish to participate in. please ensure you are choosing the correct one.

1.3 Entry is strictly limited to 52 teams (13 cars per class), once this limit is reached then any teams registering after that point will make the reserve list.

       1.3.1 Entry for all classes will be opened initially to Invited Teams. If any of these classes are not filled then they will be opened to the public. This is purely to reward driver and team loyalty within the league community.

       1.3.2 There will be a set number of invited teams, but there will be a limit of one team per class limit.

1.4 Registration will remain open after the maximum 52 Team limit has been reached, purely to create the reserve list.

1.5 The drivers that have made the cut for the series will be notified by email on registration day.

1.6 All registered drivers must join the relevant Simracersworld iRacing league on the iRacing service. You will get an invite to the league and you must become a member before the first official practice session otherwise you will not be able to participate and will be refused entry to the league.

1.7 The Team season entry membership of £30.00 is required when you receive an email from the organisers requesting that you pay the fee. The membership will be paid in the form of a GIFT from family and friends to the group paypal account. Do not pay the membership until you have the email requesting payment. The series entry payments in to the group paypal will be staggered, if you have confirmation that you have been accepted as a competitor but do not have an email to pay the membership before round 1 then you need to contact the admins to facilitate payment.

1.8 All drivers will need to provide the car paint, helmet paint and suit paint files that are required for the series when requested by the admins and in good time for the organisers to compile the paint pack for the broadcast.

1.9 All drivers will be expected to run the series sponsors logo on their cars. There will be a series decal pack provided by the organisers and instructions on how to apply these will be issued by the admins. The series paintpack will be available to download from the website. If you are unable to do this, then please contact the admins for assistance or use the group YouTube channel for a simple walkthrough guide.

     1.9.1 Do not turn on trading paints for the race sessions if you wish to see the paint pack in all its glory!

Team participation

2.0 Race withdrawal must be notified in advance in the FB group or via DM to an admin or race steward so that a reserve driver can be invited to that weeks race. The deadline for withdrawal is 24 hours in advance of the race.

2.1 Team withdrawal from the season must be notified at the driver’s earliest opportunity and will be refunded at 50% value of the remaining races. e.g. if the driver has 3 rounds to go and paid £30 for the season he/she will get a refund of 50% of those remaining rounds = £7.50 and not £15. This is to ensure the admins are not funding the broadcast from their own pockets as the broadcast would have already been paid.

2.2 Reserve drivers will be contacted in the case of a driver dropping out and will be offered the grid slot. They will be required to pay £5.00 for each remaining round The team contests and all up front.

2.3 If any team does not turn up for any 2 consecutive rounds then they will be automatically replaced by a reserve team, if no communication is made to the admins they will forfeit their right to a refund. The admins will not chase the driver for their refund.

2.4 Each Team/driver must make himself familiar with the ruleset in place.

2.5 Each Team/driver is responsible for their own actions and cheating will not be tolerated and will result in Championship expulsion.

Team Championship

3.0 Teams will be placed into one of 3 categories depending on registration class

      A. GT3

      B. Porsche Cup

      C. GT4 (This class will be added when it is released)

      D. TCR

​3.1 There will be a maximum of 17 GT3 Teams

3.1 There will be a maximum of 17 Porsche Cup Teams


3.4 There will be a maximum of 17 TCR Teams

3.5 Teams Rules: Each team will consist of 3 drivers. Each round however, only 2 drivers can be used. The 3rd driver can be used at any round without penalty. This enables teams to swap out a driver for any round for any reason. This also enable tactical driver swaps at each round for track knowledge. It also maximises the grid and ensure all teams are represented at each round.

3.6 Same Team cars must be easily recognisable by different colour highlights, mirrors etc and each team must have a different name.

3.7 Teams will be able to choose their car number and this number will be fixed for the season.this is on a first come first served basis

3.8 Only one team entry is allowed to enter each class.

Championship Format

4.0 The series will consist of 6 rounds.

4.1 All 6 rounds will count towards the final championship score.

4.2 Each round will consist of a multi class 120 minute Official Practice session on Sunday Evening 1 week before the race week and always at 19:30 UK Time (regardless of BST or GMT)

4.3 Each race session will be on Sunday 11:20GMT and 480 minutes in total. 100 minutes open practice, 20 minutes open qualifying and a 1000km race (Maximum 6 hours).

