How a roster freezes:

1. If you are a major team and you win a super nit, dual super nit, or Select30 qualifier at any point during the spring, your roster is frozen. If you accept a berth from one of these events in the Fall, your roster is frozen.

2. If you are a major or aaa team and you finish in the top 25% of an event after May 1, your roster will freeze

3. If you are a AA team and you finish in the top 50% of a tournament after May 1, your roster will freeze.

4. Why did my team get frozen when I didn't finish in the top 50% of a AA or top 25% of a AAA/Major
event? If there are teams that have previously been frozen, the freeze/berth will pass down to lower
teams. Teams that don't win a game in an event will not be frozen.

5. Can I add players after my roster is frozen/qualified? Yes you can add up to three players after you are
frozen but they can not be on another frozen roster in the same age group.

6. Can I drop players from my frozen roster? Yes, but you can not add a player back to your frozen roster
if you dropped them after you were frozen.

7. Can players be on multiple rosters? Yes, players can be on multiple rosters during the season until rosters start to freeze. At that time, you can only be on one roster per age group. A player can still be on 2 rosters after rosters start to freeze, but they have to be different ages.

8. Can a player play on two teams in the same weekend if they are different ages? NO

9. Can a player who was frozen to a AAA team come to my AA team? No, if a player is frozen to a higher classification of equal or greater age team, he can not go down in class until August 1.

Pitching FAQ:

1. Can I protest a pitcher who is over his innings on the next pitch after he has reached his max innings? NO, you have to let him record an out above his pitching limits and he has to be the pitcher of record to win the protest. If he has been replaced as the pitcher, you have missed your chance to protest.

2. If a pitcher is over his innings and he is in the dugout on offense, can I protest with that team being on offense. Yes you can, that player is still the pitcher of record.

3. If a starting pitcher is removed from the mound can he return to the mound? NO. If the pitcher has innings left, the pitcher is replaced and there is no forfeit


Pitching rules to keep in mind
1. You can never pitch more than 3 days in a row.
2.You can never pitch more than 6innings in a day for 12 and under and 7 in a day for 13 and under.

3. If you pitch more than 3 innings in a day, you must rest the next day.
4. There is an 8 inning max for any three days for all ages. Remember, you must always look back 2
days from the current day to check on the 8 Inning max.
5. An out has to be recorded before a pitcher is in violation of any pitching rules.
6. A day of rest does not reset pitching.

Pitching examples for tournament longer than 2 days: A.

Examples that apply to all ages 14 and below:
1. Day 1: 3innings, Day 2: 0 Innings, Day 3 max is 5 innings.
2. Day 1: 1 inning, Day 2: 1/3inning, Day3: 2-1/3 inning, Day 4 player can’t pitch because would be 4th
day in a row. Day 5: max of 5-2/3.
3. Day 1: 6innings, Day 2: 0 innings, Day 3: 2 innings max. 4. Day 1: 2innings, Day 2: 3 innings, Day 3: 3
Innings, Day 4: 0 innings, Day 5: 5 innings max.

B. Example that only applies to 13 and Up: 1. Day 1: 7 innings, Day 2: 0 innings, Day 3: 1 Inning, Day 4: 3 Inning, Day 5: 4 Inning max

Any verbal answers received by park staff will still be the responsibility of the coach to make sure he is within the pitching guidelines. It is easy to be confused when talking about pitching. Please use this along with the national USSSA rule book to determine what pitching you have left each day. There are no free passes on pitching violations for any reason. Don’t ask umpires about pitching rules. That is not their job. This is the responsibility of the manager and there are no acceptable reasons to violate the pitching limits. You will forfeit if protested for being over the pitching limits.

How to Register for USSSA Baseball
1. Visit www.usssa.com
2. Click log in on top right.
3. Click the manager Account if you dont have on. If you do have one, log in.
5. Once you have your log in information visit the same page and log in.
6. Click the register a new team on the left and follow the prompts to register your team.
7. Enter your roster online.

Team Classification

If a team has not played any games in a new season and they have five or more players from a higher classification, they should move themselves up in classification.

5 players of a higher classification can still be an issue and a team should request to be evaluated prior to playing.

How do I get removed from an event I am in and enter another event?

  1. Email the director of your current event to drop/refund you if their deadline to withdraw has not passed. Always email so you have a date and time stamp.
  2. Email the other director to add you to his event. It is ok to forward him the request you have submitted to be dropped so he knows you are indeed trying to get removed.