Purpose for Dress Code

A strict dress code is enforced. The goal of the policy is to ensure neatly dressed students as befits a serious educational endeavor and to avoid the distractions of status, protest and other inappropriate clothing/hairstyles. Middle school students have additional dress options not provided to elementary school students. The Principal has the final decision of acceptability for ANY dress code issues in question.


When students arrive in the morning, staff and volunteers will do a visual check to ensure dress code compliance. If a student is out of dress code attire, they will be directed to the office to call a parent to bring clothing that complies with the dress code. The student will not be allowed to attend class until they are in compliance with dress code and therefore, parents of enrolled students agree to promptly bring clothing articles that comply with dress code when their child is deemed to be out of dress code. The student will receive a dress code infraction and may be unable to participate in upcoming dress down days. Repeated violations of dress code may result in out of school suspension and/or other disciplinary action.


General Requirements

● The students are required to wear dress code clothing in P.E. and to after school activities.

● Middle School students may change into P.E. clothes that follow dress code guidelines.

● All before and after school activities on campus, or off campus (i.e. field trips) where the students are representing C2E require dress code attire.

● Clothing shall be appropriately tailored (within one full clothing size of the child’s measured size).

● Clothing must be worn as designed and may not be worn in a manner considered offensive or sloppy.

● C2E recommends French Toast, Land’s End, Educational Outfitters or Dennis Uniforms for exact compliance to the C2E dress code.

● Dennis Bel-Aire plaid (C2E’s school plaid) can also be found at Frenchtoast.com (green plaid).

Shirts and Sweatshirts

● Long or short sleeved collared polo shirts or turtlenecks of any solid color; except fluorescents. The C2E logo is the only acceptable logo on any polo shirt worn at

C2E. Any student wearing a polo with icons on the shirt will be deemed out of dress code and will be referred to the office to call home for a uniform shirt.

● Polo shirts must have no more than four buttons and be without pockets.

● All shirts must be tucked in. Undershirts may NOT be visible above collar or below sleeves. Printing or graphics on an undershirt may not be visible through the polo.

● Girls may wear white button-up blouses with rounded (peter-pan) collars.

● Button-up cardigans, v-neck pullover sweaters (long-sleeve or vest) are acceptable in navy and crimson/red (the school colors) or white.

● Sweatshirts, Hoodies, and Fleecewear are allowed only if they display the school logo.

● “Cardigan” is defined as a pull-over or button down sweater, without a hood or zippers.

Pants and Shorts

● Pants and shorts must be solid navy or khaki in color – no logos or other decorations.

● Tailored chino or Docker style pants and shorts (no flaps on side pockets). The skinny jean style pant/short is unacceptable.

● Pants and shorts are to be appropriately worn at the waistline.

● Pants and shorts should have no more than 4 pockets.

● Shorts must be finger-tip length or longer.

● Cargo style pants/shorts or any pants/shorts made from a denim material do not comply with C2E dress code.


● Students in 3rd grade and above must wear belts with any clothing that contains belt loops or originally had belt loops (even if belt loops cannot be seen under sweatshirts or hoodies).

● Belts must be solid black, brown, or navy.

● Belts and belt buckles must be free of any design, decoration (i.e. holes, studs, rhinestones) or patterns.

● Belts must have modestly sized, standard buckles.

Skirts, Skorts, and Jumpers

● Skorts, skirts, and jumpers must be navy, khaki, or Bel-Aire plaid.

● Skirts may be with or without pleats.

● Lycra gym shorts that do not show below the hemline of the skirt may be worn with all skirts and jumpers that do not already have them sewn in.

● Polo-shirt style dresses do not comply with C2E dress code.

● Shorts/skorts/skirts must be fingertip length or longer.

Tights (Girls Only) and Socks (Boys and Girls)

● Socks or tights must be worn at all times.

● Socks must be white, navy or skin color.

● Nylon tights may be worn in place of shorts with jumpers, skirts and skorts.

● Tights must be white, navy, opaque or skin color.

● Leggings are not an appropriate substitute for tights unless the ankle is covered by socks and no skin is showing on the legs.


