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HHS Student/Parent Handbook 2023-2024
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Hawthorne High School



















OPEN LUNCH        13


BATHROOMS        13








A. State Excused Absences        15

B. Attendance Policy        16

C. Absence Verification        16

D. After-School Activities        16

E. Attendance Status/Notification        17

G. Loss of Course Credit        17

H. Make-Up Work        18

I. Early Dismissal        18

J. Religious Holiday Policy        19

K. Physical Education Procedures Relative to Physical Education Excuses        19

L. Lateness to Class        19

M. Lateness to School        20

N. Appeal Process        21

O. Withdrawals from School        21




REMEDIAL MEASURES                                                                                                      22



A. School ID card        30

B. Secret Societies/Fraternities/Sororities        30

C. Academic Integrity        31

Statement of Honesty        31

Cheating Incidents        31

D. Plagiarism Policy        31

      CELL PHONE AND OTHER ELECTRONIC DEVICES                                                     32

DRESS CODE        33


GRADING        33

A. Grading System        33

B. Make-Up Work/Incomplete Grades        36


REPORT CARDS        37


High Honor Roll        38

Honor Roll        38


A. Individualized Curriculum        38

B. Graduation Requirements        38


PSAT/NMSQT (Administered to all Grade 9, 10 and 11 Students) – October 2023        42

SAT Reasoning Test        42

SAT/Subject Tests        42

AP Tests        43


A. Selection Criteria        44

B. Tutoring Program        44


A. Selection Criteria        44

B. Tutoring Program        44


A. Selection Criteria        44

B. Tutoring Program        44

FIELD TRIPS        45




A. Guidance Department/Student Support Personnel:        45

B. Procedure For Meeting With Guidance Staff:        46

C. Course Verification/Schedule Adjustments:        46



PEER LEADERS        46







2023/2024 Executive Board of the HHS PTO        49



PHILOSOPHY        50



A. Goals and Objectives        53

B. New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association (NJSIAA) - The Responsibilities of Sportsmanship        53

C. Academic Eligibility Standards for Participation in Athletics and Co-Curricular Activities        54

D. Physical Examination        55

E. Athletic Injury        55

F. Athletic Department Personnel        55



The Hawthorne Public School District believes that education encourages the development of a self-directed, socially conscious, and authentic individual who is capable of continued growth toward maximum potential. As an integral part of public education, the curriculum is responsive to our ever-expanding and evolving global society. The Hawthorne Public School District stresses lifelong learning that encourages students to think critically and creatively, to appreciate aesthetic experiences, to develop a positive self-image, and to respect and value individual differences and embrace cultural diversity. The Hawthorne Public School District and the greater community have the joint responsibility of creating a suitable climate for learning. The schools, in an atmosphere of mutual respect and cooperation, offer programs to stimulate all students to explore and to exercise fully the capabilities of both mind and body. The community has the responsibility to help create and provide the environment and facilities that foster a desire to learn.


Dr. Richard A. Spirito, Superintendent of Schools

Ms. Jenine Murray, Business Administrator

Dr. Kristen Trabona, Director of Education

Mr. Steven Serra, Director of Special Programs

Mr. Tamer Mamkej, Technology Director

Ms. Keshia Golding-Cooper, Director of School Counseling

Ms. Ashley Smith, Supervisor of Humanities

Ms. Bonnie Aschenbrand, Supervisor of Math and Science

Mr. Joe Higgins, Supervisor of Buildings & Grounds


Ms. Abigail Goff, President

 Mr. Alex Clavijo, Vice President

                Mr. Joseph Carr                                Dr. Alma Morel                                                                                        

Ms. Jennifer Ehrentraut                        Mr. Anthony Puluse

Mr. Mike Doyle                                Mr. Marco Totaro

Mr. Jay Shortway


The mission of Hawthorne High School has always been to provide a safe and challenging environment for the community’s youth that teaches them to be lovers of learning, expert communicators, responsible citizens, and active participants in the world around them. Today, Hawthorne High School continues to uphold this mission through its many student-oriented programs. The Guidance Department’s Wellness Program emphasizes our dedication to student mental health, the new One-to-One Initiative helps our students adjust to today’s focus on technology in the workplace, and the newly approved Referendum ensures state-of-the-art classrooms and innovative courses such as Intro to Engineering, elevating Hawthorne High School to meet the challenging academic standards set for students today. Education should encourage the development of self-directed, aware, and integrated students, a goal Hawthorne High School, and the entirety of its administration, faculty, and staff, is dedicated to achieving.


Mr. Kevin Pfister, Principal

Ms. Cheryl Pasquale, Assistant Principal

Mr. Art Mazzacca, Assistant Principal/Athletic Director

Ms. Debora Pfeifer, Director of School Counseling

Ms. Ashley Smith, Supervisor of Humanities

Ms. Bonnie Aschenbrand, Supervisor of Math and Science






Begins Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Ends Wednesday, November 8, 2023


Begins Monday, November 13, 2023

Ends Friday, January 26, 2024


Begins Monday, January 30, 2024

Ends Friday, April 12, 2024


Begins Monday, April 15, 2024

Ends Friday, June 14, 2024




The purpose of the Hawthorne High School Student/Parent Handbook is to serve as a reference.  Included in the handbook are the procedures and regulations of Hawthorne High School.  All procedures and regulations are supported by Hawthorne Board of Education Policies and New Jersey State Statutes and Codes. Also listed are calendar dates, attendance, academic and co-curricular information.


Students and parents may wish to see an administrator, guidance counselor, and/or teacher about educational, vocational, and/or personal concerns.  Parents are urged to work closely with any member of the Hawthorne High School administration and/or staff by calling the school at the following numbers:


In order to ensure the safety of our students, parents, faculty and staff members, building security is a priority.  Therefore, we have instituted measures designed to limit access to the building. Prior to 8:00 a.m. all students may enter the building at the main entrance (Parmelee Avenue) and the south entrance, by the cafeteria (Bamford Avenue). The exterior doors at Hawthorne High School are kept locked at all times during the school day.  Student entry, during the school day between 8:00 a.m. and 2:46 p.m., is possible through the security monitoring station at the main entrance (Parmelee Avenue). (Please note that classes begin at 8:00 a.m., and that the warning bell for students rings at 7:55 a.m.) Please be advised that all exterior doors open to the outside, so that the building can be exited through any exterior door for emergencies and fire drill needs, at all times. Students are required to have their school picture ID cards on them at all times. All authorized visitors to the school are required to wear a visitor ID.  

The Hawthorne High School Administration works closely and cooperatively with the Hawthorne Police Department, in conjunction with Hawthorne Public Schools School Safety Specialists, Mr. Art Mazzacca and Dr. Rick Spirito. The police conduct ongoing and routine surveillance.  In addition, there is a police officer present at school dances, most athletic contests and student activities.


Only those persons with official business, parents and/or guardians are permitted to visit Hawthorne High School.  All visitors must present a valid photo ID, sign in and out at the main front door security station, (Parmelee Ave) and wear a visitor’s badge throughout their stay in the building.  


Routine fire drills and security drills are an important part of the safety program at Hawthorne High School. As directed by New Jersey Statutes 18A:41-1, all high school students and personnel are hereby directed to comply with the statutes regarding "Fire Drills and Security Drills".

During a fire drill, every person is to evacuate the building in a quiet, orderly, efficient and safe manner as directed by responsible staff members.  Students are to follow all directions given by staff, and proceed to the fire exits, as posted throughout the building.

A security drill is an exercise, other than a fire drill, to practice procedures that respond to an emergency situation including, but not limited to, a non-fire evacuation, shelter-in-place, or lockdown.


In their Freshman year, all students will be issued a combination lock.  The lock must be returned to the General Office prior to graduation, or at any time that a student signs out of Hawthorne High School.  All students are required to use the school locks, which have been issued to them. Any unofficial lock shall be removed.  If a lock is lost or stolen, it must be replaced through the General Office.  The replacement cost is the retail price of the lock.  In order to assure student security, lock combinations should be kept confidential, not shared with others.

Students will be assigned a locker at the beginning of each year. Students must use their assigned locker only. Lockers should be locked at all times and kept in good order.  Vandalism or damage to a locker will result in disciplinary action and/or payment for damages.  


Open lunch is a Senior privilege with Board of Education approval.  Senior students may leave the building during their lunch period on regular day schedules, weather permitting.  Due to safety concerns, during open lunch, senior students must exit and re-enter the building through the Bamford Avenue doors near the Cafeteria.  Seniors must scan their “Senior ID” at the door when leaving and upon re-entering the building.  Seniors must report to class on time after lunch. Failure to do so may result in their open lunch privilege being revoked for an extended period of time determined by administration. Parents must sign permission slips detailing the rules and regulations of this privilege.  


