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Ben Kenny - CV - 2018
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BEN KENNY, Front End Web Developer. | | Available immediately.




I am a Front End Web Developer with a BSc in Information Systems with Multimedia from the University of Central England. I have over 10 years of development experience, with a mix of permanent roles and contract work.

My most recent role involved building responsive components and templates for SiteCore CMS using handlebarsJS for HTML markup, SASS for CSS styling and a mix of vanilla Javascript and Jquery, all within an Agile working environment.

Easy to work with, laid back and can get along with anyone, hardworking, motivated and capable of working alone (projects such as a team workflow system at npower) or as part of a wider team (worked on numerous projects with BA’s, PM’s, DOT NETTER's and Designers across npower and HomeServe such as new responsive homepages).



BSc Information systems with Multimedia.


Birmingham City University.


2004 - 2007.




Key skills

Exp (yrs)

HTML, HTML5, XHTML, Hypertext Markup Language, Semantic, Accessibility, W3C


CSS2, CSS3, Cascading Style Sheets, LESS and SASS CSS pre processing


Adobe Photoshop, Design, JPG, PNG, GIF, Adobe Creative Cloud


Javascript, JavaScript, Js, JS, Jquery, JQUERY, Jquery UI, Jquery Mobile


CMS, Content Management Systems, Oracle UCM, Wordpress, Sitecore


Browser testing, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera


Device testing, mobile, tablet, desktop


Responsive techniques, Mobile First, Mobile websites, Mobile ready


Development Frameworks, Grid systems, Twitter Bootstrap, Jquery library


Task automation with NodeJS and Gulp


PHP editing, Wordpress customisation, RightNow customisation


SEO, Search Engine Optimisation, analytics, Google analytics


Experience of

Usability testing, A/B tests, Multivariate testing, User experience, UX


DOTNET integration, Microsoft .Net integration, .Net integration, MVC framework integration with HTML and CSS.


Working in an Agile environment


Documentation and task tracking, Jira, Confluence


Front end web developer, HomeServe PLC.

London. 05/2016 - 12/2017

Worked on a number of different territories as a member of the Global Digital and Technology team, responsibilities ranged from Front End Web Development (using Handlebars.JS and SASS, JS) to identifying new components to be built in Sitecore CMS, management of own workload using Jira and creating documentation for other developers in Confluence.


Front end web developer, HomeServe.

Walsall. 05/2014 - 05/2016

Designed and built a number of responsive applications whilst at Homeserve, Make a claim online, a new intranet as well as a new homepage for the customer facing website. All fully responsive and mobile first. I also created a style guide for the website going forward which can be used by other developers or external agencies. The team worked as Agile in two week iterations.

  • Make a claim online
  • App views of existing journeys
  • Style guide with accessibility guidelines
  • Online renewals
  • Responsive homepage
  • New intranet
  • Customer hub

Senior front end web developer, Npower.

Solihull. 06/2011 - 04/2014

Recoded most of the website, built templates not only for developer use but also for business owners to contribute content. Created microsites, worked on responsive templates, mobile only layouts, implemented a knowledge base system which was then also used for live chat functionality across

I was also solely responsible for the setting up of the Operations workflow system for any business as usual requests, this was done through an existing tool called RightNow. Required the development of workspaces, workflows, admin and end user accounts, custom rules, custom email, custom look and feel. It was very well received by the senior management team and is now being used by multiple teams across the Digital department.

Other responsibilities as Senior were to report on KPI data and other useful team information as well as distribute work throughout the team, both to Front End Developer and Back End Developers (All done using the workflow system i created).

  • Data dashboard
  • Industrial and commercial microsite
  • Energy debate
  • rebuild
  • RightNow integration and admin

Front end web developer, npower.

Worcester. 10/2007 - 06/2011

Worked on hundreds of landing pages for various campaigns, also worked on major projects including refreshes of the website.


HomeServe USA

Responsive, Agile environment, SASS, HTML5, Sitecore CMS integration, Gulp

HomeServe Spain

Jira, Confluence, Handlebars.JS, HTML5, SASS, Sitecore CMS integration, Gulp

HomeServe UK

Responsive, Agile environment, LESS, HTML5

Make a claim online

Mobile responsive, Agile environment, LESS, HTML5

NHS Birth registration application

Mobile responsive, Bootstrap

Operations dashboard

Data visualisation, responsive

Rebuilds of

HTML, CSS, Jquery


Football, golf, gym, cycling, cinema, DIY, photography, travel and attempting to learn French, i’ve also become obsessed with reading a lot of books lately.

I also maintain my own personal website showcasing my work and occasionally writing the odd development based blog post which you can find here