#194 - Into the Nexus: “Supportocalypse!”

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Dev Comments on trying to reign in Double Support:

The 5% Nerf

Weaken wave clear

Decrease Damage by 5%

Decrease Healing by 5%

Decrease Health by 5%

Non 5% Changes

Every support was hit with the 5%. These are only the non-5% changes.

Melee Supports did not have their health changed.


Li Li

BlizzNeyman: Li Li's win rate was far lower than we thought it should be, even after a rework. While Alexstrasza was a little low, it was more in line with what we expected from a new Hero release (they always trend up aggressively).

There's probably more tuning to be done to Alexstrasza (just like all our supports now that we've made so many changes), so I wouldn't be surprised if we received some changes in the future.


Level 1


Level 1- Lightning Bond (W)

Dev Tidbits

Q: What plans does Blizzard have to make Support a more desirable choice, particularly at lower ranks? It was definitely a problem that Supports were overpowered, but a far bigger problem is that it takes Supports being overpowered for the role to be desirable.


Good question. I think you can really apply this answer to all levels of play though:

We’ve found that characters benefit from having a fun and skillful minigame to play, it makes them more engaging and allows for more mastery growth. For someone like Ana, this is clearly present in the fact that her heal is a skillshot. It’s very obvious when you played well, or when you messed up, and she is a Support who can have a huge impact on most situations.

We are planning to rework some of our Support characters in the future, and are looking for ways to make their healing mechanics more interactive. This doesn’t necessarily mean more skillshot healing – but ideally your heals are not always a simple point and click for maximum value. Providing more avenues for mastery growth will help players have a larger impact on a match!

Wave clear is something that we have undervalued on most heroes for a long time, but over the last year or so have thought about this as part of a character's total strength much more. As part of this, we wanted to make this one of the obvious weaknesses to running a double healer composition. It’s possible we can reintroduce better wave clear to Supports in the future, but we want to go down this path first and see where this leads.

Q: Why design supports with low self healing?

It was partially a gradual change due to exploring new mechanics we thought would be fun (Alexstrasza/Ana), and partially a conscientious decision to add more weaknesses to healers because they were overall incredibly powerful.

When we can, we've made sure that this weakness isn't so big that you feel like you have to draft a second support to keep you alive (like Morales new healing mechanic). We probably still have room to improve here.

Personal Notes

Day one sightings

This will takes weeks to iron out. It took all season to happy climb a whole league +1.

For Now:


Other Changes



Iron Skin (Trait)


Guillotine (R)

Level 1 - Recklessness (Trait)

Level 4 - Amani Rage (Active)

Level 7 - Arcanite Axes (W)

Level 7 - Vicious Assault (Q)

Level 13 - Lacerate (W)

Level 16 - Wrong Place Wrong Time (W)

Sgt. Hammer

Artillery (Trait)

Siege Mode (D)

Spider Mines (Q)

Concussive Blast (W)

(New Ability) Neosteel Plating (E)

Notable Talents or Learn to Fight Hammer


Level 7- Poisoned Spear (Q)

In the Dev Q&A they acknowledged that all solo lanes right now are either weak to sonya or picked to counter sonya.

Developer Q&A Tidbits

On Changing Walls - Blizz J DeShazer

Removing the Side Towers - Blizz_JDeShazer

On One Tricking for More Points - Blizz Travis

Volskaya and Hanamura



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Markus from Germany

My question is how to improve my team for ranking up in Team League, since it can be tricky to get 5 individual players to play on the same level.

I found my team in the forums looking for groups to enjoy the game again, after taking a break for a while because the game (especially Hero League) tilted me too much. Now I found new enjoyment in playing regularly with the same group, but now that we want to start to rank up, I was wondering if you'd have any tips for training and improving our play.

Conversations to have

Roles to fill

Off Roles


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