Ko Ahau”                                                        Name:

We would like to know all about you.

My task:

Design and paint an artwork that communicates a significant interest or passion of yours.

Your artwork needs to be painted in one of the following art styles:

  • Pointillism
  • Banksy - Stencil
  • Cubism
  • Or a negotiated art style


You will also need to create a plaque for your art for the wall.

What are my first questions about the task?

Using Te Ara Tika

Prior Knowledge (what do I already know about anything in the task:

(Discuss with a partner/talk as a group.)

Keywords and Phrases from the task:

What do I need to know to complete the task (begin each with “I need to know…”:

Turn your Need to Knows into questions:

Then start researching your questions. Use difference sources of information.

Record your information using - notes, visual note-taking, diagrams, important works. Make sure the information is in your own words.


Researching (continued):

When you think you have enough information for each of your questions to help you complete the task, meet with a teacher. You will then begin designing and painting your artwork.

The following process may help you.