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PITTSBURGH (December 7, 2018) – Sevenzo is pleased to announce it has been awarded a $56,425 grant from The Grable Foundation. These funds will support a collaborative project between Sevenzo and up to seven school districts in the Alle-Kiski region to understand the current state of district professional development systems and take action to strengthen teacher-led professional learning.

Teachers typically experience few opportunities to collaborate with peers, despite the importance of regular collaboration and ongoing, self-selected, and peer-driven professional learning. Participating district teams will reflect on the current state of their professional development systems using a collaborative readiness assessment. Following district team discussion and consensus meetings, these districts and ABC CREATE—a school collaborative in the Alle-Kiski Valley—will come together to learn from each other, exchange strategies, and develop action plans for strengthening teacher-led professional learning across their schools. Simultaneously, Sevenzo will closely study two districts as they implement teacher-led professional learning models. Two case studies, documenting examples of effective teacher-led learning in practice, will be published for the benefit of other districts, the entire ABC CREATE collaborative, and the broader Remake Learning Network and western Pennsylvania region.

“Educators are natural learners and leaders who deserve regular, engaging opportunities to learn, share, and take action with peers,” says Masa Uzicanin, Sevenzo’s founder and executive director. “Sevenzo is excited about this opportunity to work alongside districts in our area and, together, discover new ways of elevating and empowering teacher-driven learning.

School districts interested in participating in this project may contact Meredith Bortz, Sevenzo’s chief operating officer, at to learn more and sign up.

About Sevenzo | Based in Pittsburgh, Sevenzo is a national non-profit organization whose vision is that all students have access to caring, inclusive and impactful learning environments. As such, we are on a mission to mobilize educators and help them turn evidence of impactful practices into action. We do this by translating scientific knowledge into practices teachers can try tomorrow, supporting peer learning communities that engage educators and drive action, and capturing key insights and impact stories that can further inform individual and collective action.

About The Grable Foundation | The Grable Foundation is guided by our mission to help children and youth become independent, caring, contributing members of society by supporting programs critical to a child’s successful development. With a focus on southwestern Pennsylvania, we seek out nonprofit partners who share our commitment to making our region the best place to be a kid.