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Club Vest

(M/F Sizes Available)  

Running Club Top

(M/F Sizes Available)

Also available in long sleeve


(Unisex Only)

Our Max Athlete garments are not only ideal for charity runs, walks, marathons, triathlons or other events, but also for any team or group of people needing high performance, high quality, branded clothing.


Toe Tagz


Your ToeTag is a form of ID which will stay with you at all times

unless you lose your trainers, as it's on your foot! It is small,

lightweight and stylish so won't affect your form, in fact pretty soon

you will forget it's even there!

In Stock!

Alsager Runners Big Bobble Hat

Lots in stock


Running Buffs/Snoods

Lots in stock



1x In Stock £8

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