Lessons in Prayer from the Bible’s Leading Characters

3 of 6, David’s Psalms

Small Group Discussion

🔗Video - Eugene Petersen and Bono from U2

Google: YouTube Bono Psalms Petersen[1]


One verse from any psalm from memory - go! (try not to repeat verses).


Read Psalm 19🔗

(Let each group member read a verse.)


Walter Brueggeman describes three movements or seasons in the prayers of the Psalms (See diagram, p.g. 2).

Psalms of Orientation - celebrate the world and our relationship with God as it should be.

Psalms of Disorientation - cry out to God in the chaos and destruction of life.

Psalms of New Orientation - celebrate God’s gift of new life just when all seemed lost.

Read Psalm 22 🔗

Can you identify the themes of disorientation, reorientation and new orientation in this Psalm?

Choose a verse from the Psalm:

That expresses how your feel today.

That gives you hope.

That challenges you.


Try and memorise your favourite Psalm.

Some suggestions:

Psalm 23🔗, Psalm 19🔗, Psalm 8🔗

Psalms for Different Seasons

Brueggemann explains: “The moves of orientation - disorientation - new orientation are for Christians most clearly played out in the life of Jesus of Nazareth ...I find Phil. 2:5-11 helpful…”

Further Exercises
to Grow in Friendship
with God

(From Friendship with God: how God's offer of intimate relationship can change your life, by Trevor Hudson)

Take some time to talk with God as friend to friend about your sadness and pain at the moment. Keep in mind the image of the God who suffers with us, who shares our grief, who understands our pain. Tell God about your feelings, however angry you are, and share the details of your heartache as fully as you are able. Ask God to be true to the friendship you share together. Don't allow the thought that God already knows everything, to stop you from sharing what you are thinking and feeling.

This is not about giving God information. It's all about growing a friendship with God in the midst of our suffering.


[1] Forward to 9:04 for discussion on Psalms.