Minutes of the Annual Stockholders Meeting of

Waccamaw Sailing Club, Inc.

November 10, 2012 at 6:30 PM at Dale’s Seafood Restaurant, Whiteville, NC

        Each attending stockholder signed in on the attendance/proxy summary sheets.

The business meeting was called to order at 7:50 PM by Commodore David McLamb after the meal was concluded.

A Quorum was declared with 116 voting shares certified out of 332 outstanding shares, to be voted by proxy and direct representation. There were 20 in attendance with 11 stockholders present.  

Blanchard submitted the minutes of the 2011 meeting as posted on the Club website. Reading was waived and the minutes were approved as written.  Eight Board meetings had been held with approved minutes posted on the website.  Five stock shares have been repurchased and        new member shares issued. The shares transferred at current price of $250/share.

Valerie Georgevitch presented the Purser summary report:

        Finances – Bank balance currently $11,029.61; expect to close year with about $9,000.

        Property Taxes remained the same and the new website fees were paid.

        Membership ended the year with 74 paid members.

Commodore David McLamb gave an activity summary for the 2012 year as follows:

        Sailing season races for Club sailors held monthly, except some lost months due to weather

Hosted the Isotope Nationals and the Tanzer 16 SAYRA series final competition.

Explained goals for improved participation during 2013.

McLamb reported on facility maintenance, repairs, and improvements:

The general club maintenance was overseen by Mike Butts, fencing arranged by David McLamb, and Club cleanings by the members on work days.

McLamb conducted the election of Board members for 2 vacancies in 2013.

Mike Butts and Jim Wimbish were nominees. With no nominations from the floor, a motion for unanimous election of the nominees passed; the vote was unanimous for election of the nominees.

David McLamb awarded season sailing trophies to Todd Fiskin and Margaret Cooley for most improved, David and         Caron McLamb 3rd place, Rudy Tatum 2nd place, and Butch Blanchard and Debra Walters 1st place.

Gaines Grantham gave an update on the situation with the invasive weed Hydrilla in the lake, and announced a         public meeting to be held on December 1 at the Town Hall.  (Date and place were later moved.)

Introductions of those present and special remembrances for the life and passing of Jim Hutton, Ron and Deb Tyman, and founder Dick Coburn were given.  A report on the eyesight problems of Gil Vick was given.

The annual Oyster Roast was announced for Saturday, December 1, at 1 PM.

There being no further business of the Club, the meeting adjourned at 8:15 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,

Butch Blanchard, Yeoman