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Marigold App: Member Code of Conduct
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Marigold App: Member Code of Conduct  

Marigold is your tool to build recovery networks.  It’s an app that lets you text with a support group anytime, 24/7, from your phone.  

This guide introduces Marigold and explains the rules for using it. If you decide to use Marigold, you become a “Member” on the app. This guide is known as the “Member Code of Conduct.”  

This guide and other documents about how your privacy is protected is also available on Marigold Health’s website at 

If you decide to use Marigold, you must sign this Code of Conduct. Signing below means that you agree to follow these rules.  

While we want you to express yourself, a group is a shared place. These rules are important for everyone’s safety.  


We are here to support you, and make the app work for you. If you think Marigold could be improved, send a message to “Marigold Support” on the app.  


1. Q. What is a Group?  

A. A Group is a community made up of 5-20 members. Group members interact in a single shared group chat. You may recognize the app design to be similar to popular apps such as Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp.  

Groups are led by Peers employed by Marigold, who are sometimes aided by community moderators. Community moderators are members who volunteer to take a more active role in groups. Community moderators have a special badge in a particular group and can only see your username. You send messages to the group under a username that you choose. This way groups are nonjudgmental discussion rooms that also protect privacy.  

Never share your username with other patients outside of the app, and never post personal information within groups. More on this later.  


2. Q. How can a group help me?  

A. Groups are proof that you’re not alone. You can send text messages and GIFs into your Group. Groups can discuss many topics about life in recovery. Groups can even include links to helpful content, such as articles, inspirational quotes, etc.  

Another benefit is that PM’s will host discussions over text at specific times to provide additional help for your group. Even when the PM is not online, you can still send text messages into the group at any time.  

This 24/7 access is possible since Marigold has technology tools that automatically alerts PM’s if a message needs extra attention. Please know that we take your and other member’s safety very seriously.  Any threat to hurt yourself, or even talk about hurting yourself, will trigger an urgent outreach to you by our PM or peer. Messages of this kind will not be taken lightly.  

Groups on Marigold are not supposed to replace in-person support, especially from licensed professionals. We think of Marigold as a special group of online friends who support each other’s path to recovery.

3. Q. Where can I access a Group?  

A. You can access a Group anywhere that you have mobile phone service within the United  States. Marigold needs internet to send messages. You can read messages at any time.  The app may not be accessible outside of the U.S. Reach out if you would to access Groups from a desktop computer.  

4. Q. What can I expect from a Group?  

A. Members must be 18 years old or over. Marigold approves who gets into each group, so you can be sure that you’re in you’re in the right place.  

Feel free to share your thoughts and feelings in your group.  Other members will know you only by your Username. Members support each other by sharing their experiences and what worked for them. Ask questions; provide your perspective.  

You can and should feel free to chat at any time of the day or night. Please remember, though, that other group members may not be on the app at the same time as you.  Responses to your posting may not be immediate.  

5. Q. What shouldn’t I expect from a Group?  

A. Marigold is not responsible for the behavior of any Group member. Marigold will do all it can to improve your experience with the app, but it does not guarantee the helpfulness of the content posted.    

Marigold reviews messages regularly, but we may not be able to reply instantly. If you are feeling upset by something said in a Group, please speak up! Message the PM of your Group, and “flag” messages that bother you. Marigold reviews messages regularly,  

Again, Groups cannot give you medical advice or assistance in an emergency. Though others are here to support you, your health is ultimately your responsibility.  

Always ask a qualified health provider any questions regarding your health and never disregard or delay professional medical advice because of something you have read while using Marigold.   Call your doctor or 911 immediately if you have a medical emergency.  

Your Group is a space that you define with other members – this is your chance to create your vision of a supportive community.  

6. Q. Just so we’re clear: what is not allowed in a Group?  

A. For the safety of all members, the following behaviors are not allowed:  

Finally, never disclose anyone’s personally identifying information - instead, refer to members by their screen names only. This avoids complicating Groups with existing real-world relationships – so you can confidently share with anonymity.  

Inappropriate messages can result in messages being deleted, member suspension from the group, or permanent removal from the group. Marigold and PMs have the final say in  making sure these rules are followed.  


Marigold App: Member Code of Conduct   

7. Q. What do I need to know before signing up for Marigold?  

A. You need to register to use Marigold. First download the app.  Then you have to talk with a Marigold staff  member to be placed in a Group. They will ask for your real name, your username (screen name), and email address. By registering, you agree to keep your member name and your password confidential.  

Your privacy is very important. Marigold takes steps to protect member privacy. More details are explained in the full Privacy Policy. Just like with all internet applications or websites, Marigold cannot guarantee there will never be any breach of firewalls and/or of the secure server software. By using the Marigold, you acknowledge and accept this risk.  

8. Q. How does Marigold use my information?  

A. Marigold uses technology to analyze trends, evaluate app performance, and observe  demographic information about the app’s member base. This tracking is not tied to any individual member’s personal information. Marigold will not disclose your personal information or member data to any third parties except to third-party contractors engaged to provide services on Marigold’s behalf.

9. Q. What else do I need to know?  

A. Marigold may limit access to the app to make updates and modifications. Please be patient in the event of occasional downtime when you may not be able to use the app.  

Marigold complies with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. If you have copyright  concerns, review the full Privacy Policy to learn how to contact a designated agent. Please go to Marigold Health’s Patient Page at 

We are excited to offer you the benefits of a supportive peer community on the Marigold app.  If, however, you do not agree to any of the above rules, please do not begin using Marigold.