To Mayor Jay, Members of City Council, City Staff and Fellow Citizens,

We are a group of regular citizen-neighbors across generations and geographies who support moving forward with a successful 38th Avenue Main Street in our community.

We recognize that for 38th Avenue Main Street to move ahead, we all and each need to be open to compromises about the specifics as long as the final plan embraces these qualities and outcomes.

We agree to continue talking and listening in person and to support one another through thoughtful conversations about the community we all passionately care about.

May 11, 2015:

  1. These are the reasons why we care about 38th Avenue Main Street and how we believe it will contribute to our community:
  1. It will create a destination for people within Wheat Ridge and from the region;
  2. It will create identity of and for our community;
  3. It will deepen the small-town culture of the Wheat Ridge we value;
  4. It will support existing businesses and attract new businesses;
  5. It will be a gathering place where we can connect with one another by design and by happenstance;
  6. It will be a focal point for our community’s energy and inspiration;
  7. It will create a deeper and broader cultural identity;
  8. It will be a place where we can “keep it local”: local residents supporting local businesses;
  9. It will be an economic engine;
  10. It will be a place for social interaction;
  11. It will encourage a diversity of businesses giving residents and the surrounding communities ways to contribute to the vitality of our city;
  12. It will capture our city’s heritage and contribute to its future;
  13. It will include art that reflects our unique community;
  14. It will create more connection between residents east and west of Wadsworth.

  1. These are qualities we believe 38th Avenue Main Street should have to reflect and support our existing community and contribute to its future success:
  1. Vibrant;
  2. Accommodating;
  3. Attractive;
  4. Safe for all ages and abilities;
  5. Cohesive design;
  6. Diversity of places;
  7. Savvy;
  8. Profitable;
  9. Comfortable;
  10. Affordable for “Keep It Local” and for new development;
  11. Inclusive of multi-generational places and activities;
  12. Appropriately quirky;
  13. Designed to reduce conflict between Main Street and adjacent neighborhoods;
  14. Sufficient parking so people can easily drive to Main Street;
  15. Walkable;
  16. Bike-friendly;
  17. Multi-modal access to and within Main Street;
  18. Year round activities;
  19. Gathering places of all sizes from a few people to larger community;
  20. Demonstrate the value of education;
  21. Connect people to other people and people to businesses;
  22. Mixes shopping with dining and services;
  23. Appropriately sized to be accessible by all;
  24. Inclusive of locally sourced materials and goods including agricultural products.

  1. We believe the heritage and the culture of Wheat Ridge are represented by these items:
  1. Farmers
  2. Carnations
  3. Dahlias
  4. Apples
  5. Jolly Ranchers
  6. Gas Stations
  7. Vintage Cars
  8. Tractors
  9. Bees
  10. Goats


Carri Arata, Dominick Breton, Kelly Brooks, Maire Daugharty, Kristine Disney, Leah Dozeman, Stephanie Eudaly, Brittany Fitzsimmons, Corey Fitzsimmons, C. Nathan Hangerman, Nicholas Henkel, Rachel Hultin, Kevin Keady, Lucie Kiwimagi, Kathleen Martell, Ryan Mitchell, Wanda Sang, Jenny Snell, Christine Stankevich, Ed Stankevich, Korey Stites, Brenda Womble, Terry Womble, Adam Wylie.
Additional Names After May 11, 2015: Kym Ganeles Bixler, Kati Petersburg, Megan Snow, Karen Wylie

JUNE 15, 2015

  1. Most important aspects for 38th Avenue Main Street:
  1. An outside destination inviting to all, where we can gather as a larger community as well as for individuals and small groups to sit, relax and enjoy throughout the year.
  2. Design aesthetics that make 38th Avenue Main Street distinctive, attractive and comfortable.
  3. Straight and predictable travel for all modalities in which safety and flow are prioritized over speed.
  4. Safe access to and within 38th Avenue Main Street for people on foot, on bikes and in cars including bike lanes, sidewalks and clearly marked travel lanes.
  5. Cohesive, accessible sidewalks from Sheridan to Wadsworth on 38th Avenue, regardless of where the Main Street District is located.
  6. Parking on 38th Avenue is not necessary for a successful 38th Avenue Main Street

  1. Aspects that cause the most concern:
  1. That our community will give up on trying to make 38th Avenue our Main Street.
  2. People will drive too fast to make the sidewalks and outdoor gathering spaces appealing and that our Main Street feels unsafe.
  3. The final design won’t be safe for all modes of transportation.
  4. Lack up upkeep/matching investment in aesthetics by business and property owners.
  5. It won’t attract diverse businesses or provide enough shopping.
  6. There will be too many big chains and fast food/drive-thrus, not enough local businesses.
  7. It will look like every everything else, not enough unique character.

  1. Aspects we are willing to compromise on in order to support 38th Avenue Main Street moving forward:
  1. On-street parking.
  2. 35 MPH speed limit [willingness to reduce to 30 MPH if lane configuration reverts to 4/5].
  3. Number of lanes as long as we get cohesion and flow.
  4. Willing to be taxed to support businesses and infrastructure but not to tear up existing curb and gutter.

  1. We pledge to connect as many people in our community as possible with the upcoming design process to ensure a diversity of perspectives and engaged participants. We can achieve this by:
  1. Communicating through our own outreach methods, city channels, and most importantly personal connections to encourage friends, neighbors, business owners, constituents and civic leaders to participate in the upcoming 3 public design meetings.
  2. Ensuring everyone knows when and where to go and that we hope to see them there.
  3. Share additional ways people can support the process such as connecting with elected leaders and inviting their neighbors to participate.

  1. We pledge to convey to the value and importance of participation in the process. We can achieve this by:
  1. Expressing the importance of a vibrant 38th Avenue Main Street including: it will connect our community with one another and with local businesses; it will create a cultural identity unique to Wheat Ridge; it will contribute to the economic vitality of our city; it will support existing businesses and attract new businesses;
  2. Communicating this is an important opportunity for community voices to be heard and for people to listen to other neighbors.
  3. Ensure everyone understands all are welcome and their participation is valued, whether by attending the sessions or following up with their elected leaders.
  4. Share this process is about today moving forward.

  1. We pledge to continue moving forward by finding ways to agree to disagree rather getting stuck on any one aspect of the process. We can achieve this by:
  1. Recognizing any public process inherently includes a full range of interests, opinions and ideas.
  2. As an individual, it’s helpful to contribute your preferences and ideas.
  3. As a leader supporting the process, it’s important to be open to the ideas of others and embrace compromises that still support your values of why 38th Avenue Main Street will benefit our community.


Carri Arata, Kelly Brooks, Maire Daugharty, Joe DeAguero, Kristine Disney, Leah Edwards, Stephanie Eudaly, Brittany Fitzsimmons, Corey Fitzsimmons, C. Nathan Hangerman, Nicholas Henkel, Rachel Hultin, Kevin Keady, Lucie Kiwimagi, Nora Leininger, Kathleen Martell, Carla Mead, Monty Mead, Ryan Mitchell, Milly Nadler, Guy Nahmiach, Kati Petersburg, Wanda Sang, Jeremy Schwartz, Margie Seyfer, Don Seyfer, Jenny Snell, Christine Stankevich, Ed Stankevich, Karen Allen Stanley, Korey Stites, Eric Wilson, Karen Wylie