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Apparel Terms & Conditions
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Apparel Production Terms & Conditions


Standard turnaround time is 10-14 business days from approval of the quote, final artwork, and receipt of a 50% deposit for your order. Larger orders of more than 200 pieces may take 2-3.5 weeks to complete.

The timeline may increase or decrease depending on your quantities and the complexity of your artwork.

We offer rush services for an additional fee and if our schedule allows.


We require artwork to be sent as a high resolution (at least 300 dpi or higher) digital file at the final print size you’d like to get the image printed. The higher resolution and better quality your image is, the more fine detail we will be able to achieve when we print.

Preferred file formats are .psd, .ai, .jpeg, and .pdf.

If you can, please separate all the colors of your artwork into their own layers. Each color will need to be full black (100% opaque) in order to be made into the stencil that is burned on the screen. Any photographs or images with shading, gradient/grayscale will be interpreted into halftone or dither to achieve those looks.

If you need assistance with formatting, we offer Graphic Editing services for an additional fee which is assessed on a project to project basis.


We offer a large range of screens for apparel that can accommodate all manner of print placements and print sizes. Screens, films & set up pricing is dependent upon your image size, placement and number of colors in the image itself.

Images less than or up to 13x17” are considered “standard” sized and are priced at $45 unless otherwise stated.

After standard, images larger than 13”x17” are considered “oversized” and are priced accordingly on a project to project basis. This includes but is not limited to apparel with large print areas as well as bandanas.

Regardless of image size, if your image is multiple colors, we charge 1 screen fee per color included in your artwork.

If you do an exact reprint within six months of your original order, the screen and setup fees are 50% off the original price.


We work with a wide range of apparel through our wholesalers and can recommend our favorite brands and styles based on your needs and provided specifications. If there is something you are looking for in particular (specific brand, loose fit, heavyweight, etc.) please let us know to help us narrow down the options.

We keep a limited range of apparel in the shop. If you’d like to see and feel the garments before proceeding with production, samples of unprinted apparel can be ordered for an additional fee. Keep in mind, this will affect your overall turnaround time. Samples and their associated shipping will be invoiced separately from your main order.

If a misprint occurs in your production run, we may supplement the misprint with an extra of another size or on a similar blank tee. If no extras are available, we will subtract that piece from your invoice total.


You are welcome to provide your own apparel for production. While we will do everything in our power to deliver the best prints possible, printing mistakes do occur. For this reason, there may be an under-run shortage of up to 5% of the total quantity, which is industry standard. If you need exact quantities for an order, please make sure to provide a few extra pieces of each size to accommodate potential misprints. For orders with pantone matching or complex artwork, make sure to provide extra garments/source fabric for testing.

If a misprint occurs, we will subtract the print cost of the single item from your invoice. If you provide the garments, we are only responsible for the print cost, NOT the cost of the provided garments.


If you’d like to see a printed sample prior to the production of your full run, we will charge both a screen/set up fee as well as an additional fee for the sample itself. This fee is significantly higher than the price per piece would be for a full run. This is because the same amount of pre-production set up (graphic editing, printing the films, burning the screens, registering the artwork on press, etc.) goes into producing one shirt as it does to produce one hundred shirts. If after the sample, you decide to move forward with production, we will charge you the reprint rate for the set up fee (half of the original screen cost.)

        Keep in mind ordering a sample will likely affect your turnaround time.


Plastisol (oil based) - These inks have a thicker ink deposit than water based inks. Good for light colors on dark fabric and best for printing on synthetic fibers Have a glossy finish. We choose plastisol inks for any specialty project requiring metallic, neon, or puff inks. Plastisol is the standard ink we use for production.

-Waterbased Discharge- These inks have soft hand feel and are perfect for light colors on dark fabric. They work by bleaching the dye color of the fabric and replacing the dye color with a new color. Water Based discharge is formulated to react with natural fibers (cotton, linen, etc.) so the opacity will be affected if used on a polyester or other synthetic blend garment. Due to the nature of this process, slight color variations may occur shirt to shirt. At first, discharge prints can have a textured feel on the garment but once washed, the printed area will be soft to the touch. Printed colors may lighten over repeated washings.

Standard water based ink- soft hand feel, good for dark/bright colors on light cotton rich fabric. Printed colors may lighten over repeated washings.


If you need a color matched, please provide a Pantone Color from either the Pantone Solid Coated. This will ensure the closest match possible to the color you’d like. We can match a color from a computer screen but please note that colors vary on different monitors and some colors are out of the range of what is possible to achieve in printing. We will do our best, but cannot guarantee the exact ink color on reorders.

Matching to a pantone is an additional fee of $20/per color.

Water based “discharge” ink may vary slightly from shirt to shirt. (see ink types for more info on discharge ink)


Once an order has been completed, please pickup your order within a few days after completion and you have been notified and paid the final invoice

If you need your order to be shipped, please provide the address your order is getting shipped to in your quote request form under “notes”.

Shipping costs are separate from your quote total, and will be added to the final invoice.

We will not ship out items until we receive the final payment of the invoice.