Headless Horseman

Halloween Special

Forged with Jeff Reynolds and Kristen Ashton


First appearing in “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”, a short work of fiction written by Washington Irving in 1820, the Headless Horseman has gone on to become one of America’s legendary spooks. Rumored to be Hessian that lost his head to a cannonball during the Revolution, it is said he now stalks the area around Sleepy Hollow at night forever in search of his lost appendage. While the original story followed schoolteacher Ichabod Crane’s run in with the ghostly apparition, later iterations have taken this character down a very interesting creative path.

Jeff’s Choices





Trait- “Arise.”

The fantasy with this Headless Horseman kit is that he is a fast moving assassin that deals large amounts of ability damage to the enemy. This trait allows him to maintain mounted the entire game and have the increased movement speed buff for the entire match. This will make him a fast force to be reckoned with that cannot be dismounted.

Mount- Headless Horseman’s Charger.

Q- “Conflagration”

[kon-fluh-grey-shuh n]

The horseman raises his sword and it lights on fire with a green ember. The next attack that the horseman lands on an enemy will give them a debuff that works like a burning rage, but it damages their friendly team members or minions.

W- “Unholy Fire”

This ability has 2 charges and allows the horseman to select a bush or vent on the battlefield and light it on fire. This fire will deal a large amount of damage to any enemy inside the bush or vent. The fire will burn for a good amount of time and the entire vent or bush will be on fire.

E- “Charge”

Using this ability the Horseman will charge forward and trample any heroes in his path. Trampled heroes will be pushed to the side, much like a basic ability version of a Thrall earthquake. The horseman can use this ability to reposition the enemy to a more favorable position… hopefully in a place that they will take ability damage from the flames of the vents. The horseman is unstoppable during this charge.

Heroic 1- “Flaming Heads

The horseman will laugh loudly and summon 3 flaming heads that circle him in an endless loop. When this ability is activated again the horseman can select a direction (much like a KT chain) and fire off one of the flaming heads at the target. If the head makes contact with the enemy they will take a large amount of damage and catch on fire dealing damage over time. The horseman will have to use all 3 of the heads before the cooldown of this ability can begin.

Heroic 2- “Carved”

The horseman selects an area on the battlefield and magically carves a jack-o-lantern pattern on the ground. After a second the carving ignites with green flame dealing massive damage to the enemy. These flames will stay on the battlefield for a long time- maybe a little longer than a Hyperion or Phoenix.

Specialty Skin: Undead Count Dooku… OR… Decapitated Queen of Hearts

Dance: Juggles flaming heads while doing a box step.

Kristen’s Choices

Staying Ahead of the Competition


        Headless Horseman of Sleepy Hollow

Favorite Blizzard Game

        Rock n’ Roll Racing

Favorite Blizzard Character

        Himself (loves the depiction)




You Shall Not Pass

Whether Hessian or some other spirit, it is canon that the Headless Horseman cannot cross an old wooden bridge near the local church. In keeping with the tales, the Headless Horseman cannot pass by enemy buildings. Instead, he is stopped by an invisible barrier until the buildings are destroyed.


        Flash of Fire

In one encounter, it is said the Hessian “vanished in a flash of fire”. In the Nexus, the Horseman will mount up, explode into flames and take off, leaving behind him a trail of fiery hoof prints. In addition, the Hessian is always mounted. It can trot at walk speed and takes a mount up amount of time to return to mounted speed.


Flaming Heads

A rotating AOE, the Horseman shoots out three flaming pumpkin heads that rotate around him in circles, dealing basic attack damage if enemies are hit by the squash or ability damage if they are hit by the rings of fire the pumpkins leave in their wake.


The Throwdown

If the Hessian gets close enough, he will pick up a target enemy Hero and toss them to the ground in a certain direction. When the enemy Hero lands, they are stunned.


Never Look Behind

While mounted, the Horseman can cast this skill shot, taking his head from his body and hurling it at an enemy Hero. If the enemy is struck in the back, they merely take a large amount of damage. If they are struck facing the Horseman, they are stunned and blinded.


Cursed Ground

Pools of red fire open on the ground beneath the feet of his enemies for the length of this Heroic. They deal massive amounts of damage over time for those foolish enough to sit still.


        Run, Run As Fast As You Can

Choosing an enemy target, the Horseman pursues them, gaining on them by going faster and faster and faster. All the while, the enemy Hero becomes more and more fearful, finding it more difficult to head anywhere but toward the safety of a friendly gate. If the enemy passes by a gate, the ability ends with no harm done. If they don’t, however, the Horseman deals an enormous amount of damage by trampling the enemy Hero. If the Horseman can manage to do this to all five enemy Heroes, the time it takes to close in on his prey is reduced and the damage is tripled.



Beheaded after death, Blackbeard’s spirit lives on, complete with a beard that appears to be on fire. He could also ride a mini ship instead of a horse.



        The Trot

Once a true gentleman, the Headless Horseman has his mount do a cute trot ending with a bow.