Each household will receive an application for free or reduced lunch from the Business Office via email/Parent Portal during the summer. These forms must be completed by the students’ parent/guardian and returned to school. All forms are reviewed in order to determine eligibility. Eligibility requirements and criteria are explained on the application.  Please note, in order to be eligible for College Board/college application fee waivers, free or reduced lunch application must be completed.


Please keep them clean. Smoking, vaping, loitering, writing on the walls, or damaging the facilities in any way is strictly prohibited. Please do not bring food items with you to the bathroom. If a student is feeling ill, they must report to the Nurse’s Office – DO NOT remain in the bathroom.  

Students who are given permission for bathroom use must go directly to the closest open bathroom on the same floor as their assigned class or lunch.  Students who do not follow these rules may be subject to disciplinary action.


School emergency information (delayed openings and school closings) will be available beginning at 6:00 a.m. as follows:

In the event of a delayed opening, school will begin at 9:30 a.m. and will remain in session until 2:46 p.m.


Students who drive to school may park on Parmelee Avenue, Warburton Avenue, and Bamford Avenue, beyond the school. Students may not park in the school parking lots, as these areas are reserved for faculty parking. Cars parked in Reserved Parking Areas or No Parking Zones may be towed at the owner’s expense.


Student councils, clubs, societies, and other organizations shall be recognized as authorized school-sponsored student organizations if they:

Eligibility for Student Organizations and Athletic Programs

A student is eligible to participate in Board approved student organizations and student athletics, provided a student has met the following conditions:


In order to maintain a safe and secure environment for all students transported on school vehicles, the Supervisor of Building and Grounds may cause recording devices to be installed in any district owned or contracted vehicles and activated at specific times.  Each school vehicle shall have a sign, prominently displayed stating that:  “Video and/or audio monitoring devices are used on school district owned and contracted vehicles and this vehicle may be monitored at any time”.

The school district personnel will include annual notice in parent/student handbooks that monitoring devices may be used on school transportation vehicles transporting pupils to and from curricular and co-curricular activities.


Affirmative Action exists in the Hawthorne Public Schools in order to ensure that all Federal, State and Local laws and policies which guarantee the rights of students are enforced. Basically the laws state that: No student in a public school in this State shall be discriminated against in admission to, or in obtaining any advantages, privileges, or courses of study of the school by reason of race, color, creed, sex, handicap or national origin.  Students who have any questions or believe they have been discriminated against, in any way, including sexual harassment by other students or staff members should contact one of the Hawthorne High School Affirmative Action Officers and/or HIB Specialist:



ATTENDANCE POLICY (5200 Attendance Policy)

For students to learn and achieve their full potential, it is critical they are engaged in the learning process. Research shows that absences impact a student’s ability to succeed in school. The following regulations are promulgated to ensure that students are in attendance when school is in session as required by law (Note: Students are required to attend school in accordance with the provisions of the Compulsory Education Law):

A.        State Excused Absences

The following are the five allowable reasons for a state-excused absence (NJDOE Revised - February 2021):

A cumulative absence is generally defined as any reason not listed above such as not feeling

well, medical or dental appointments, NJ Motor Vehicle Commission, baby-sitting for younger children, shopping, missing the school bus, vacations, working, oversleeping, faulty private transportation, hairdresser appointments, personal prom participation, completing reports/term papers at home or at local libraries, etc. It should be noted even though an absence is legal, it still counts as an absence from school/class(es) on a student’s official attendance record. Students shall not be considered absent while participating in school sponsored activities, such as a field trip, athletic events, or if suspended from school. Please note, HHS reserves the right to verify the authenticity and content of any medical note, court subpoena, parent note, etc.

Students have the right to attendance at school irrespective of students’ marriage, pregnancy or parenthood per Policy 5752 - Marital Status and Pregnancy.

B.        Attendance Policy

All absences excluding State excused absences count towards the student’s cumulative attendance record. Students who exceed the stated absence limits in any course will lose credit for the course. Any student, who is absent 10% or more of the school in a semester or full year course will lose credit from that course. A maximum of eighteen (18) days each year have been provided for such absences. Students must continue attendance in the course in order to retake the course in summer school. The following chart depicts the number of unexcused absences allowed before a student loses credit for a course:





C.        Absence Verification

When a student is absent from school for any reason, a parent/guardian must call the school before 8:30 a.m. to report the absence. The following phone numbers should be used:

Absentee/note from a doctor to verify an absence from school and/or class must be presented to the Assistant Principal’s Office by the student within 10 school days of the student’s return to school. The school reserves the right to verify the authenticity and content of any medical note, court subpoena, parent note, etc.

D.        After-School Activities

Any student who is absent from school may not participate in, attend, or be involved in any co-curricular programs or after-school/evening activities (including athletic practices/games) on the day(s) of absence. Students who leave school due to illness by signing out of the Nurse’s Office are not to return to school for the remainder of the day and are not to participate in extracurricular activities or sporting events. Students must be present in school for a minimum of four (4) hours in order to participate in or attend extracurricular activities or athletic events that date. This includes games practices, concerts, dances, etc. To be eligible for partaking in the aforementioned activities, students must report to school on or before 9:30 am.  

E. Attendance Status/Notification

If a student exceeds the number of absences allotted for a course, they may not qualify to receive credit for their courses. To ensure that the parent/guardian is informed regarding attendance problems, the following procedures are in place:

  1. Full year courses

  1. On the 5th and 10th absence
  1. Minimum class attendance electronic notification sent to parent/guardian and guidance counselor
  1. On the 15th absence
  1. Minimum class attendance electronic notification sent to parent/guardian and guidance counselor.
  2. Request conference with the parent/guardian and guidance counselor, administration notified
  1. On the 19th absence
  1. Loss of credit letter sent to parent/guardian and guidance counselor
  2. Administration to counsel students on credit status

3.        Semester (half-year) courses

a.        On the 5th absence

i.        Minimum class attendance electronic notification sent to parent/guardian and guidance counselor

ii.        Request conference with the parent/guardian and guidance counselor, administration notified

b.         On the 10th absence

i.         Loss of credit letter sent to parent/guardian and guidance counselor

ii.         Administration to counsel student on credit status

G.        Loss of Course Credit

A student may not receive graduation credit for a course if the student has been excessively absent or late to class. All absences, except State approved excused absences will be counted in determining the total number of days absent. In all cases involving loss of credit due to excessive absenteeism or lateness, a parent/guardian will be notified in writing. Students must continue attendance in the course in order to retake the course in summer school. You may appeal a loss of credit by contacting the Assistant Principal within five (5) days of receiving a letter.

H.        Make-Up Work

Students who are anticipating being absent from class(es) (e.g. athletic activities, field trips, religious holidays, and suspensions) must turn in any work due within the timeframe designated by the teacher. Students who are absent due to reasons other than those listed above should meet with their teachers to set a definitive date for the work’s completion. In determining the appropriate amount of time both should consider the length of absence, the difficulty of the subject, and the student's total schedule. It is recommended that the time allowed to make up work missed is equal to the amount of time absent. Students who do not take advantage of the opportunity or neglect the time limit set may be assigned a zero for the assignment(s).

  1. Early Dismissal

Students who sign out prior to the end of the regular school day may not attend or participate in any after-school activities. Exceptions can be made only with the approval of the High School Administration. Specific sign-out procedures based on the age of the student are as follows:  

  1. Excusing Students


In the event that a student, who needs to be excused from school, prior to the end of the regular school day, their parent/guardian must send a note to the general office in the morning stating that they will be picking up their children from school. They must sign the student out at the security station.  At no time may a student leave school without signing out at the security station.  

If a student is ill, permission from the School Nurse must be given prior to signing out at the security station.  Parents/Guardians must pick up ill students at the security station.

2.   18-Years of age or older

Any student who is 18-years of age or older seeking early dismissal from school must present a written excuse before the start of that school day signed by their parents/guardian. This note must include a telephone number where the parent/guardian may be reached for confirmation.  


If a student is ill, permission from the School Nurse must be given prior to signing out at the security station. A parent/guardian must be notified before a student is picked up by their parent/guardian.

J.        Religious Holiday Policy


No student who is absent because of a religious holiday may be deprived of any award, or of eligibility or opportunity to compete for any award because of such absence. If a student misses a test or examination because of a religious holiday, that student will be given the opportunity to take an alternate test or examination. If a student plans to be absent because of a religious holiday, a request for absence, signed by the parent or guardian, must be submitted to the Assistant Principal’s Office.

K.        Physical Education Procedures Relative to Physical Education Excuses


The following procedures are relative to students who are excused from Physical Education.

