Hardyston School District 2018-2019

 Master Food Menu - September 7, 2018

Menu #1

Menu #2

Menu #3

Menu #4

Menu #5

Menu #6

Fresh Fruit

UTZ Cheese Balls

Cheese Nips

Mamma Cee’s Pizza - plain & gluten free.

Hamburg Bagels - plain


Fresh Vegetables

Herrs Tortilla Chips, Bite Size Dippers

Gold Fish – Cheddar

TJ’s Pizza Plain

The Bagel Tree - plain

Santa Cruz Organic Berry Nectar Juice

(Contains Apples)

Utz Regular Potato Chips

Herr’s Extra Thin Pretzels


Santa Cruz Organic White Grape Juice

Wise Salsa – Mild or Medium

Plain Cream Cheese

Capri Sun 100% juice - Berry Breeze (Contains Apples)


http://www.mopweezebakery.com/. Variety of allergen free, vegan bakery items. Oat and Red Dye allergens are special orders.

Capri Sun 100% juice - Grape (Contains Apples)

Skinny Pop Original Popcorn

Capri Sun 100% juice - Apple

Menu #1 contains foods that have no peanuts, tree nuts, or the other “Top 8” allergens (eggs, milk, soy, wheat, fish, and shellfish). These products also do not contain sesame or red dye*..

Menu #2 contains foods that have no peanuts, tree nuts, soy or eggs.

Menu #3 contains foods that do not list peanuts, tree nuts and eggs as ingredients on the label, there are no warnings on the label that the product may contain these allergens, and to the best of our knowledge, are produced on lines where these allergens are not processed.

Menu #4 contains foods prepared at a store that verbally claims there are no peanut, tree nut, eggs, or soy in their pizza.  Mamma Cee’s also offers Gluten free pizza.

Menu #5 contains foods prepared at stores that verbally claims there are no peanut, tree nut, eggs, or soy in their bagels.

Menu #6 contains beverages.  The Santa Cruz are 100% fruit juice.  The Capri Sun products contain fruit and natural flavorings.

DISCLAIMER: All information regarding ingredients and manufacturing processes were compiled from claims made by the product’s respective manufacturers on their labels or via other means and may already be out of date. Although every effort has been made to be as accurate as possible, we do not accept any liability for errors or omissions made by us or the products’ respective manufacturers. This list is for informational purposes only and is intended to serve as a guide, not an authoritative source, and is not intended to replace the advice of any medical professional.  Prior to purchasing any listed food item, it is your responsibility to check the product label to ensure that undesired allergens are not listed as ingredients and to verify with the manufacturer that trace amounts of undesired allergens were not introduced during the manufacturing process.  Current FDA labeling guidelines do not mandate manufacturers disclose potential allergens that may be introduced as part of the manufacturing process.