4.4 Car eligibility:

Audi R8 LMS GT3


Ferrari 488 GT3

Mercedes AMG GT3

Porsche Cayman GT4 (This car will be added to the series when it is released)

Porsche 911 GT3 CUP

Audi RS3 TCR

Championship Weather

5.0 All rounds will use dynamic sky and realistic weather

5.1 All rounds in sim will be set to real round current date.

5.2 Rounds that are not night races will be set to default sunrise at server start time.

5.3 There will also be 1 round ‘into the night’ and 1 round ‘into the day’ and 1 round which is ‘full night’ which will be announced server times are to be announced

Practice Format

6.0 Sunday night 1 week before the race event during the season 1930 hrs GMT or BST

6.1 Two hour official server using the noon weather settings for that round

6.2 No incident limit

6.3 Championship fuel limit in force

6.4 Race day practice length is 100 minutes

Qualifying Format

7.0 20 minute open qualifying:

7.1 Weather carried over from practice

7.2 Track state carried over from open practice

7.3 Grid positions decided purely on qualifying time within class

Race Format

8.0 Race day will be at  SUNDAY @ 1120 GMT

8.1 There is no obligation to turn up at 1120 GMT on race days,

8.2 Qualifying starts at 1300 GMT

8.3 Race starts at 1320 GMT

8.3.1 Drivers must be in the race server by 1300 GMT

8.4 Open set up

8.5 No incident limit, but penalties for exceeding a set threshold

8.6 No fast repairs

8.7 Fuel limit will be set at 100%

8.8 No full course cautions

     8.9.1 Rolling start for all rounds, each class after the GT3 will sit stationary for 15 seconds until they can move. They will not race until after the start/finish line. They will stay in close 2x2 formation until the run to the line

     8.9.2 Six Rounds of races with a set amount of laps to meet the 1000km championship distance. This will be a different amount of laps at each circuit to cover the required 1000km race distance.

     8.9.3 Weather default sunrise unless the Time of day is specified.

     8.9.4 Track state carried over from qualifying.


Round 1

December 8th 2019

Barcelona GP

200 Laps (140 laps = 70%)

Round 2

January 19th 2020 (TBC)

Daytona Road Course

164 Laps Full floodlit night race (115 laps = 70%)

Round 3

February 23rd 2020 (TBC)

Road America Full Course

154 Laps (108 laps = 70%)

Round 4

March 22nd 2020 (TBC)

Spa-Francorchamps Endurance Pits

143 Laps day into night (100 laps = 70%)

Round 5

April 19th 2020 (TBC)

Silverstone GP

170 Laps (119 laps = 70%)

Round 6

May 17th 2020 (TBC)

Sebring International

166 Laps night into day (116 laps = 70%)

Page 2

Championship points system

All classes will score the same points system


9.0 All Teams in the confirmed official race result will score points if they have completed the mandatory 70% race distance.

9.1 An extra 1 point will be awarded for each class pole position.

9.2 An extra 1 point will be awarded for each class fastest race lap

9.3 No points will be awarded for DQ'd or DNS

9.4 If a driver qualifies on pole in class and then for whatever reason doesn’t take the start of the race, he will NOT claim the pole position points.

     9.4.1 The point will be awarded to the second place qualifier in that class.

9.5 Championship Standings will be published on the website.

9.6 If a post race protest is upheld and the driver is DSQ then the driver in question will score zero points for that round.

Cars and B.O.P.

10.0 Only 4 GT3 Cars on the iRacing service will be at the teams disposal.

10.1 Cars will not be subject to any BOP other than the iracing BOP set within the servers

​10.2 GT3 teams can change cars after round 2 and after round 4 during the season, but this will come with a penalty in the form of points reduction. This is to reduce the amount of work the admins have to put in to create paint packs for the broadcast, once cars are changed they are locked in for 2 rounds.

10.3 Points reduction penalty for changing car mid season will be 40 points for a Team in the overall classification or if the Team has less than 40 points then they will have all points removed and put back to zero. 