  1. Students may be excused from Physical Education by the School Nurse, Athletic Trainer and/or the Administration.

  1. For an extended excuse, the student must have a note signed by a licensed physician.  The note must include the nature of the illness/injury, as well as the duration the student will be excused from Physical Education. The physician's note should be taken to the School Nurse.

  1. The School Nurse will complete a record for the Physical Education Instructor stating the dates of the absence from Physical Education.  The official physician's note will be kept on file in the Health Office.

  1. In all cases of an ongoing, serious illness, the physician's note will be required only at the beginning of each school year.

L.         Lateness to Class

Students are expected to be in their assigned classes on time. Going to lockers or claiming late dismissal from another location will not be acceptable excuses.  Students are required to secure a pass from their teachers before proceeding to their next class, if a teacher detained them.  Students should not go to the Main Office or the Assistant Principal’s Office for a late pass in the case of lateness to class, but should report directly to the assigned class. The receiving teacher will handle the lateness.  


To ensure that the parent/guardian is informed regarding lateness to class and the imminent consequences, the following procedures will  be taken (See Disciplinary Standards – Page 33):

  1. Full year courses  

  1. 6th Late
  1. Electronic school messenger notice to parent/guardian with copy to guidance counselor    
  1. 12th Late
  1. Electronic school messenger notice to parent/guardian with copy to guidance counselor  
  1. 15th Late  
  1. Parent conference with guidance counselor
  1. 18th Late    
  1. Loss of credit for the course will be issued
  2. Electronic school messenger notice to parent/guardian with copy to guidance counselor
  3. Administration to counsel student on course credit status

  1. Semester (half-year) courses

  1. 5th – 7th Late  
  1. Electronic school messenger notice to parent/guardian with copy to guidance counselor
  1. 8th Late  
  1. Parent conference with guidance counselor
  1. 9th - 10th Late  
  1. Electronic school messenger notice to parent/guardian with copy to guidance counselor
  1. 11th Late    
  1. Loss of credit for the course will be issued
  2. Electronic school messenger notice to parent/guardian with copy to guidance counselor
  3. Administration to counsel student on course credit status

M.        Lateness to School

Students are expected to be on time for the start of the school day.  All students must adhere to the following procedures when arriving to school late:

  1. If a student arrives at school after 8:00 a.m., they must enter the building at the front main entrance (Parmelee Ave) for an admittance/late pass to be issued at the security station.  Failure to sign into school upon arrival, for whatever reason, after 8:00 a.m., and proceed directly to class, is prohibited.

  1. When a student is late, they will receive an absence for each class in which 20 minutes or more are missed.

  1. If a student will be late to school, their parent/guardian must call and notify the school before 9:00 a.m. or the student must possess a parent note addressed to the Assistant Principal explaining the circumstances that contributed to the lateness.  

  1. In order for any student to participate in, attend, or be involved in any co-curricular programs or after-school, evening activities (including athletic practices and games), they must have a legitimate reason and sign in to school by 9:30 a.m.

N.        Appeal Process

Students and/or their parents/guardians have the right to appeal decisions resulting from the application of the attendance policy and regulations.  The following steps must be taken to ensure due process for individual students and/or parents/guardians who seek redress:

  1. An attendance appeals board should be established in the high school by the Principal to hear appeals. The review board shall be appointed by the Principal and consist of the Principal, Assistant Principal, guidance counselor, and two of the student’s classroom teachers, and any other persons deemed appropriate.

  1. The attendance appeals board shall meet at the request of the Principal.

  1. A written petition for a hearing must be presented to the principal by the parent/guardian or student within five (5) days of notification of any decision resulting from the application of these regulations.

  1. The attendance appeals board may consider such factors as the nature of the absences, overall school performance, deportment record, etc. in determining whether or not to grant redress from the decision being appealed.

O.         Withdrawals from School

Hawthorne High School administrators and staff members make every effort to deter students from withdrawing from school.  However, when individual circumstances require such action, the appropriate procedure follows:

  1. A conference is arranged with the student (16 years of age or older), parent/guardian, counselor, and administrator; the conference is documented, and a written request, signed by a parent/guardian is presented.

  1. Written permission to withdraw is processed through the Guidance Office, and subsequently, each of the student’s teachers.

  1. Before the student is released, all chromebooks and textbooks must be turned in, and all debts must be paid in full.


CODE OF CONDUCT:  Board Policy 5600

Hawthorne High School students are expected to act in a socially appropriate manner - one which will reflect favorably upon the individual and the school.  Students are expected to show consideration for their fellow students, and to help create a harmonious school atmosphere.  In order to accomplish these goals, and maintain a positive school spirit, all students need to accept their individual responsibilities and obligations, and obey all school rules and regulations.

Student conduct at Hawthorne High School will encompass the rules as presented in this handbook.  It is to be assumed that students will demonstrate respect for their teachers and peers, and show good citizenship and consideration for the rights of others.  Only then will we be able to meet our school goals and objectives.


Lunch detentions will take place during the lunch period (11:00 AM-11:45 AM) in a previously determined location assigned by the administration. Students are expected to report to lunch detention on time with their lunch. Students who are late/absent for their assigned lunch detention automatically serve it on the next day the student is in school. Lunch detentions will be held each day school is in session. Jobs, extra-curricular obligations, and other appointments are not accepted as valid reasons for missing or changing detentions.


The following remedial measures may be taken to aid in correcting pupil conduct and to ensure that the pupil is properly placed in an appropriate educational environment and is not in need of special education and/or related services. This may include, but is not limited to:

Pupil behaviors are subject to pupil discipline provided below, as well as suspension or expulsion, pursuant to N.J.S.A 18A: 37-2 as per discretion of the school administration.


Removal from the school building is a last resort. Students serving Out-of-School Suspensions (OSS) cannot come into the school building or be on Board of Education property for the duration of the suspension. Students serving OSS will not be allowed to participate in or attend any co-curricular or school-related activity including, but not limited to: pep rallies, assemblies, class meetings, athletic events, practice, awards, dances, prom and graduation ceremonies, etc. during the day(s) of suspension.

Parents will be notified by telephone and letter when a student receives an out-of-school suspension. Re-entry conferences with parents/guardians will be required.


Types of Consequences


1st Offense - Conference with teacher, students may receive a failing mark on the assignment, parents/guardians will be notified, school counselor check-in.

2nd Offense - Student receives a zero on the assignment and a letter will be placed in the guidance file, parent conference is called, school counselor check-in.

3rd Offense - Student receives a failing grade for the marking period, a letter will be placed in the guidance file, parent conference is called, school counselor check-in

4th Offense - Student receives a failing grade for the school year,  a letter will be placed in the guidance file, parent conference is called, school counselor check-in


1st Offense - Parents are contacted,  cell phones will be kept in the office of the VP for the remainder of the school day..

2nd Offense - Parents are  contacted, cell phones will be kept in the office of the VP for 2 weeks.

3rd Offense - Parent and Student Conference In-Person.  Loss of cell phone for 4 weeks.

Additional offenses may result in loss of Cell Phone privileges for the remainder of the school year.



1st Offense - Parent is contacted,  1 day lunch detention

2nd Offense - 1 week lunch detention, parent conference is called for with school counselor, notification of possible loss of credit issued

3rd Offense - Loss of credit for the course,  parent conference is called for with school counselor, notification of loss of credit issued


1st Offense-  1 day loss of In-School Suspension, parent notification, school counselor check-in

2nd Offense - 1 week of In-School Suspension, parent conference, school counselor check-in

3rd Offense - 5-10 OSS, parent conference, school counselor check-in

DRUGS AND ALCOHOL – possession, intent to sell, sale, use of or under the influence. This includes tobacco products or e-cigarettes or vaping in school, on school grounds, school buses, or school sponsored trips

If an incident happens at the end of the year, the penalties carry over to the next school year, pending administrative judgment.

1st Offense - 2-10 days OSS

     2 hour window for drug testing begins

     from the moment the parent is contacted.


     Referral to SAC/School Counselor

     Periodic random drug tests, as needed.

     Administrative conference with the

     principal, student and parents.

     Police notification.

     Superintendent notification.

2nd Offense - 2-10 days OSS

     2 hour window for drug testing begins

     from the moment the parent is contacted.

     Continued support of SAC/School Counselor

     Referral to Teacher-Student Mentor

     Periodic random drug tests, as needed.

     Administrative conference with the

     principal, student and parents.

     Police notification.

     Superintendent notification.

3rd Offense - 2-10 days OSS

     2 hour window for drug testing begins

     from the moment the parent is contacted.

     Continued support of SAC/School Counselor/    

     Teacher-Student Mentor

     Referral to HOPE program

     Periodic random drug tests, as needed.

     Administrative conference with the

     principal, student and parents.

