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1.        Authority

Payment of the actual and necessary expenses, including traveling expenses, of any District administrator that are incurred in the course of performing services for the District shall be reimbursed in accordance with Board policy.

2.        Delegation of         Responsibility

The validity of payments for job related expenses shall be determined by the Superintendent.

3.        Guidelines

The use of a personal vehicle shall be considered a legitimate job expense if travel is for school-related purposes among the employee's assigned schools, but not between home and school.

Administrators who attend athletic events at other schools for supervisory purposes will be reimbursed.

Travel to school-related activities such as PTA meetings, Back-To-School Night, parental conferences, home athletic events, plays, concerts and School Board meetings are not reimbursable under this policy.

Use of a personal vehicle for approved purposes is reimbursable at the current IRS rate per mile.

Use of a personal vehicle requires that liability insurance be provided by the employee.

Attendance At Programs

        SC 517

Actual and necessary expenses incident to attendance at functions outside the District shall be reimbursed to an administrator if approval has been obtained in advance from the Superintendent.

Attendance at District approved events outside the District shall be without loss of regular pay unless otherwise stipulated prior to attendance.

The Superintendent or designee shall prepare procedures for reimbursement of travel expenses which shall include:

  1. Under normal conditions, administrators traveling on official business shall provide themselves with sufficient funds for ordinary expenses.

  1. Advances against anticipated travel expenses shall be approved by the Superintendent.

  1. Travel shall be by the most direct and economical route.

  1. For official travel by other than automobile, the District shall arrange the advance purchase of transportation tickets.

  1. In all instances of travel and job related expense reimbursement, full itemization with receipts attached shall be required.

  1. Travel expense records shall be submitted to the Business Office prior to the fifth day of each month to cover the period of time from the first of one month through the end of the month.

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