10.3.1 Teams will be subject to this penalty each time they change cars

10.4 If a team decides at any point they will change cars, they will give plenty of notice to the admin team and then upload his new skin to his SRW account on the website, who will then supply the broadcasters.

​​Start Procedure

11.1 Drivers must keep tight 2x2 formation on warm up lap.

11.2 Each subsequent class behind the GT3 class will leave at least 15 seconds gap between them and the class ahead before moving off the gridding up spot on the circuit.

11.3 The pole sitter in the GT3 class can anticipate the lights but will be subject to a jump start penalty via the iRacing software if he ‘goes’ to early.

11.4 The subsequent classes will keep 2x2 formation until the run up to the start line, then the class leader can GO! No-one must jump the leader until after the start line

11.5 Any driver deemed to have ‘jumped’ the start will be subject to a live stewards review and possible subsequent penalty.

Flags and Accident procedures

12.1 Flag procedure for all races will be as per the SRW rule book.

12.2 Yellow flags: drivers MUST make an effort to slow down.if you are deemed to cause an accident in a yellow flag sector where you failed to slow you will be subject to a stewards review with the possibility of a subsequent penalty.

12.3 Blue Flag: The lapped driver must make a sensible attempt at allowing the lead lap cars to pass. The responsibility for the overtake is shared equally between the lapped driver and the driver on the lead lap.

    12.3.1 Lapped drivers will in no way interfere with the race of the drivers on the lead lap, but are entitled to overtake slower cars they catch up.

    12.3.2 Headlight flashing in no way should be used to intimidate the slower driver or used as indication you want to pass.

12.4 Meatball Flag: If your car is damaged and undriveable then you have the option to take the 'TOW' option back to the pit lane, but If you decide it is quicker to drive a damaged car back to the pits you MUST stay off the racing line.

    12.4.1 If choosing the second option and you cause another accident then you will be subject to a stewards review and the possibility of a subsequent penalty.

12.5 White Flag: Final lap

12.6 Checkered Flag: Race finish. All drivers must make an attempt to exit the car safely and off the racing line or drive back to pitlane. Do not cause any unnecessary accidents after the flag.

12.7 Accident procedure: If you are involved in an accident and find yourself off the track or facing the wrong way then you must not rejoin the track if unsafe to do so. The relative box on screen will tell you how close the cars behind are and a sensible decision must be made on re-joining the track and by not impeding the following cars.

​12.8 If you rejoin the track without care and cause another accident then you will be subject to a stewards review with the possibility of a subsequent penalty.

12.9 Slow downs MUST be served well off the racing line and you must not impede any driver behind whilst doing so. If this happens and you are protested, then you may be subject to a post race penalty.

Protests and penalties

Race stewards and Protest Procedure

13.0 Incidents will be reviewed and acted upon using a combination of live race stewards (see section below) or post race if a decision cannot be made during the race.

13.1 If a driver wants to submit a post race protest then it must go through the correct protest procedure, using the correct form on the website.

13.2 Any post race protest cannot be made until 9am on the morning after the race, this is known as the cooling off period.

13.3 A protest must be made to the race stewards via the official protest form submitted via the website.

13.4 Any protesting driver needs to supply the correct information on lap number and drivers name under protest and reason for the protest.

​13.5 The race stewards are only in place to make sure that all drivers race fair and clean and to review any incidents and in the event that they are protested.

13.6 The decision of the stewards will be final and no appeal is possible. The drivers involved will accept the penalty if one is given, without question.

​13.7 The right of protest is available to all drivers, as long as the incident in question is reported within the timescale listed above.

13.8 All drivers are given the right to give their side of the story and provide evidence and this will be considered when the stewards make their decision on the incident.

    13.8.1 Video clips and screengrabs are considered evidence of the incident. These must be seen from both parties perspectives. Consideration may be taken into account whether the driver uses single screen, triple screen or VR, however common sense tells us where another car is when it disappears from mirrors and vision.

    13.8.2 Once both sides of the story have been heard and the evidence reviewed, the lead steward will suggest a penalty according to the penalty table. It is then the job of the rest of the stewards to agree or disagree giving reasons why. When a majority has been reached either way, the penalty is decided and declared.