     Police notification.

     Superintendent notification.

     Possible BOE expulsion hearing.


1st Offense - 1-10 days OSS

     Parent Conference

     Police notification

     Required Psychiatric Clearance

     Re-admission conference with


2nd Offense - 1-10 days OSS

     Parent Conference

     Police notification

     Required Psychiatric Clearance

     Referral to HOPE Program

     Re-admission conference with


3rd Offense - 1-10 days OSS

     Parent Conference

     Police notification

     Required Psychiatric Clearance

     Referral to HOPE Program

     Re-admission conference with


FIGHTING - physical confrontation with another individual

1st Offense - 1-10 days OSS

     Parent contact


     Police notification

     Re-admission conference with


     Superintendent notification.

2nd Offense - 5-10 days OSS

     Parent conference


     Police notification

     Re-admission conference with


     Superintendent notification.

     Possible BOE expulsion hearing.

3rd Offense - 10 days OSS

     Parent conference


     Police notification

     Re-admission conference with


     Superintendent notification.

     Possible BOE expulsion hearing.


1st Offense - 1 lunch detention, parent contact

2nd Offense - 1 week lunch detention, parent contact

3rd Offense - OSS, parent conference


BULLYING - Harassment, intimidation or bullying is defined as any gesture or written, verbal or physical act that is reasonably perceived as being motivated either by any actual or perceived characteristic.

1st Offense - Depending on the nature and

     severity of the complaint, the principal or

     their designee may recommend any

     consequence listed in this code from

     detention to OSS. Will require meeting

     with HIB Specialist, notification of

     superintendent and may involve police

     notification. See HIB policy for more information.

2nd Offense - Depending on the nature and

     severity of the complaint, the principal or

     their designee may recommend any

     consequence listed in this code from

     detention to OSS. Will require meeting

     with HIB Specialist, notification of

     superintendent and may involve police

     notification. See HIB policy for more information.

3rd Offense - Depending on the nature and

     severity of the complaint, the principal or

     his/her designee may recommend any

     consequence listed in this code from

     detention to OSS. Will require meeting

     with HIB Specialist, notification of

     superintendent and may involve police

     notification. See HIB policy for more information.


1st Offense - 1-10 days OSS

     Police notification

     Re-admission conference with


     Superintendent notification.

     Possible BOE expulsion hearing.

2nd Offense - 5-10 days OSS

     Police notification

     Re-admission conference with


     Superintendent notification.

     Possible BOE expulsion hearing.

3rd Offense - 5-10 days OSS

     Police notification

     Re-admission conference with


     Superintendent notification.

      Possible BOE expulsion hearing.


1st Offense - Admin Conference/1 day lunch detention

2nd Offense - 1 week lunch detention, parent conference

3rd Offense - 1-10 OSS, parent conference

LATE TO CLASS - arriving late to class less than four (4 minutes) without permission

18 Lates = Loss of Credit for Full Year Course

If a student arrives to class after the bell without permission, but less than four (4) minutes after, he/she will be considered late. Teachers will communicate with the late student and will contact the parents. The teacher will assign a teacher detention. Failure to attend the teacher detention will result in further disciplinary action assigned by the administration.

LATE TO SCHOOL - arriving to time slot 1 class after 8:00

18 Lates = Loss of Credit for Full Year Course

If a student enters the building after 8:00 am, they are to sign in and receive a pass to class. It is understood situations may arise that cause a student to be late (i.e., car problems, not feeling well, etc.); therefore, each student is allowed three (3)  cumulative lates to school for each marking period. After the third (3rd) late to school, a student will be assigned a lunch detention for each day they are late to school for the remainder of the marking period.


1st Offense -  1-10 OSS


     Police notification

     Re-admission conference with


2nd Offense - 5-10 OSS


     Police notification

     Re-admission conference with


     Superintendent notification.

     Possible BOE expulsion hearing.

3rd Offense - 5-10 OSS


     Police notification

     Re-admission conference with


     Superintendent notification

      Possible BOE expulsion hearing


1st Offense - 1-10 OSS

     Cost of repair or replacement

     Police notification

     Parent notification

2nd Offense - 5-10 OSS

     Cost of repair or replacement

     Police notification

     Parent conference

     Superintendent notification

     Possible BOE expulsion hearing

3rd Offense - 5-10 OSS

     Cost of repair or replacement

     Police notification

     Parent conference

     Loss of privileges

     Superintendent notification

     Possible BOE expulsion hearing




1st Offense - Minimum 5-10 days OSS

     Police notification

     Parent notification

     Superintendent notification


     BOE hearing

     Re-admission conference with


2nd Offense - Minimum 10 days OSS

     Police notification

     Parent notification

     Superintendent notification

     BOE hearing

     Re-admission conference with


3rd Offense - Minimum 10 days OSS

     Police notification

     Parent notification


     Superintendent notification

     BOE hearing

     Re-admission conference with





VIRTUAL MISCONDUCT - inappropriate, dangerous, harmful, or otherwise negative action that occur online

Potential HIB Policy Violation/General Misconduct, Consequences may be applied.

DAMAGE/VANDALISM - damage incurred on the device

Scratching, stickers, painting, removal of components, modifications, external or internal damage, etc...

See discipline chart above


A.        School ID card

The original card is issued free of charge with the following procedures in place.


  1. A replacement ID will be issued for a $5.00 service charge.
  2. Students who deface ID cards in any manner (including, but not limited to, adding any writing, drawings, stickers, etc. OR cutting) will be fined $5.00, which is the cost of a new ID.

B.        Secret Societies/Fraternities/Sororities

Fraternal organizations are illegal in New Jersey public high schools, and are now formally classified by the police department as gangs.  At no time may any fraternity related clothing, symbols, etc., be worn or displayed at school and/or school related activities.  

Action of this sort shall result in IMMEDIATE suspension from school.  Initiation "rites" or any other fraternity related violence and/or vandalism shall be reported to the Hawthorne Police Department.  It is the teachers' duty to assist the high school administration in enforcing the foregoing Hawthorne Board of Education regulations.

It is not necessary to belong to a secret society, socially, academically or athletically, in order to meet with success in Hawthorne High School.  Generally, grades drop and behavior deteriorates when young men and women join secret societies.

New Jersey Revised Statutes Title 18A:42-5, 18A:46-6, declare that secret organizations, fraternities and sororities, have a negative impact on the school system, its principles and ideals.  Boards of Education are required to adopt regulations providing for the necessary disciplinary measures in order to enforce the law against their existence in public schools.

C.        Academic Integrity

Cheating is defined as an act of deception by which a student misrepresents his/her mastery of material on a test or other academic exercise.

  1. Statement of Honesty  

Hawthorne High School is committed to the promotion of intellectual and moral development.  The fulfillment of these goals depends largely on the personal honesty of each student and on the bond of mutual trust that exists between faculty and students.  All course requirements are expected to be fulfilled by work that is the exclusive product of one's own effort, without unauthorized help from any other source.  The assumption of academic honesty is an essential element in the educational process.

  1. Cheating Incidents


        a.        Copying from another student's work.

b.        Using unauthorized materials such as a textbook, notebook, calculator, Artificial Intelligence (AI)  etc. during a test.

c.        Using specifically prepared materials such as notes written on unauthorized notes, formula lists, etc. during a test.

d.        Collaborating with another person during a test by giving or receiving information without authority.

D.        Plagiarism Policy

Taking the work of another person and claiming it as one’s own is plagiarism.  This includes copying or rewriting material from a book, a website or any other information, without properly crediting the source.  It also includes copying homework assignments from another student.



Effective during the 2023-2024 school year, cell phones (including airpods, smart watches, etc.) are NOT permitted to be used during instructional time. Students will be required to put their cellphones in a designated caddy location as they enter the classroom. Teachers have been instructed to enforce this policy. No longer will teachers have the ability to create their own cell phone use policy. This is a new school wide initiative based on research and data collected last school year by the administration. (Please note, students who have a medical condition, such as monitoring blood glucose levels on their cell phones, will be permitted to maintain their cell phones during the entire school day with approval from the Nurse’s Office). Students who consistently show they are unable to refrain from using their cell phone during instructional time, will be required to surrender their cell phones for the entire school day. Continued insubordination will result in a loss of cell phone privileges for an extended period of time determined by the administration. We ask that parents/guardians explain the importance of uninterrupted instructional time to increase academic performance, and decrease distractions, cyberbullying, and social media use during class. We often hear from students, “it’s my parents or family” texting me. Whether this be true or not, we ask that unless it’s an absolute emergency, please do not text your child during instructional time. Students will have access to their cell phones during passing periods AND lunch from 11:00 AM to 11:46 AM.

