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“The Goosechase Is On:

Motivating Students Through Scavenger Hunts”

Session Objectives

  1. Explore and use a digital tool (Goosechase Edu) to engage students in scavenger hunts {NC Digital Learning Competency 4}
  2. Examine and explore the 4Cs
  3. Develop a digital scavenger hunt that emphasizes the 4Cs (Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration, & Creativity)
  4. Share ideas of how to use scavenger hunts in the classroom to meet academic standards and network with other educators

Getting Ready for the Goosechase

  • We will work in teams to complete the Goosechase.  Only one person will need to have the Goosechase app on their mobile device (phone or tablet).
  • We will use the book “Happy Dreamer” by Peter H. Reynolds. to experience our first goose chase.
  • If you prefer, you can WATCH the video of the book.
  • Resources for “Happy Dreamer” from Scholastic.
  • Download the Goosechase App from the App or Play Store.  Also create a Goosechase Edu account.  (Use Goosechase Edu, not regular Goosechase)

Explore the 4Cs

  • Each group member will investigate at least one of the 4Cs and become the “expert.”  You are to provide a short definition for the area that you are designated to complete.
  • Each group will share their definitions.  The group will finalize a definition for each of the 4Cs through consensus.    Post your group’s definition for each area in the Padlet.

Running the goosechase

  • Game On - Open the Goosechase app and look for our game “Happy Dreamer:  the 4Cs”
  • There are several missions to complete.  Some are text based and others require a picture or a short video.  Complete as many missions as possible with your team in the designated time.  Please return promptly at the conclusion of the activity.
  • Each group will have a copy of the book “Happy Dreamer” provided.  Be sure to return this to me as well.
  • Have fun and engage with your group.
  • Experience the 4Cs.

reflect on the learning

  • Consider what you learned and experienced in the Goosechase that relate to the 4Cs.  Reflect on the following with your group members.
  • How well did this session meet our objectives listed at the top of this document?
  • In what ways, specifically, did you experience any of the 4Cs in this activity?
  • How could this be used with students or staff in the classroom or at school?
  • What additional insight or “AHA” moments did your experience during this activity?
  • Each group will select one of the following ways to share your responses to the questions above:

Contact INformation, Additional Support & Information

  • Brian Whitson, Instructional Technology Facilitator, China Grove Middle School
  • View the responses to reflections:

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