    13.8.3 If a majority decision of no penalty is reached, then this is deemed a racing incident and announced as such.

​​13.9 The stewards will endeavour to process the protest as soon as reasonably possible and the result will be privately messaged to the driver involved by the Lead race steward.

    13.9.1 The stewards will make an unbiased decision based on what they see in the replay videos, not what was said in chat or written in the group by those drivers involved.

​    13.9.2 If one of the stewards is named in a protest, or indeed submits a protest, then they automatically cannot be involved in the review process.

​    13.9.3 Race results will be deemed unofficial until all incidents have been reviewed.

14.0 Incidents that are NOT officially protested will NOT be subject to post race review.

Live Race Steward System

14.0 If any race incident is deemed worthy of an investigation, the drivers involved will be messaged using the Live Admin PM system.

14.1 All admin messages to the driver will be issued in PINK text, so the driver knows it is an important message and cannot be ignored.

14.2 The drivers involved are told that the incident is under review using this message The incident is under investigation by the race stewards14.3 The stewards will then use the rewind function to watch the incident back and review it.

14.4 if at this point the Race stewards do not believe any foul play then the driver/s will be given the message “you will not receive a penalty”

14.5 Once reviewed if the stewards feel that the incident is worthy of a penalty then the offender will be sent a second message “You have received a penalty

14.6 The stewards will have the option to issue the penalty to the offending driver in one of a number of ways depending on severity of the incident.  Once they have decided on a course of action, the driver will receive another message stating one of the following options:

  1. “Driver a You have received a driving standards warning
  2. “Driver a You must give the place back
  3. “Driver a You must serve a pit lane drive thru penalty
  4. “Drivers The incident will be reviewed post race
  5. “Driver a You have 2 laps to serve the penalty”

14.7 If a driver has to serve a penalty, for example a drive thru, then the race stewards will issue the option 5 message to the offending driver

14.7.1 if any driver does not serve his penalty in the 2 lap window then he will be subject to a post race penalty of DSQ and zero points for that round.

14.8 If any incident worthy of a review happens in the last 3 laps then this MUST go to a post race review, this is because of the time restraint placed on the review procedure and lack of time to serve a penalty.

14.8.1 In this instance the drivers involved will be sent the message Option 4.

14.9 If the stewards cannot decide on a course of action for any incident during the race then they will send option 4 to the driver/s involved. This incident will then be reviewed by the post race stewards team using the standard post race penalty procedures.

Penalties and Penalty Points

15.0 If any Team is the subject of a live or post race penalty or protest and found guilty, then a licence penalty point system kicks in. The stewards will decide on the penalty depending on the severity of the offence. Each offence carries a points total. These points will be added to the drivers race licence.

15.1 if any Team is found guilty for an incident and subsequent stewards review during the race, then a race penalty will be awarded and served. The points that go with this penalty will be added to that drivers race licence.

15.2 If a team are given a DSW this will remain in place for 2 further rounds. If the Team commits a second offence in those 2 races they will be given a drive through penalty or a ban from qualifying, dependant on the time of the second offence.if too late to serve a drive through then he will be given the ban from qualifying at the next contested round.

15.2 If a team are found guilty of any offence, a DSW will always be awarded as a starting point. This will then be combined with any of the other penalties in the penalty table. E.g a DSW and an exclusion from qualifying will score that Team 25 points on their race licence.

15.3 It is the responsibility of a team to check to see if they have any penalties to serve. If they do not serve them then they will be subject to a pitlane start at the next round and will be hit with 40 penalty points on his licence.

15.4 Penalties will be privately messaged and be shown on the website penalty log.

15.5 Team Incident points during the race are unlimited, these will be monitored and when a team reaches 40 they will be subject to a pit lane drive through penalty.

      15.5.1 Teams will be DSQ if they attempt to service the car during a drive through penalty.

       15.5.2 Teams will get a pit lane drive through penalty for every 40 incidents points accumulated during the race. E.g at 40,80,120 and so on.