Taking photographs or videos of staff or students without the permission of the administration is prohibited and will be subject to disciplinary action. Violations of this policy may result in the confiscation and/or search of the cell phone/electronic device by the administration.

Online Food/Drink Ordering and Delivery Platform

The use of online food/drink ordering and delivery platforms such as UBER Eats and Door Dash is strictly prohibited.


The Board of Education recognizes each pupil’s mode of dress and grooming is a manifestation of the pupil’s personal style and individual preferences.  The Board will impose its judgment on pupils and parent(s) or legal guardian(s) only when a pupil’s dress and grooming affect the educational program of the schools.


Pupils may not wear clothing or engage in grooming practices that present a health or safety hazard to the individual pupil or to others; materially interfere with school work, create disorder, or disrupt the educational program; cause excessive wear or damage to school property; or prevent the pupil from achieving his/her own educational objectives because of blocked vision or restricted movement.


The Board of Education prohibits pupils from wearing, while on school property, any type of clothing, apparel or accessory which indicates that the pupil has membership in, or affiliation with, any gang associated with criminal activities. The Building Administration shall determine whether the dress or grooming of pupils comes within these prohibitions.



A.        Grading System

The academic achievement of students shall be measured in attainment of well-defined instructional goals. The issuance of grades on a regular basis is vital to an ongoing evaluation of student performance. This system serves to inform the student, his/her parents, and his/her counselor of academic progress and to provide a basis for bringing about change in his/her performance if necessary. Teachers will distribute course proficiencies and inform their students and parents of the various components upon which grades are based. All grading will reflect the following scale:

Letter Grade

Numerical Equivalent





















The final average (in numerical form) will be calculated by the average of the marking period grades ((Q1+Q2+Q3+Q4)/4 = Final Grade (Y1)). The year end (Y1) mark will reflect the numerical grade earned in the course on student transcripts.

A minimum grade of 50 is used at the conclusion of a marking period (except in the 4th Quarter, on the End of Marking Period 2 Assessment, and End of Marking Period 4 Assessment) as the value of an F or of an N/C (no credit) in the calculation of a final average. This procedure prevents distortion of the average but is used only if a student has attended classes and if all tests and projects were completed. In the 4th quarter and at the end of marking period exams, the actual numeric grade of 0-64 is used as the value of an F or a N/C (no credit) in calculation of final average. The signature of the Department Supervisor is required to use a value lower than 50 during the 4th marking period.

Full-Year Course End of Marking Period 4 Exemptions

Any student in a full-year course may be exempt from the End of Marking Period 4 Assessment if his/her Y1 average is 93% (AND a MP4 grade of 93 % or better) or better on the last day of instruction for the school year and less than 18 unexcused absences/tardies prior to the exam. The student, however, does have the option of taking the exam if the student elects to do so. If the student chooses to be exempt, an EXC is recorded in the grade book. Note: All students are required to take the End of Marking Period 2 Assessment for each enrolled course.

Advanced Placement End of Marking Period 4 Exemptions

A student enrolled in an AP course who has taken the College Board assessment and has a Y1 average of 85% (AND a MP4 grade of 85% or better) or better on the last day of instruction prior to the End of Marking Period 4 Assessment sequence may be excused from the exam for the respective course. The student, however, does have the option of taking the End of Marking Period 4 Assessment if the student elects to do so. If the student chooses to be excused, an EXC is recorded in the grade book.

Eligibility for Summer School

Students who fail a course may retake it for credit at an approved summer school program. Similarly, students who pass a course but who lose credit due to an excessive number of absences may retake the course if they remain in class for the remainder of its length. However, students may not retake a course for credit at summer school in the following situations:

1. If the failing grade for Y1 is below 50;

2. If the loss of credit is due to an excessive number of cuts.


All courses taken at Hawthorne High School that carry a regular letter grade will be included in GPA calculations except as noted below:

The following courses will not be included in GPA:

1. Courses taken on a Pass/Fail basis;

2. Courses taken at other schools that are not continued at HHS;

3. Summer school courses.


If a student transfers into Hawthorne High School during a school year, grades from the previous school will be included in quarter/semester/final grade calculations if the student enters the same course at HHS. When incorporating letter grades into continuing courses, the numerical mid-range equivalent of the letter grades is used in calculating subject grades. If the course cannot be continued/is not offered, and can be finalized for credit, it will be posted as a final numerical grade from the previous institution. Numerical grades from other schools will be translated to the HHS system as per the scale below:

Letter Grade

Numerical Equivalent





















B. Make-Up Work/Incomplete Grades

If a student is unable to complete all of the assigned course work during a marking period due to illness or some other legitimate reason, a notation of Incomplete (I) in lieu of a report card grade will be given. Students will be provided up to 10 school days to turn in work when an Incomplete has been awarded.  Failure to submit the required work within the allocated days will result in the grade of “zero” being designated for the assignment(s) and factored into the final marking period grade.  Students should confer with their teachers to arrange for make-up opportunities.

Students must complete all work for the fourth marking period, during a period of time as ascertained by the teacher, guidance counselor and the administration.


Home Instruction is provided for students who will be absent from school for an extended

period of time. The purpose of Home Instruction is to help the students stay current in their

core academic subject areas. Home Instruction is not intended to replace regular classroom


Individual instruction shall be provided to pupils confined to homes or hospital by a physician,

because of illness or injury, for at least 10 school days or 15 cumulative school days as required in N.J.A.C. 6A:16-10.1(c).


  1. Parents are requested to notify the Guidance Office or Child Study Team of an anticipated absence of greater than 10 school days, due to illness or injury.

  1. Parents will request written notification from the physician to be submitted to the Director of Guidance or Director of Special Services. The physician’s note must include a diagnosis, verification that such confinement is expected to be for a period of at least 10 school days, and request home instruction. Physicians' notes must be updated every 30 days for Home Instruction to continue.

  1. The physician’s note will be forwarded to the HHS school physician for approval.

  1. If approved by our school physician, a request will be forwarded to the superintendent for approval.

  1. Once approved, the Director of Guidance, school counselor, or case manager will arrange for home instructors. Instructional services shall begin no later than five (5) school days after approval by the school physician, pending availability of home instructors.

  1. The instruction shall not exceed ten hours per week (2 hours per core subject) except when recommended by the Child Study Team. A parent/guardian must be present in the home for Home Instruction to occur.

  1. Teachers providing individual instruction shall hold a certificate in the subject(s) being taught, and should respond to the vacancy notice.

  1. Students remaining on extended home instruction for non-communicable reasons will be required to schedule an appointment with their school counselor on a bi-monthly basis.
  2. The Guidance Department or Special Education Department must be notified when Home Instruction is terminated.

Note: When the provision for home instruction for a student without disability will exceed sixty calendar days, the school physician shall refer the student to the Child Study Team for evaluation, pursuant to N.J.A.C. 6A:14.


Students and parents are urged to review progress directly with subject area teachers for those courses in which progress is needed. Progress also indicates commendable progress and/or outstanding work. Progress reports are available in real-time, accessible through the RealTime Parent Portal. Printed copies will not be mailed home. If you do not have computer access, please contact the Guidance Department at 973-423-6415 ext. 2403 to request printed copies.


Report Cards are posted on the parent portal at the end of each marking period to show student progress in each subject.  For the 2023-2024 school year, report cards will be posted on November 17th, February 2nd, April 19th and June 24th. Students and parents are encouraged to contact their teachers and/or the Guidance Department at 9673-423-6415 ext. 2403, with questions and/or concerns, at any time throughout the school year.  


Recognition of academic excellence is given to qualified students at the conclusion of each marking period by being named to one of the following honor rolls:

  1. High Honor Roll

At the end of each marking period, there is a High Honor Roll for those students who attain a grade of 90 or above in all subjects.

  1. Honor Roll

At the end of each marking period, there is an Honor Roll for those students who attain a grade of 80 or above in all subjects.


A.        Individualized Curriculum

Student programs are individualized according to the needs, interests, abilities and goals of the student.  Students are programmed on the basis of an individualized Career Pathway curriculum, designed to educate young people in relation to their own distinct goals, aptitudes, abilities and interests.

B.        Graduation Requirements

Graduation from Hawthorne High School is contingent upon the following criteria:

The successful mastery of course proficiencies which total no less than 120 Credits.

