The First Tee of Fort Worth

Lesson Plan

Class/Week:   Player 1 Week 4        Coach: ryan, lucas, jennifer

Grid Locations: Putt/Chip

Core Lesson:  #4, Honesty of Player #5 Modeling Sportsmanship

Core Values:  2 core values this week

Honesty- the quality or state of being truthful; not deceptive

Sportsmanship- Observing the rules of the game and winning or losing with grace

Healthy Habit(s): Safety – Physical safety includes playing in a safe environment and playing by the rules.  Players protect their body with proper equipment, warm up, cool down, and by wearing sunscreen and staying hydrated.  Players follow instructions and learn that safety is very important in golf and all sports.  Safety is respecting yourself and others.

Before Class Starts:  Welcome participants, review code of conduct (respect yourself, others, surroundings) review courtesy and review responsibility.  Introduce the two core values for today.  Honesty and Sportsmanship.  

Warm Up Activities:  Obstacle course.  

Life Skill Objectives:  Honesty of Players.  Such an important life lesson to not be deceitful to others.  Players must be honest about their scores and play by the rules.  Sportsmanship- Players must learn to win and lose games by being happy for the team that was the winner and trying hard to play the next game.  Win or Lose with Grace!

Flow of Class: If you get a chance, point out that a golfer gets the scorecard and pencil in the golf shop (field trip if needed).  Good explanation of who the scorekeeper is in golf and who the referee is.  If you have a chance to explain PACE of PLAY it is a question in their books.  There is a game if you are on the range that is on page 18 in book.  Review the word ETIQUETTE (how to act)  Point out where to tee off from (two club lengths behind tee box marker)

Golf Skill Objectives and Factors of Influence:  Small, medium and large swings to control distances.  length of motion of swing and how much energy.

Golf Skill Activities:  Putt- Putt-Putt Golf, Players play the 6 holes in a group and learn about keeping score and staying in-bounds - Distance control using y-putt-y and length of motion with energy to get the ball close to the hole each time.  Chip - Tic Tac Toe Chipping  Y-Chip-Y

Etiquette, Definitions, Rules: Sections of the Rules of Golf - Etiquette, Definitions, and Rules

The Teeing Ground / 11-1,2,3,4b, The Putting Green / 16-1, 17-3

Wrap Up and Bridge to Life: Why is honesty such an important value to have in life?  On the golf course?  While playing other sports?  Have you ever told a lie and it made you feel bad?  What is an example of good sportsmanship you saw while participating today?  What is an example of bad sportsmanship you have seen somewhere?  What are some ways you tried today to help you with your distance control?  Why is family a healthy habit?  

Prepare to test:  If you break a rule while playing golf, should you call a penalty on yourself? Good sportsmanship in golf includes treating others kindly WHEN YOU ARE WINNING OR LOSING.  When playing golf can you tee off in front of the tee markers?  A score of 1 under par is a Birdie, and a score of 1 over par is a Bogey.  What core value are you using if you call a penalty on yourself for breaking a rule?  (HONESTY)