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Chem 51LB Course Description for Prospective Students
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Chem 51LB Labs

Week 1: Spectroscopy (Wet & Dry Labs)

        IR Spectroscopy of unknown liquid compounds.  NMR provided for same samples.

Weeks 2-3: Nucleophilic Substitution and Purification

        Nucleophilic substitution reaction with an unknown phenol-derived nucleophile.  In the second lab session students recrystallize products from previous week and identify using TLC and melting point.

Week 4: Bromination of trans-Cinnamic Acid

        Bromination of trans-cinnamic acid and discussion of experimental techniques used to determine mechanisms.

Week 5: Acid-Base Separation

        Separation of mixture containing a benzoic acid derivative and fluorene. Identification using melting point.

Week 6: Eliminations Under Acidic and Basic Conditions

        Elimination reactions under acidic and basic conditions. Includes unexpected outcome of 1-butanol under acidic conditions. GC introduced.

Week 7-8: Unknown Mixtures

        TLC used to determine possible components of a mixture of two unknown solids.  Separation of solid mixture by extraction or recrystallization, depending on components of mixture (as determined by student).  Spectroscopy and identity confirmation of separated components.

Week 9: No lab sections

Week 10: Lab Practical (during normal lab time)

Summer Session Notes

Summer session classes meet in lab two times per week. Please see calendar for exact dates. Calendar is typically updated during Spring quarter.

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