  1. Included in the credits necessary to meet graduation requirements are the following core subjects and/or curricular areas:

Content Area

Credits and additional requirements

English Language Arts

20 credits


15 credits including:

  • Algebra I
  • Geometry
  • Third year of math that builds on the concepts and skills of algebra and geometry and prepares students for college and 21st century careers


15 credits with at least 5 credits in each:

  • Students must complete 15 credits of a lab science courses
  • Students must enroll in a Biology, Chemistry and Physics
  • Some exclusions may apply

Social Studies

15 credits including:

  • 5 credits in world history
  • Integration of civics, economics, geography and global content in all course offerings
  • 5 credits in US History I
  • 5 credits in US History II

N.J.S.A. 18A:35-1 and 18A:35-2 

Financial, Economic Business, and Entrepreneurial Business Literacy

2.5 credits

Health, Safety, and Physical Education

Must be enrolled each year of school:

  • Minimum 5 credits in health, safety, and physical education during each year of enrollment, distributed as 150 minutes per week each year
  • N.J.S.A. 18A:35-5, 18A:35-7 and 18A:35-8

Visual and Performing Arts

5 credits

World Languages

5 credits


Integrated throughout all courses

21st Century Life and Careers

5 credits

Full year courses carry five credits.  Semester courses carry 2.5 credits.  Students who do not pass academic courses are expected to make-up the work, either through attendance at a fully certified summer school, or by repeating the course the following year, or through an online credit recovery program that the school uses.

2.        TEST REQUIREMENTS – Statewide Assessment Graduation Requirements

On Tuesday, July 5, 2022, Governor Murphy signed P.L.2022, c.60 (ACS for A-3196/S-2349), which requires the State Board of Education to administer the New Jersey Graduation Proficiency Assessment (NJGPA) as a field test for the class of 2023. There is no graduation assessment requirement for any student who is expected to graduate with the class of 2023. Students in the class of 2023 must still meet all the other State and local graduation requirements, including but not limited to credit, curriculum, and attendance requirements. The graduation assessment requirements for the classes of 2024 and 2025 remain in place.

The requirements in this section were adopted by the New Jersey State Board of Education on September 8, 2021 for the classes of 2023–2025.

English Language Arts and Literacy (ELA)

If, after completing the New Jersey Graduation Proficiency Assessment in grade 11, students did not demonstrate proficiency by passing the ELA component, such students may access the following pathways:


If, after completing the required New Jersey Graduation Proficiency Assessment in grade 11, students did not demonstrate proficiency by passing the mathematics component, such students may access the following pathways:

Note: Under the Individuals with Disability Education Act (IDEA), all students with disabilities must be included in all general state and district-wide assessments. IEPs of students with disabilities will address whether the student must meet the passing score on the state assessments or demonstrate proficiency through an alternate pathway. Students with disabilities whose IEPs specify an alternative way to demonstrate proficiencies, will continue to follow the graduation assessment requirements set forth in their IEPs.

3.  Students must comply with all attendance requirements.

C.        Special Education Students

The New Jersey State and local High School Graduation Requirements apply to special education students, with the exception of those requirements, which are specifically exempted within Individualized Education Programs (I.E.P.). Successful fulfillment of the I.E.P. requirements qualify educationally handicapped students for a State endorsed high school diploma.

The district assures that physical restraint and seclusion techniques on students with disabilities are only used in an emergency in which the student is exhibiting behavior that places the student or others in immediate physical danger in accordance with the provisions of N.J.SA. 18A:46-13.4 et seq.

D.        Schedule Change Procedures

The reasons and procedures, noted below, to affect a change in a student schedule from the original program created during the scheduling process are designed to regulate the process of making a program change in an orderly, efficient, and timely manner.  School Counselors will be available on Monday, August 29, 2022 and Tuesday, August 30, 2022 to address any change in schedule requests prior to the start of the school year. All other schedule/level changes must be submitted to the School Counseling Office by Thursday, September 22, 2022.

Procedures and reasons for submitting a schedule change request:

a.        Students may seek a change under the following conditions:

b.        Exceptions to the prescribed procedure and reasons for a change in schedule may be implemented at the discretion of the high school administration.

E.        Course Recommendations and Override Process

Each year, students receive recommendations for the courses that they should take the following school year. Student placement is based upon the recommendation of their current teachers and their current level of academic performance. Students currently enrolled in 9th, 10th or 11th grade may be eligible to apply for an academic appeal into an Honors or Advanced Placement course provided they meet the criteria established by the respective departments. In any appeal process, a meeting with the student’s parent, school counselor, content supervisor, building principal is required.


  1. PSAT/NMSQT (Administered to all Grade 9, 10, and 11 Students) – October 2023

In order to qualify for the National Merit Scholarship, all college bound juniors must take the PSAT.  This test is given only one time per year. All HHS freshman, sophomore and juniors take the PSAT in October 2023.

  1. SAT Reasoning Test

Juniors are urged to take the SAT Reasoning Test during the spring of their junior year.

  1. SAT/Subject Tests

Many of the most competitive colleges require students to take subject tests.  Frequently, colleges recommend English composition, Mathematics (level I or II), and a third test, depending on the course of studies.  However, the student should refer to the college catalog for specific admission requirements.

2023/2024 SAT Test Dates                         

Test Date

August 18, 2023

October 7, 2023

November 4, 2023

December 2, 2023

March 9, 2024

May 4, 2024

June 1, 2024

  1. AP Tests

AP examinations are administered annually in May as per the schedule released by The College Board.  AP exams provide AP students the opportunity to earn college credit.  

2023-2024 AP Test Dates



Morning 8am

Afternoon 12pm

Monday, May 6

United States Government and Politics


Tuesday, May 7

Human Geography


Wednesday, May 8

English Literature and Composition

 Computer Science A

Thursday, May 9

Environmental Science


Friday, May 10

United States History

Monday, May 13

Calculus AB

Italian Language and Culture


Tuesday, May 14

English Language and Composition


Wednesday, May 15

Music Theory

Thursday, May 16

Spanish Language and Culture  


Friday, May 17

Physics 1: Algebra-Based



The National Honor Society is a nation-wide service and scholarship organization of students. Selection and induction into the Hawthorne High School National Honor Society is to be considered an honor and privilege - it is not a right because one has achieved a certain academic average.  The additional triumvirate of criteria - leadership, character and service are of equal importance in the selection process.  The final decision shall rest with the Faculty Advisory Committee.

A.        Selection Criteria


  1. A cumulative academic average of 93.0 by the end of the second marking period in the junior year, based on a MINIMUM OF FOUR academic courses.  However, scholarship is only one of the criteria for membership.

  1. Students shall also be required to submit evidence of CONTINUING participation in AT LEAST TWO service activities in either the school or community environment.  Students shall also be evaluated by the entire faculty on a 1-5 scale regarding the leadership and character requirements for membership. A minimum average of 3.2 in the leadership category, and a 3.5 in character are mandated for selection.

B.        Tutoring Program

NHS members are available to tutor Hawthorne High School students.  Teachers or guidance counselors may recommend students for the tutoring program.  HHS students who wish to be tutored must speak to their teachers first about the tutoring program. NHS Tutoring Program applications are available from your guidance counselor.



A.        Selection Criteria


  1. A cumulative academic average of 90.0 in all high school Spanish courses and and an 85.0 cumulative average in all other subjects through the first semester of junior year.
  2. Students must have completed Spanish III Honors or the equivalent to be eligible and show an ongoing interest in the Hispanic language and culture.

B.        Tutoring Program

Spanish Honor Society members are available to tutor Hawthorne High School students in all levels of Spanish. Students may be recommended by Spanish teachers or guidance counselors.


A.        Selection Criteria


  1. A cumulative academic average of 90.0 in all high school Italian courses and an 85.0 cumulative average in all other subjects through the first semester of junior year.  

  1. Students must be enrolled in Italian III Honors to be eligible and show an ongoing interest in the Italian language and culture.


B.        Tutoring Program

Italian Honor Society members are available to tutor Hawthorne High School students in all levels of Italian.  Students may be recommended by Italian teachers or guidance counselors.


All field trips must be approved by the Principal, Superintendent of Schools and the Hawthorne Board of Education two months in advance to enable the Board of Education to review and approve at two consecutive BOE meetings. The school administration will assign faculty chaperones who will provide appropriate supervision. Each student must present a permission slip properly signed by his/her parent or guardian.


The NJ Department of Education and the Hawthorne BOE require every student to take Health and Physical Education for each year of enrollment. Health Education is an integral part of the Physical Education Program. Every student is required to take one marking period each year. The program includes the study of the growth and development of the Human Body-Freshmen, Driver's Education classroom instruction-Sophomores, First Aid Education-Juniors, and Family Life Education-Seniors.



The function of the Guidance Department is to provide services to students, parents, teachers, and administrators.  Services to students are given through individual conferences, small and large group meetings, and parent conferences.  Services include academic and career planning, personal and social counseling, and planning for college and other post high school experiences.

The Guidance staff aims to assist each student in becoming a self-sufficient individual who can deal confidently and successfully with all of the experiences and responsibilities of the adult world.  

