7th Grade Newsletter (April 2019)

Dear 7th Grade Families,

We hope everyone had a great spring break and a positive ELA state test experience. We are excited to begin the last marking period of the 18-19 school year! As the weather becomes warmer, please encourage your students to continue to maintain their focus and persist in completing their work.

News from the Classroom:


This month in ELA, we are beginning our unit on Writer’s Craft. We will be studying Nikki Grimes’s craft moves in her novel Bronx Masquerade. Scholars will also be using Grimes’s book as a mentor text that inspires their own vignette writing. Upcoming projects and assessments include Independent Reading Book quizzes, and a vignette project. You can support your scholar by making sure your scholar completes his/her independent reading.


This month in Math, scholars are learning how to effectively review for the NYS Math exam. Upcoming projects and assessments include the New York State Math Exam on May 1st and 2nd. You can support your scholar by reviewing prior New York State Math Exams on engageny.com, using IXL.com as an additional resource, and their notes/tests from the year. Please be on the lookout for frequent emails about what is being covered in class and the additional resources for each specific topic.

Social Studies

This month in Social Studies, scholars are learning about westward expansion and the impact of Manifest Destiny on Americans, Native Americans, and Mexico. Upcoming assessments include a notebook quiz at the end of April. You can support your scholar by asking them about what they learned and by continuing to check their planners and PupilPath.


This month in Science, scholars will be transitioning from learning about Earth’s Place in the Universe to learning about the Structures of Life. Upcoming projects and assessments include the Earth’s Place in the Universe test on Friday, April 12. You can support your scholar by asking them about what they are learning in class, and by watching new Cosmos with Neil DeGrasse Tyson together.

What’s coming up this month?     

  • April 12: Mixed Bags fundraiser ends
  • April 12: Nature’s Classroom permission slips and payment due
  • April 15: Last day of Manhattan School of Music classes
  • April 18: Rapid dismissal; MHII after school classes canceled; spring break begins!
  • April 19-26: Spring Break
  • April 29: School resumes

Tips for Success:

  • Continue checking PupilPath to keep on top of assignments and any missing work.
  • Follow the 5-day rule: remember that scholars have five days to turn in late or missing assignments in all classes.
  • Make sure to come to school prepared with pencils, pens, and notebooks.


Thank you for your support! Please contact us at mgennaro@motthall2.org (ELA), jkesten@motthall2.org (Math), bpierre@motthall2.org (Social Studies), awilliard@motthall2.org (Science), kheller@motthall2.org (ICT), and blee@motthall2.org (ICT) with questions!


7th Grade Team