Digital Career Awareness Day

WHAT?  Digital Career Day Google Meet!         WHEN? Friday, June 5th at 12:00PM

*Google Meet link will be posted by 8 am on the morning of June 5th!

Essential Questions? What is a Career? What Career is right for me? We will begin by exploring what it means to have a career. Students will increase self-awareness by examining their likes and dislikes by participating in a career survey using a shortened version of Holland's six personality types. 

Learning Objectives: 

1. After participating in a personality survey, students will identify one Career of interest. 

2. Students will identify the education needed to be the Career of interest.

3. Students will create a flip grid describing a day in the life of the Career of interest and explain why that is a "good fit" for them.  

WHO? Mrs. Fritze (K-12 School Counselor) & Mrs. Esannason (K-5 School Counselor) will be presenting this lesson. All fifth-grade students are invited and encouraged to click the link and join the class remotely! 

WHERE? Join us digitally. Click on the link that will be posted on seesaw and google classroom the morning of Friday, June 5th! 

WHY? This presentation (aligned with the American School Counseling Association Standards) will encourage a growth mindset, understanding that postsecondary education and life-long learning are necessary for long-term career success. Students will acquire behaviors and skills to enhance self-awareness and promote career and college readiness.