All footwear must have a closed toe and heel. Sandals, clogs, slippers and open dress shoes are not permitted. Shoes with wheels in the bottoms are not allowed. No boots of any kind are allowed to be worn in the building. Students may not wear any type of “crocs” to school.

Casual/Dress & Athletic Shoes

Shoes must be free of designs/decorations (i.e. cartoon characters, glitter, stripes) and must be non-neon in color. ANY SOLID NEON COLORED shoes are expressly forbidden.

Brand logos on shoes are acceptable (logo may be neon).

Traditional, white, athletic shoes with non-marking soles should be worn for gym and may be worn to school.

Girls only may wear heels that are no more than one inch in height. Black “Mary Jane” style shoes or flats are allowed.

Multi colored/patterned shoes of any type are not allowed.

Snow and Rain Boots

Snow boots, hiking boots and rain boots such as galoshes are permitted during extreme weather, but are not allowed in the classrooms. Each student must bring acceptable shoes to be worn in class and during school activities.

Hair and Nails

Hair - must be kept neat, groomed, and clean cut. Hairstyle and accessories must be non-distracting. Hair color must be a natural color. Hair should not be dyed any color that is not considered ‘natural’ for human hair; stripes; carvings or other distracting hair color changes are not permitted. Hair pieces (such as feathers) are not permitted.

● Boys’ hair must be neat and well-trimmed at all times and fall above the shirt collar; bangs cannot cover eyes. Boys’ hair may not be worn in a ponytail, braids, Mohawk, rat tails, tall spikes or shaved with words or symbols.

● Girls’ hair must be neat and well trimmed at all times Girls may not wear their hair in a Mohawk, rat tails, tall spikes or shaved with words or symbols.

● Nails shall be neat in appearance.

● Elementary girls may only wear nail polish that is clear or the color of their nail bed. Middle school girls are permitted to wear colored nail polish, and must have the same solid color on all finger nails. The following colors are NOT ALLOWED: Black, Metallic (of any kind), Neon, Patterned (checkered, striped, plaid, crackled, etc.) or logos/decals.


● Watches are acceptable but may not contain inappropriate language/symbols.

● Hats are allowed to be worn outdoors only and may not have inappropriate language/symbols on them.

● Sunglasses are allowed to be worn outdoors only.

● Girls only may wear one set of post earrings on the earlobe. Dangle earrings are not allowed (safety).

● Body piercing, with the exception of the aforementioned earrings, is not allowed.

● Necklaces that are composed of a chain no wider than 1/8” may be worn.

● Necklaces may have a small (no larger than a ½” long or wide) pendant.

● Students may wear a total of 1 accessory per arm (bracelet or watch) that is not distracting to the learning environment.

● Silicone or rubber bracelets of any kind are not permitted unless provided by the school.

● For safety reasons, students will be asked to tuck necklaces inside their shirts.

● C2E is not responsible for lost or stolen accessories.

Middle School Students

● Middle School Students may add grey and black colors for pants and shorts.

● Middle School Students may add black and grey cardigans.

● Girls only may wear very light makeup, but it must be neat and natural in appearance.

● Middle School Boys may wear white or light blue button down Oxford Style shirts.

Dress Down Days for All Students

● Dress down days are a privilege and must be treated as such. Cleanliness and neatness of appearance are important at all times. The Principal has final determination of acceptability of clothing as it pertains to the educational environment.

● Clothing containing wording or images that are racial, vulgar, or offensive in any way is not allowed.

● Clothing that is tight or revealing (i.e. tank tops or spaghetti, midriffs, low rider or sagging pants) is not allowed.

● Leggings may only be paired with a top that completely covers their backside.

● Bottoms must be at least finger-tip length or longer.

● Clothing with tears or holes is not allowed.

● Open backed style shoes & flip flops are permitted on non-dress code days only.

● Hair color must be a natural color. Hair should not be dyed any color that is not considered ‘natural’ for human hair; even on dress-down days.

● Students going on field trips must adhere to dress code, even on dress down days.

The Principal has the final say on dress code compliance. If not specifically addressed in this dress down policy, students should comply with the general uniform policies.