Are you ready to go on a GooseChase Tigers?!?

What's a GooseChase?!?  Well, it's an interactive digital scavenger hunt!  All you need is at least one device (not a Chromebook) and the GooseChase app.    

You will be working to complete missions and earn points for your team. For example, a mission could be snapping a picture with your pet or a video showcasing your talent.

Please fill out the form so we can begin organizing the teams.  You can sign up as an individual or with family members. You can also tell us if you prefer to be with people outside your family.  

Once we have everyone on teams we will email further instructions on how to play the game.

Rack up points, earn some prizes, HAVE FUN!

The GooseChase begins on Monday, May 11th and ends on Sunday, May 31st.

Don't miss out! Fill out the form no later than 3 pm on Saturday, May 9th.

Use the link below to sign up: