Digital Branding Development Details

When you register for the Free and Fearless Life Digital Branding Development Program you may choose the Mini Program (4 Items) or the Full Program (All Items) from the menu below:

A) Professional Business Web Page - Get a 1- 4 page Wordpress website created that includes content for each page. You choose from our themes and we customize it for your business.

B) Email Subscription Newsletter Set Up - Allow us to set up your email subscription newsletter, your subscribe button on your website and your first welcome letter to your new subscribers.

C) Develop Freebie/Give-Away to Attract Subscribers - We will help to guide the creation of your digital give-away. Ex: Free Mini Ebook, Audio download. We will set it up for delivery as well.

D) Podcast Starter Package - We will create your podcast cover image, set up your podcast to be broadcast across the major podcast platforms and teach you how to create your first episode.

E) Self-Help EBook Development  - If you have an informational book idea we will guide you through the process of creating an ebook to share that information. Your ebook cover will be created for you. Your ebook will be created and will be placed for sale on Amazon.

F) Social Media Content Strategy Development - We will develop a strategy/plan for you so that you know which types of content to share on your social media. Your strategy could include contests, games and information tailored to your business topic.

G) YouTube Channel Development- We will set up your YouTube channel, create your branding images and teach you how to create and upload your first video.


If you would like more detailed assistance with your branding you may choose from the following options for $99 each.

  1. Extra informational pages for your websites
  2. Logo Development
  3. Jingle for your podcast
  4. 5 second Intro/Outro for your YouTube Channel
  5. Jingle for your YouTube channel
  6. Branding materials for YouTube : lower thirds, social media animations
  7. Blog Posts

Publishing Your Book

Editing your Ebook or print book is not included in the Branding Development Program. We have referrals that we use and trust. We will share your best options and you can choose.

Book Formatting - Your print book can be formatted by our team at the rate of $2 per page. If your book is 100 pages in 12 point font in Microsoft Word then the rate would be $200 for formatting for print. Images/charts/tables added inside your book are $20 each.

Email Questions to:

Coach@Te-Erika.Com or use the Email US tab at the bottom of the site FreeandFearlessLife.Com