Gateway Regional High School

Course Information

Pre-Algebra Grade 9 


Irene Cline and Michael D’Alessandro


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Course Website

Pre-Algebra Google Classroom Code icwrp91

We will also use,,,

Course Description


The Pre-Algebra curriculum is comprised of the following major concepts or “Big Ideas”: Integers; Rational

Numbers; Equations and Expressions; Graphing; Ratios and Proportions; Percents; Solving Equations;

Angles and Geometry Shapes; Area and Volume; and Probability and Random Samples. In addition, there are

applications related to fraction and decimal manipulations. While knowledge of content is developed, students will be engaged in direct instruction activities, differentiated lessons, hands-on activities and cooperative learning activities that encourage mathematical problem solving. The learning environment promotes mathematical reasoning, communication and higher order cognitive skills. Students will utilize technology such as calculators, chromebook computers and scanners, cameras, and interactive white boards will be used to enhance instruction. Finally, evaluation of student performance will be accomplished through the use of primary, secondary, and support assessments. These may include but are not limited to tests, performance assessments, quizzes, informal assessments (both verbal and written), classroom observations, and homework.


Course Expectations and Assessments

We will usually have in class practice assignments that go along with each lesson.  Assignments may be individual, class, or small group practice.   We will have about two to three secondary assessments before we take our primary assessments.  We will try to have two to three primary assessments per marking period.

Course Policies 

        There will be frequent class assignments/practice.  This may have to be finished outside of the class if it is not completed in the classroom.  If a student wishes to retake a primary assessment he/she must have the preceding assignments completed and handed in.

Required and Recommended Materials 


        If a student needs extra help they may see us so we can set up a time to meet.  There are also on-line sites that offer support.

Classroom Behavioral Expectations and Rewards/Consequences