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B: Finding and Sequencing High Quality Lessons (Web Version)
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Working Group B: Finding and Sequencing High Quality Lessons

Virtual Institute, February 8-12, 2021

Virtual Presentation for SGSO Network, March 17, 2021

Application Submission Form for Working Group B

Applications due November 6, 2020

Preview application questions on one document, do not use this document to submit your application, use the form link above.


This Working Group will update existing resources, create new resources, and prepare and deliver a virtual presentation for the SGSO Network on how school gardens and School Garden Support Organizations find or create, modify, and sequence high quality lessons.

Working Group Deliverables: Resources and a Presentation

In order to expand upon existing resources from the SGSO Network on this Key Activity, this Working Group might create or enhance a few of the following resources:

A How-To Guide for developing a Scope and Sequence for a school garden program, potentially including:

Working groups members will identify the best tools for sharing their work and present their outcomes via a virtual presentation on 3/17/2021.

Resources Previously Shared Via the SGSO Network:

The following resources, in addition to others to be identified by the working group, may serve as a jumping off point to create the Working Group deliverables mentioned above.

Key Dates & Sample Agenda

November 6, 2020 - Applications Due

January 27, 2021, 11am - Noon PST - Whole Group Launch (all 4 working groups)

February 8-12, 2021 - Working Group Week (Detailed Schedule below)

April 23, 2021, 11am - Noon PST - Whole Group Reflection & Celebration (all 4 working groups)

Working Group Key Activity Virtual Presentations - March 17, 2021



Working Group Week Schedule

Pre-Working Group Tasks  On your own, review existing materials related to your Key Activity Working Group, review your working group agenda

Monday - Get to know one another, Share experiences and expertise in Key Activity, Reflect on existing materials on Key Activity, Discuss potential deliverables, Decide on most useful resources to update or create

Tuesday - Work together to update existing resources and create new resources on Key Activity, Learn from guest presenters when relevant

Wednesday - Day off

Thursday - Continue working together to update existing resources and create new resources on Key Activity

Friday - Finalize updates to existing resources and new resources on Key Activity; Plan presentation for the SGSO Network

* Each day will include synchronous and asynchronous activities, as well as breaks.