Extension 1: Bald Eagle                                                Name_________________ Per____

Open the link “Extensions: Science Interactives” on BandwidthOregon.com

Click on the Bald Eagle

Click on the picture of the eagle.

Click on the Data Table “Timing Varies by Region.”.

  1. In which regions do migrations occur at the end of the year?

  1. Explain how each of the other regions is different.

  1. What do you think is the reason for the differences?

Study the map “Breeding Regions.”

  1. To what areas of the US is the eagle
  1.  A winter visitor?

  1. On migration only?

  1. Breeding summer visitor?

  1. Breeding resident?

5. Find a climate map of North America. Compare it to the “Breeding Regions” map. How do the climates of North America relate to the Breeding Regions of North America?

6. Read the selection “Migrating in the Fall.” Write one important fact about eagle migration and breeding.

7. Click on “More Fall Facts.” Make a bulleted “jot dot” list of each of the facts. Use as few words as possible to get across the main idea.

8. Go back to the main page. Click on the map next to the picture. This will take you to the interactive. Change the month bar so that it stops in each season. Explain how the interactive changes for each season.