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AccessDoc_Working with Interpreters in College: P1
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“Tips for Deaf Students: Working with Interpreters in College (Part 1)” video

Video Description:

Isabella, a Latina, non-binary feminine person with long, dark hair is wearing a red cropped shirt and jeans and a rainbow banded Apple watch.

Isabella signs ASL.


Using interpreter services in college might be different in other situations. In college you are responsible for planning your own accommodations. Your school might have its own rules for how to request interpreters. Ill show you some tips on how to request interpreters in college.

Video Description:

Teal circles animates to reveal a sign outside an office door that reads “Services for Students with Disabilities.” Overlaying text appears:

“Contact disability department: - Call or email them with your request. - Give details such as time(s), place, and topic of the request. - Inform them of your communication and langauge preferences.”
Next, we are following Isabella traveling down the hall in their pink and black wheelchair as new text appears: “Contact department hosting the class or event. - Request with plenty of time in advance. - Advocate for yourself. - Contact disability dept. if you have any issues. “

Next we are looking at an open laptop. There are four white boxes with teal text, “Use online request form”, “-Input all information accurately and in the required format”, “-Attach or link helpful materials for interpreter”, “-Contact disability dept for questions or support”.

The screen fades blue and reappears to a green, white and teal background. There is a white text box in the middle with purple text, “Tips for Deaf Students”, below is a purple text box with white text, “Working with interpreters, (Part 1)”

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