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1.        Purpose

The Board may, at its discretion, act on behalf of individual employees to deduct a certain amount from the employee's paycheck and to remit an equal amount to an agent designated by the employee. It is the intent of this policy to designate those purposes not otherwise mandated by law for which the Board is willing to act on behalf of the employee.

2.        Authority

        SC 513

No deduction may be made from the wages of an employee except for federal or state income tax, PA unemployment, county tax, municipal or school taxes, social security and School Employees' Retirement Fund without proper authorization by the employee, provided, however, no employee authorization shall be necessary in the case of court-ordered deductions or directives issued by any federal, state or local agency or governmental authority.

        SC 513

The Board shall permit deductions from an employee's paycheck upon proper authorization on the appropriate District form for the following purposes:

  1. Tax Sheltered Annuity: No deduction in third pay period of any month.

  1. Voluntary Disability Insurance.

  1. National Education Association.

  1. Pennsylvania State Education Association.

  1. Governor Mifflin Education Association.

  1. American Federation of State.

  1. County and Municipal Employees dues as authorized.

  1. Insurance Plan.

  1. 125 Plan.

  1. United Way.

  1. Education Foundation, etc.

  1. Credit Union.

  1. IRS Garnishments.

  1. Child Support.


School Code – 24 P.S. Sec. 513

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