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AKAMAI Internship Application: Reference Report Questions example
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Questions Asked on Reference Report


Feel free to print a copy of this document to help you draft your responses prior to accessing the online form.

After Akamai applicants enter the reference writer's contact information in their application, reference writers will receive a link from to access and submit the online reference report (please check your spam folder for email).

The questions below are what you will be asked on the online submission form:

Your Relationship to this Student

01. How do you know this applicant (e.g. was in a class you taught, worked for you, did a

project under your mentorship, etc.) and what was the time period over which you

worked with the applicant?

02. Please tell us what you know about the student's educational and career goals.

03. Mentors tell the Akamai program they want an intern that wants to learn, is hard-working,

and "really wants it". Please give us an example of a scientific or technical challenge

you've seen the applicant experience and how they navigated that challenge.

04. Briefly tell us about the kind of opportunities you've had to evaluate this student as he/she engaged in a STEM project or other independent STEM work.


In the following categories, you will select from Exceptional / Above Average / Average / Below Average / Poor

  1. Motivation/perseverance
  2. Interest in science/ engineering/ technology (STEM)
  3. Interest in a STEM career in Hawaii
  4. Ability to work independently
  5. Ability to work effectively as a team member, seeking input and ideas from others and contributing to the team
  6. Willingness to tackle a challenging STEM problem
  7. Ability to apply learned STEM concepts to a new situation and/or ideas
  8. Reliability/follow through
  9. Productively accepting and adapting to feedback


An ideal Akamai intern candidate:

05. On a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being an Ideal candidate as described above, please give your overall recommendation.

06. Briefly list strengths and weaknesses in relation to your overall rating.

07. Do you have any other comments or relevant information that would help the selection committee evaluate and consider possible projects for this applicant?