15.5.3 If a teams breaches a limit during the last 3 laps then the team will be warned of the penalty limit breach but will not have to perform a drive through penalty, instead they will be subject to a post race penalty of 30 seconds on their overall race time and the race finishing position and the points associated with it adjusted accordingly.

Penalty table  


Licence points

A driving standards warning (live and post race penalty)


Team fails to give back the places gained (Live Penalty)


A pit lane drive through penalty(Live Penalty)(not due to exceeding incident limit)


Team excluded from qualifying and must start from the back of the grid (post race penalty)


Team forced to start from pit lane at his/her next contested round. (post race penalty)


Team fails to serve a penalty (post race penalty)


Team disqualified from the race result (post race penalty)


Team given a 1 race ban (post race penalty)


Team removed from the season (post race penalty)



​A penalty log will be kept for the season and wiped clean at the end of the season and not rolled into the next and is made visible for all drivers to see on the website.

Race Licence

Explanation of the Race Licence

The race licence has been created and published on the website so that each driver can see who the problem Teams are, and the admins can also see who they need to monitor as the series progresses. Serial offenders will show up on this sheet as amber/red licence holders and drivers in red will be watched closely.

Each registered Team will start with zero points on their race licence. If a team are subject to a protest and found guilty, or serves an in race penalty the corresponding penalty points will be added to the licence.Each Race licence has 4 stages:


Licence Status








Black - Revoked

16.1 If you are awarded any penalty points then these will carry through to the end of the season.

16.2 All points will accumulate for your team during the season.

16.3 If any Team exceeds 100 points during the season they will be receive a 1 race ban.

16.4 If any Team receives more than 150 points they will be removed from the remainder of the season.

16.5 All drivers race licences will be wiped clean at the end of each season.

Championship Penalty Points

Reaching 40 point incident limit

Pit lane drive through penalty

Each subsequent 40 incident points

Pit lane drive through penalty

Changing car at any point per team

40 points or dropped to zero if championship score is <40 in Overall championship


Scores zero points


Scores zero points

Post Race Penalty of DSQ

Scores zero points

Failure to serve a penalty

DSQ Scores zero points for that round

Other Guidelines/Rules

17.1 iRacing Penalties - No iRacing penalties will be cleared. It is the driver’s responsibility to manage the situation. ‘iRacing Bug’ penalties are just bad luck.

17.2 Track Limits - The circuit is defined by the painted lines at the edge of the track. If you leave the track you are responsible for re-joining in a safe manner and therefore liable to penalties if you cause an accident.

17.3 If you are knocked off the track you are still responsible for any accidents if you re-join unsafely.

17.4 Slow Downs - If serving a slowdown, move as far off the racing line as possible to avoid impeding cars that are at full speed.

17.5 Practice Sessions - Please avoid inconsiderate incidents during pre-race practice sessions, This also looks unprofessional on broadcasts.

17.6 Treat others with respect - We expect members to treat each other in a reasonable manner and help promote the series in public, especially as the series is sponsored.

17.6.1 If you feel that you have overtaken unfairly then you must attempt to give that place back at the earliest opportunity, this will show the race stewards that you have made an attempt at redressing the situation and may go in your favour if protested.

17.7 The overlapping rule - if there is a car that has at least 50% alongside you, room must be given to allow fair racing.

17.8 Impeding during qualifying - Impeding is considered in qualifying starting from the last 2 corners of the out-lap. You must make every effort to stay out the way of a driver on a flying lap, impeding on purpose may result in a protest and a subsequent penalty.

17.9 Drivers will treat everyone with respect and abuse over the chat or in messages will not be tolerated and may result in possible expulsion from the series.

17.9.1 Deliberate Wrecking will not be tolerated under any circumstances, even if a retaliatory action. It will result in immediate exclusion from the series and may result in permanent exclusion from future Simracersworld series.

17.9.2  'Force Majeur'.In the event that iRacing has planned or unplanned maintenance that clashes with a race night, that round will be cancelled and no points will be scored and that round will be dropped from the calendar and not replaced or moved.

Anything not mentioned in this rulebook and if an issue is raised by a driver this will be discussed by the admins and stewards and the resulting decision will be published.

The Team

League Director Ian Roots

League Admin Ingemar Andersson