A current list of community-based health and social service provider agencies available to support a student and the student’s family, as appropriate, and list of legal resources available to serve the community can be found here.

A.        Guidance Department/Student Support Personnel:

School Counselors:                                  Mr. John Codomo

                                                Mr. Michael Galluccio

                                                Ms. Allison Banca-Ross

LDTC:                                                Ms. Shakira Adkins

        School Psychologist:                                Ms. Emma Kolenovic

School Psychologist:                                Dr. Elaine Jorgensen  

        School Social Worker:                        Ms. Debbie Kinney-Chen

B.        Procedure For Meeting With Guidance Staff:

In an emergency or crisis situation, counselors are always available.  For a routine conference with a counselor, students should stop in the Guidance Office, and request an appointment. The School Counselor will then contact the student as soon as possible with a conference time and date.  Parents may call for a conference between 8:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. at 973-423-6415 ext. 2403.  

C.        Course Verification/Schedule Adjustments:

During the “Course Verification Process/Scheduling Period”, adjustments are permitted to a student’s schedule.  At the completion of this process, the master schedule is built, and no further student schedule changes are permitted with the exception of conditions as stipulated by the BOE (See Schedule Change Procedures – page 49).


It is important for all students and their families to attend Financial Aid Night, which is announced in September and held at Hawthorne High School.  In addition, the following information is always available to students and their families through the Guidance Department:


Each year, community groups and Hawthorne High School organizations offer scholarship awards to Hawthorne resident graduating Seniors.  These awards often total over $100,000.  Applications will be distributed the first week in December to all senior students, are available in the guidance office, and must be returned by 3:00 pm on the deadline specified on the deadline specified on the scholarship applications.


A Peer Leader is someone who cares about others.  Therefore, the Peer Leaders Program at Hawthorne High School is made up of students who have been trained to be sensitive listeners and to use the communication skills they learn to encourage self-exploration and decision-making. This approach to helping others puts a premium on understanding and acceptance.  It involves helping others to explore their world and it is this self-exploration which is critical to the helping process.  It is through self-discovery that a Peer Listener can be most helpful.

        Peer Listener Advisors:         Ms. Kelly Clifford and Mr. Matthew Corvo


The School Nurse is available to students and parents throughout the school day.  Responsible for all student health records, she is an important part of the student attendance program.  The Health Department at HHS offers the following services:

Students needing to be dismissed from school because of illness must first secure a medical pass from the nurse. The pass is reviewed by the Vice Principal's office, before the student is taken home by parent or guardian.


Any student found to be under the influence of a substance while on school property or at a school function shall be placed on an immediate medical leave of absence pending a possible hearing before the Superintendent of Schools, which shall be held within five (5) school days. The student shall remain out of school until medical clearance is provided to the school. The use of tobacco, drugs or alcohol by a student athlete shall result in immediate expulsion from the team for the remainder of the season.

When a student is suspected of selling, possessing or buying substances in school or on school property, there shall be:

  1. Immediate notification of the parents. (2 hour window for testing student begins once contact has been made)
  2. Immediate notification of the local police.
  3. Immediate notification of the Superintendent of Schools.
  4. Out Of School Suspension, pending a hearing before the Superintendent of Schools, which will be held within five (5) school days.
  5. The Superintendent of Schools will then arrange for a mandatory hearing before the Hawthorne Board of Education.
  6. Following the suspension, a conference will be scheduled with the student and parent(s) or guardian(s).

Whenever a student voluntarily seeks help for chemical dependency through a staff member, the staff member shall reinforce the student's actions by expressing approval of a decision to seek help and indicate concern for the student.

If any student is reasonably suspected of using any controlled dangerous substance on the way to or from school, or during a school sponsored activity, the chaperones shall immediately return to the school building and the appropriate disciplinary action shall be taken as per district guidelines.

The Hawthorne Board of Education recognizes the importance of communication and collaboration among those involved with student substance use and abuse. To utilize these resources, the Hawthorne Board of Education, through appropriate staff members, shall maintain communication and work cooperatively in addressing both general and specific issues and incidences of substance use and abuse. These resources shall include parents, local police personnel, and sources of medical assistance and non-school agents who provided input in the development of this policy.


The Intervention and Referral Services (I&RS) is an interdisciplinary committee whose members identify, refer and provide support services for the at-risk student.  This group meets on a regularly scheduled basis in order to make recommendations regarding students who have been referred to them.  The goal is to facilitate early identification of students with any special needs.

I&RS members provide the school community with reliable intervention strategies and treatment referral processes for these students. Confidentiality and parent involvement are critical components of I&RS programs and procedures.  I&RS membership includes Hawthorne High School guidance counselors, child study team members, the school nurse, instructional staff, supervisors and administration.


A new law effective June 1, 2023 changed how minors obtain working papers and switched oversight and administration from the New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE) to the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development (NJDOL). The new process is online and streamlined, and can be accessed at All the information minors, caregivers and employers need regarding the process is located there.

Here’s how it works:

1. Minors and their employers each go to to start.

2. The employer is emailed a unique 8-digit code they share with every minor they hire.

3. The minor fills out their working papers application online, entering the employer’s unique 8-digit code. The minor adds their caregiver’s name and email address.

4. The employer is emailed when a minor applies for working papers using a unique 8-digit code assigned to their business. The employer clicks the link in the email to add job duties and hours and give their OK.

5. The caregiver is emailed that a working papers application has been started by a minor in their care. The caregiver clicks the link in the email to give their OK and provide the minor’s proof of age.

6. The minor and their employer each receive an email when the caregiver takes action on the working papers application.

7. The minor can begin working — unless they receive an email rejecting their application. (Notification of approval/rejection can be expected within 24 hours of the caregiver taking action


The Library Media Center is open from 7:15 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. on most days to serve the informational needs of students.  Students may use the Library Media Center at any time for reading, studying, doing research, utilizing the computer center, or viewing audio-visual materials.  During class periods, students must have a pass from the appropriate teacher.  During the common lunch, students must obtain a pass from the main entrance security station. Suggestions for the purchase of books, magazines, videos and other materials are encouraged.


The major goal of the Hawthorne High School Parent/Teacher Organization is to bring the home and school together in the interest of our students.  The aim is for parents and teachers to cooperate effectively in the education of our student body.  Meetings are held throughout the school year.  All parents and guardians are urged to become a part of this very important group.  Check the school calendar and assorted notices and newsletters for listings of meeting dates and upcoming activities.

2023/2024 Executive Board of the HHS PTO




The Hawthorne Board of Education recognizes the value of a program of co-curricular activities as an integral part of the total school experience to the students of the district and to the community. Through its programs, the Board of Education offers students the opportunity to test and enrich their abilities in a context greater and more varied than that which can be offered within the school district alone.  Students who participate in the co-curricular program have responsibility to their parents, school, advisors, coaches, peers and to themselves.  

If a student accepts the privilege of being a member of a Hawthorne High School activity or athletic team, he/she must adhere to certain rules and is subject to BOE Policies.  A student is eligible to participate in a Board approved student organization/athletic team providing a student has met the following conditions:

Lateness to School and Participation in Co-Curricular Activities, Structured Learning Experience (SLE):

Students must be present in school by 9:30 a.m., if they are to participate in any activities on that day.  SLE students must be present in school by 9:30 a.m. in order to attend their work program.  Athletes must be present on Friday by 9:30 a.m., if they are to participate in weekend activities.  Students who sign out prior to the end of the regular school day may not attend or participate in any after school activities.  Exceptions can be made only with the prior approval of the Hawthorne High School Administration.


  1. Assemblies: Assemblies are held from time to time as announced. These are entertaining, educational, and appeal to a variety of interests.

  1. Athletic Awards: All athletic awards are presented to athletes at Awards Assemblies held in the evening throughout the school year.  The Senior Athletic Awards Brunch is held in June.

  1. Bands/Chorus/Concerts:  Under the direction of the Band Director, Ms. Elizabeth Graber, and Band Advisors, the Hawthorne High School Marching Band is an extremely active and visible group.  The Marching Band members help to motivate the athletes by playing at all football games and pep rallies.  

The Band and Squads take a biannual trip to perform at one of the many music festivals held throughout the country.  In recent years they have traveled to Toronto, Nashville, Virginia Beach, Orlando, Williamsburg, Myrtle Beach, Chicago, Cleveland and Atlanta.

Concerts are presented during the winter and spring seasons.  They are given by the Hawthorne High School Music Department, and include soloists, members of the chorus, jazz and concert bands.  Held in the evening, these productions are free of charge for the whole community, and feature classical, popular and show music.  The music department often participates in other varied community events.

