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Hey guys! First, I am missing your smiling faces!! Know that I would much rather be at school with y’all than trying to teach you from home. There is so much still left to learn this year, and we are going to do our best in the coming days to try to make that happen! Hopefully, we will be learning together again soon, but for now, check my webpage regularly for materials.

Reach out via email anytime or call my extension between 8-11 a.m. 

 423-775-8414 ext. 8264

I am here to help you any way I can, and

I would love to hear from you!

I have set up a Google Classroom for us to communicate better. From your google account, go to google classroom and enter this code w4lm2r4. If we have enough people with google accounts add the class, then we will use the Google Classroom to work, learn, support each other, and communicate during this time.

Click here if you are sad about missing the aquarium...


For ELA:

They have opened it up so you can take AR quizzes at home for now, so please try to keep reading in your spare time. I am including a link to a lesson in your TN Ready workbook here. I will change and update these each week, so you will have one you can be working on. 

TN Ready Lesson 1

TN Ready Lesson 2

TN Ready Lesson 3

TN Ready Lesson 4

TN Ready Lesson 15

Teacher Pages

***All answer keys are posted here***

Email/message me with any questions

For Social Studies:

We have covered a lot this year, but we still have our two main civilizations to go, Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. I will try to post some videos and resource links here for you to access to keep up with where we are.

I just finished setting up everyone’s login for the social studies textbook. Follow the instructions/example below, and let me know if it doesn’t work!

EXAMPLE: For a student named Harry Potter

Username: harryp

Password: D@ytoncity

If you want to access the student textbook, click

S.S. Student Textbook 

 and login with

Username: firstnamelastinitial

Password: D@ytoncity

I know it is really hard to read the way they have it on there, but try as best you can to read the chapters on Greece.

Here are some links to youtube videos about Greece.

Chapter 15

Ancient Greece: Rule by the People

Greek Geography

TimeMap of Greece and Rome

Chapter 16

Rise of Democracy in Greece

Chapter 17

Ancient Greeks and Persians

Alexander the Great

Chapter 18

Classic Greek Society and Culture

Everything You Need to Know to Read Homer's Odyssey


Chapter 19 & 20

Rome's Boot-shaped Peninsula & The Roman Republic 

Chapter 21

The Great Conspiracy Against Julius Caesar

Roman Engineering

Click here to read more about Roman Engineering

Chapter 22

Roman Mythology 

(there is A LOT in this! Includes Greek and Roman info)

Christianity 101

Chapter 23

The Rise and Fall of the ByzantineEmpire

Click here to read more about The Fall of Rome

Again, check back every couple days as I will be posting more videos and assignments!