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ABSS Digital Resources for Students and Families
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ABSS Students and Families,

Linked in this document you will find readily available resources to support digital learning while at home. Please access this document for support in troubleshooting technology concerns. If after troubleshooting using these resources you have a concern, please call:  ABSS Tech Support 336-GET-HELP (336-438-4357)

Frequently Asked Questions 

Always check the spelling of email addresses, usernames, and passwords, first.

Clever (access all platforms)


ABSS Student Login for Clever Video

Resources for NCEdCloud

Google Classroom (K/5)  - Students access via Clever

Get Email Updates (Guardian Summaries)

Canvas (6/12)  - Students access via NCEdCloud

Set Up Your Parent Observer Account | Video 

           Canvas Observer Guides (from Instructure)

Guía del Observador de Canvas

Zoom - Links provided by teachers

Imagine Learning - Students access via Clever

Imagine Learning Parents/Guardians Site

Imagine Learning on Tablet

Achieve 3000 - Students access via Clever

Achieve 3000 Parents/Guardians Website 

Schoolnet - Students access via NCEdCloud

Troubleshooting Schoolnet at Home

PowerSchool - Students access via NCEdCloud

                                                               ABSS PowerSchool  for Parents Site


Directions for Signing Into Snap&Read

Setting Up Snap&Read - Choose Student for video resources.