D.        Colorguard: The Color Guard also performs at every football game, during the half-time program.  Their routines add to the school spirit displayed at the game.  They lead us in victory parades, and represent our school in performances conducted at various locations. Any student may try out for any squad.  Tryouts are ongoing, and are usually held in the spring.

E.        Clubs: A wide variety of Clubs are available to the students at Hawthorne High School.  Students are not required to become a member of any club, but are expected to participate for at least one full year after joining.  Clubs are held before and/or after school, at the convenience of the Faculty Advisor and the membership of the club.  Dependent entirely upon student interest and response, clubs are added, revised and deleted each year.  

Students interested in forming any additional clubs are encouraged to see Ms. Danielle Russo, Coordinator of Student Activities, in order to review start-up procedures, and approved by her for further review.  All new clubs must be approved by the Director of Student Activities and the Hawthorne High School Principal.  All clubs are required to have a Faculty Advisor who is a regular staff member of the Hawthorne Public Schools.  Students are permitted to join more than one club, if their individual schedules allow.

Student Activities Director - Mr. Art Mazzacca

Student Activities Coordinator - Ms. Danielle Russo

Clarion Literary Magazine                 Mr. Sean Van Winkle

Drama Club                                Mrs. Alyssa Schlossberg

Robotics Club                                Mrs. Lisa Zaranski

Italian Club                                 TBd

Spanish Club                                 Mr. Osvaldo Duran

Chess Club                                 TBD

Digital Media Club                         TBD

TEEEM                                 TBD

GSA                                         Mr. Jesus Barbosa

Model UN                                 TBD

Student Council                         Ms. Danielle Russo and Ms. Bailey Hansen

Art Club                                 Ms. Danielle Russo

E-Sports                                 Mr. Darin Miller

Ecology                                 Mr. Darin Miller

Play Director Fall/Spring                 Ms. Marchelle Roniet

F.        Student Council:  The Student Council meets each week on a rotating period schedule.  Announcements will be made the day before the meeting reminding all involved of the specific time and location of the upcoming meeting.  Student Council representatives are elected within individual homerooms.  Representatives report back to their homerooms.  The presidents of each class serve as representatives to the Student Council.  The Student Council also selects a representative to observe regular Board of Education meetings who serves as a liaison representing all Hawthorne High School students.

G.        2023-2024 Class Advisors

Senior Class:                        Mr. Colin Harty

                                                Mr. Ryan McMann

Junior Class:                        Ms. Rachel Ambrogio

                                Ms. Bailey Hansen

Sophomore Class:                Ms. Erin Flanagan


Freshman Class:                TBD



Mr. Art Mazzacca, Athletic Director, heads the Athletic Program at Hawthorne High School.  The program consists of Varsity, Junior Varsity and some Freshman sports during each season.

Varsity letters, Junior Varsity and Freshman certificates are presented to each athlete who meets the requirements of the specific sport which can be found on the Athletic Website under Varsity Letter Requirements or by clicking here.

Students are subject to New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association (NJSIAA) eligibility and Board of Education policies for participation.

A.        Goals and Objectives

The goals and objectives of the athletic program are to:

  1. Develop sportsmanship* by learning to play fairly and by the rules of the game.

  1. Train athletes to accept winning and losing graciously.

  1. Develop self-discipline and confidence.

  1. Develop a sense of responsibility.

  1. Develop leadership and fellowship.

  1. Develop physical fitness in order to meet the demands of the sport.

  1. Develop the athlete's skills in a particular sport to his or her maximum potential.

*Sportsmanship applies to both the athlete and the spectator.  Student spectators represent their school, just as the athletes do.  The conduct of student spectators and athletes at athletic contests is as important to the climate of sportsmanship as is the quality of athletic play.

B.        New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association (NJSIAA) - The Responsibilities of Sportsmanship

1.        The Player

a.        Treats opponents with respect.

b.        Plays hard, but plays within the rules.

c.        Exercises self-control at all times, setting the examples for others to follow.

d.        Respects officials and accepts their decisions without gesture or argument.

e.        Wins without boasting, loses without excuses and never quits.

f.        Always remembers that it is a privilege to represent the school and community.

2.        The Spectator

a.        Attempts to understand and be informed of the playing rules.

b.        Appreciates a good play no matter who makes it.

c.        Cooperates with and responds enthusiastically to cheerleaders.

d.        Shows compassion for an injured player, applauds positive performances, does not heckle, jeer or distract players, and avoids the use of profane or obnoxious language and behavior.

e.        Respects the judgment and strategy of the coach, and does not criticize players or coaches for the loss of a game.

f.        Respects the property of others and the authority of those who administer the competition.                

g.        Censures those whose behavior is unbecoming to the school and community.

C.        Academic Eligibility Standards for Participation in Athletics and Co-Curricular Activities

The purpose of academic eligibility standards, for the privilege of participation in athletic and co-curricular activities, is to regulate student participation in athletic and co-curricular activities.  Policy 2431 ensures an appropriate balance between student academic achievement and participation in athletics and co-curricular activities.  The policy reinforces the importance of academic achievement, the value of participation in athletic and co-curricular activities and the importance of a positive relationship and proper perspective between these two areas of the student’s educational program.  The objective of this policy is to provide the encouragement and necessary guidelines to assist each student in the attainment of his/her academic potential.

This requirement will not apply to incoming students from grade eight for fall and winter sports only.


D.        Physical Examination

Parental permission and a physical examination, performed by a licensed physician, are required for participation in all school sports, preferably a Primary Care Physician.

Parents and athletes must complete a medical/consent form.  Upon completion of the physical examination, the physical must be turned in to the Main Office so that they can be approved by the School Doctor. Every physical must be approved by the School Doctor in order for the student to participate on a team/activity. The coach will be notified if the athlete is permitted to participate on the team.


E.        Athletic Injury

  1. All injuries must be reported to the coach and trainer within twenty-four hours of the injury, or the next school day.

  1. Athletic insurance coverage is no longer available by the district. Parents/Guardians are encouraged to purchase secondary insurance coverage by visiting the district website for further details.

F.        Athletic Department Personnel

 Athletic Director:                                Mr. Art Mazzacca

Athletic Trainer:                                Ms. Bailey Wyrostek

  Baseball:                Head  Coach                Mr. John Passero

                                Asst. Coach                Mr. Chris Deitrich

                                Asst. Coach                Mr. JP Ralston

        Basketball:                Head  Coach                Mr. Ryan McMann

(Boys)                        Asst. Coach                Mr. Chris Ward

                                Asst. Coach                Mr. JP Ralston

Basketball:                Head  Coach                Mr. Todd Kenny

(Girls)                        Asst. Coach                Mr. Ed Iannacone


Bowling:                Head  Coach                Mr. John La Forge

Cheerleading:                Head  Advisor                Ms. Katie Russo

                                Asst. Coach                Ms. Jennifer Trentacosta

Football:                Head  Coach                Mr. John Passero

                        Asst. Coach                Mr. Mike Deitrich

                        Asst. Coach                Mr. Angelo Guarneri

                        Asst. Coach                Mr. Kevin Mantel

                                Asst. Coach                Mr. Chris Warner

                                Asst. Coach                Mr. Chris Deitrich

                                Asst. Coach                Mr. Dan Dykstra

                                Asst. Coach                Mr. Ryan Hollis


Golf:                        Head  Coach                TBA

Lacrosse:                Head  Coach                Mr. Greg Carr

                                Asst. Coach                Mr. Kevin Mantel

Soccer:                        Head  Coach                Mr. Ryan McMann

(Boys)                        Asst. Coach                Mr. Matt Spagnuolo

Soccer:                        Head  Coach                Ms. Jenny Charles

(Girls)                        Asst. Coach                Ms. Bailey Hanson

                        Asst. Coach                TBD

Softball:                Head  Coach                Mr. Ed Iannacone

                        Asst. Coach                Ms. Bailey Hansen

                        Asst. Coach                Mr. Matt Spagnuolo

Tennis:                        Head  Coach                Ms. Danielle Just

Track-Indoor:                Head  Coach                Mr. Gustav Schell

                        Asst. Coach                Mr. Angelo Guarnieri

Track:                        Head  Coach                Mr. Angelo Guarnieri

(Boys)                        Asst. Coach                Mr. John La Forge

Track:                        Head  Coach                Mr. Gustav Schell

(Girls)                        Asst. Coach                Ms. Jenny Charles

Volleyball:                Head  Coach                Ms. Greg Carr

                                Asst. Coach                Ms. Rachel Ambrogio

                                Asst. Coach                Ms. Hannah Frascella

Wrestling:                Head  Coach                Mr. Joseph Mazzacca

                                Asst. Coach                Mr. Matt Ambrose

                                Asst. Coach                Mr. Bob Pasquale