Usdan University Center/Fayerweather/Memorial Chapel


Students are given the opportunity to work in different areas and aspects of the operation of the University Center. We look at work at the Usdan University Center not as a typical “work study” job but an additional learning experience outside of the classroom. It is important to us that we stress to our students that if they are not willing to be part of a dynamic learning environment where they will be asked to actively think, then this is not the right place for them. Each job provides the student with the ability to grow personally and professionally in their position based on their commitment and performance. Students will develop several different skill sets that can easily be applied or adapted to any chosen profession upon graduation.

A Usdan Services Specialist (USS) will have three main responsibilities: setting-up and breaking down for events, ushering in the chapel, and staffing the Usdan Information Center Desk. Common among these three responsibilities is the need to communicate, deliver exceptional customer service, manage time efficiently, and problem solve independently.



  1. Complete set ups and breakdowns in the Usdan/Fayerweather/Chapel facilities as directed.
  2. Locate, lift (up to 40 lbs.), and transport needed furniture, equipment, and supplies to/from storage areas for event setups.
  3. Staff the Usdan Information Center Desk and support the Student Manager or Professional Staff on duty.
  4. Be aware of and support daily activities, reservations, guests, and clients, including any requested A/V support for events.
  5. Assist clients with all needs prior to, during, and after events.  
  6. Ensure safety and comfort of patrons
  7. Possess knowledge of all furniture, equipment, and supplies in facilities.
  8. Attend all scheduled trainings, all-staff meetings and weekly team meetings.
  9. Have an understanding of all facilities and there functionality. (Chapel, Zelnick Pavilion, Usdan, Fayerweather).
  10. Know and be able to communicate the reasoning behind all Usdan/Fayerweather/Chapel policies and procedures, in addition to University policies that relate to Usdan Center/Fayerweather/Chapel operations.
  11. Report any needed repairs or maintenance concerns through appropriate channels.
  12. Represent and present all facilities in a professional manner.
  13. Other duties as assigned to the USS by the Usdan Center Administrative Staff, Student Manager, House Manager, or Operations Intern.


Facility and Events Managers for Usdan/Fayerweather and Chapel/Zelnick


8 - 10 hours per week, including Set Ups/Breakdowns, Chapel, and Information Center Desk shifts. It is expected that USS keep a good balance between Set Up/Breakdown shifts, Usher shifts, and Information Center Desk shifts.  


$10.10/hr. Work Study Preferred


Strong written and verbal communication, attention to detail, effective problem solving, flexibility, ability to work under pressure, positive attitude, team player.

If you accept a position as a USS, you will not be able to also hold a position with Residential Life or as a Peer Advisor.

Staff will be required to work prior to the start of the Fall semester right through the end of exam period and closing of housing.  You will also be required to move back to campus for Fall Training prior to Orientation in August, and prior to the start of classes in January for Spring Training.  In the Spring Semester, you will be required to work through exam period and the Reunion/Commencement time frame.