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FAMILIES - Teaching and Learning Plan for Quarantined Students 2022-23
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Teaching and Learning Plan for Covid Quarantined Students

Who it is for: This plan applies to only students who are identified as Covid positive and are on quarantine as initiated by the D62 Contact Tracer.

Who it is not for: This plan does not apply to students who have typical illness, or are sent home, stay home sick with a Covid negative test result, or have been in contact with a Covid-positive person but have tested Covid negative.

How it starts: Your child’s teacher will share the Zoom link(s) and student work within 24 hours of the expected beginning date.

Student Posted Lessons & an Invitation to the Live Classroom

The student will observe and follow along with the portion(s) of the lesson(s) in which teachers are directly teaching the whole class. Please note:

  • This is an invitation for students to stay connected to school and learning and will not be in effect for Physical Education
  • Logging on live is not mandatory for students and they will not be penalized for not logging on to the live classroom

What to expect

  1. Teachers post their in-person lesson and learning activities and assignments in their digital platform and/or provide students an opportunity to pick up any resources to complete that learning practice
  2. Teachers share the scheduled Zoom link with students via their digital platform. Teachers let students into Zoom at the communicated time and will not continuously check if students attempt to log in late. If your child loses Zoom service: notify the school, the teacher can support readmission at a time when he/she can pause the lesson to readmit
  3. Zoom settings for students need to be on mute, chat disabled, student video off. Breakout rooms will be not utilized
  4. During demonstrations, teachers present the same screen/visual in the Zoom that is shown to the in-person learners so that students at home can see what is being presented in the classroom
  5. Teachers may pause the camera or exit Zoom at the times that would be appropriate

Please note for students with IEPs, Related Services and English Learners: Special education instructional students follow the procedures above. Students in related services will work with a provider at their specified time. Special education resource and English learner resource students will be serviced based on instructions from their resource teacher(s).

In the Event of a Whole Class Quarantine

If a whole class is in quarantine, the teacher will operate by following the D62 Remote Learning Guide for Families.