Black River Independent School Committee

Date/Time: 04/04/2019 @ 6:30pm

Location: Black River High School Middle School Library


I. Call to Order-Called to order by John @ 6:40pm

  1. Roll Call-Suzy Buckley, Pat Pullinen, John Bannon, Joann Wilson, Marissa Selleck, Uli Donohue; Melissa Perrino @ 7:05pm
  2. Approval of Agenda: Additions & Deletions (UD clarified III. A) 1. Would include update about 501(c)3 as well w/ Lawyer/Accountant update); Motion made by JW, 2nd by SB. Passed

II. Approval of Minutes

  1. 03/28/2019-JW Motion, UD 2nd. Passed

III. Business

  1. Updates

1. Lawyer/Accountant (*& 501(c)3)-UD & MP have confirmed with accountant that she will work for us.  Also, received official bill from lawyer.  Suggestion/discussion is for BRISC to apply for the 501(c)3 upgrade.  We would be an entity that would be founding the school; however, we cannot be both BRISC board & BRA board or staff, written into our by-laws.

JW: Looking into some recent grants and school updates, some concerns about making absolute sure what it would entail to for BRISC to apply for the upgrade.

JB: Suggestion-UD fills it out for BRISC and then we send it to lawyer & accountant for review; is there anything that can’t be filled out? Most things can be filled out, except for staff, salaries, etc which we can’t fill in yet; otherwise, UD says she can complete as much as she can.  Also needs financial statements for our bank account.

Unanimously agreed with suggestion, UD fill it in for BRISC & will send to accountant & lawyer & will reach out to group as need be.  

JW: Use it as a Google Doc

UD: If everyone agrees, we should wait to adjust by-laws; we will be something different when we adopt those set for our upgrade.  And if the entity that is founding the school already existed it would provide more credibility.

2. Okemo Valley Women’s Group Outreach via JW for HT-Darlene said April’s meeting is already booked for a guest speaker but would love to have us for May.

        *Follow Up w/ Specific Date & Presentation Plan

3. Marketing Update via JW-Posters; Target-High School & Middle School students (what’s different, why do they want to be here); is it different or similar approaches for these age groups?

JW: Big key is looking into classes provided & how we determine which ones to offer and which students go in which ones.

JB: Imagines incoming students would be “interviewed;” create an education profile, utilizing a proficiency model for this; will be able to be individualized.

*Pat-identify why the student would want to go there as a Middle Schooler.

*UD-Valuable characteristic of being a small community, connection is already here and everyone knows one another.

*SB-Clarification of what “individualization” means.

*JB-Special meeting to design poster w/ curriculum information; meeting will be next Tuesday, April 9th, about 3pm.  

*MP-invited Pat to be officially involved in email correspondence

4. April 1st Select Board Meeting Update-Unanimous in support of regaining the building as well as the 40 acres that was suggested; discussion of timeline & request that the Town determining the logistics in retaining the building & 40 needs to be taken care of asap.  Sub-Committee determined to be formed, will include Heather Tucker & Justin Hyjek.  SB-An announcement was put forth to the community for the sub-committee; JW will reach out to join.  

Pat-We should provide our financial projections

JB/PP-The Select Board also suggested nominal fees, as well as adding it into the budget to support BRISC should we rent/lease.

Need to revisit financials; nothing is set in stone now; need to work on what we know we can right now.

        B. Discussion

        1. Mid Tier Planning-MP is planning a wine & cheese meet and greet with 25

        invitees on Wednesday, May 15th around 6pm.  Do we cover it or ask for

        donations? Agreed to just use our money.  MP requested JB to be her other

        member host; Potential Guest List-Essential Locals.

        2. School Fair Planning-School Fair is Thursday, May 2nd.  SB clarified that a

        morning announcement had been dispersed to the HS (went out this morning).  

        There will be 16 other schools there; including Putney Grammar School,

        GMUHS, MRHS, & Rutland.  Sports & other extracurriculars will be a huge draw

        to/from other schools.  Prepare to discuss academics (& extracurricular).          

*SB-Entice sports by offering PE credits.

*JW-This is also our chance to ask the kids what they’d be interested in anyway;

play to our strengths.

        *Swag-JW ordered a small amount: table runner, pencils, pens; we will also have

        a flyer that we will have finalized at next week’s meeting.

*Follow Up-”Dress Rehearsal”

*Finalizing Flyer

*Follow Up-Leg Work Meeting on Tuesday for fine tuning Curriculum (JB,


*JB-Also, in regards to our Calendar, he saw in the VT Journal that there is a Baseball competition we could be present at.


IV. Public Comment-N/A

V. Executive Session-JW made motion to end regular meeting & enter executive session; 2nd by JB.  Passed.

VI. Suggested Items for Next Meeting

LMHUUSD School Board Meeting of April 10th, 2019

School Fair Flyer Finalization

Revisit Timeline/Deadlines/Financials

Review Calendar of Events

VII. Adjournment-Adjourned by JB @ 8:10pm