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1.        Purpose

The Board believes that the schools should help students learn to respect property and develop feelings of pride in community institutions.

2.        Authority

The Board charges each student in the District's schools with responsibility for the proper care of the school property, school supplies and equipment entrusted to the student's use.

        SC 777

        Pol. 218, 233

It is the policy of the Board that students who willfully cause damage to school property shall be subject to disciplinary measures. Students and others who damage or deface school property may be prosecuted and punished under law. Parents/ Guardians shall be held accountable for the actions of their child.

        SC 1338

The Board may report to appropriate juvenile authorities any student whose damage of school property is serious or chronic in nature. In no case shall referral to juvenile authorities be made without prior notification to the student's parent/guardian.

  1. Delegation of Responsibility

SC 109, 801

The Superintendent or designee shall develop procedures to implement this policy which include rules for safekeeping and accounting of textbooks, supplies and equipment and an established schedule of fines for lost or damaged textbooks, supplies and equipment.

The Superintendent shall submit a report on incidents of vandalism to the Board on each occurrence.

Vandalism reports shall include the number and kind of incident, cost to the District, and related information the Superintendent deems necessary.

School Code

109, 777, 801, 1338

Board Policy

218, 233

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