Rakha Kanz Kautsar - Resume
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Rakha Kanz Kautsar

A software engineer currently focusing on mobile applications and its performance aspect.

rkkautsar@gmail.com | rakha.dev | linkedin.com/in/rkkautsar | github.com/rkkautsar


Software Engineer (App / React Native - Order & Performance), Shopee - Singapore - Sep 2019 - now

Shopee is a leading and growing e-commerce company in Southeast Asia & Taiwan under Sea Limited  (NYSE:SE)

Keyword: React, Redux, React Native, Performance, Shopping Cart, Flow, Typescript, Lerna, Monorepo

Software Engineer, Intern & Part Time, Stoqo - Jakarta - 2017, 2018

Stoqo was a B2B (and later B2C) supply chain company connecting suppliers to small underserved restaurants and shops in ID.

Keyword: React, Redux, SSR, AWS, Algolia, Google Analytics, ChartJS, Cloudinary, Django, S3, SQS

Software Engineer, Intern & Part Time, Dekoruma - Jakarta - 2016, 2017

Dekoruma is a Home & Living, Design & Build marketplace in ID.

Keyword: React, Redux, Node.js, MongoDB, Normalizr, Heroku, Algolia, ReactDnD, React Native, React Native Web

Projects (more on github.com/rkkautsar)

Reprobench: Reproducible Benchmark for Everyone, Jan-Jun 2019 | GitHub

Keyword: Distributed System, ZeroMQ, Research Tool, Benchmarking, Profiling, Python, HPC, Conda

Redux Companion, October 2018 | GitHub

Keyword: Redux, Library, Rollup, Jest, Travis CI, Codecov

Moving Library, Winter 2017 | GitHub (Mobile App) | GitHub (API Service) |  Expo

Keyword: React Native, Expo, Mobx, Stripe API, Facebook API, PostgreSQL, Node.js, Knex, Koa


Universitas Indonesia · Depok, Indonesia · 2015 - August 2019

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science. GPA: 3.80/4.00

Technische Universität Dresden · Dresden, Germany · Jan - Jun 2019

Research Intern in Computational Logic. Project: Benchmarking Tool for Reproducible Research [GitHub | Thesis]

Awards (more on linkedin.com/in/rkkautsar)

A hackathon-style software development contest held by SIA across Singapore, Jakarta, and San Francisco.

Asia Regional qualification for International Collegiate Programming Contest World Finals.

Nationwide Software Development contest held by Indonesia Ministry of IT & Research.