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Student Responsible Use Agreement



Southwest Dubois County School Corporation


Please read this entire section carefully.

This agreement is made effective upon receipt of a DEVICE between The Southwest Dubois County School Corporation (“SWDCS”), the student receiving a DEVICE (“Student”), and his/her parent(s) or legal guardian (“Parent”). This agreement is considered an addendum to the SWDCS Student Responsible Use Agreement (“RUA”).

The Student and Parent(s), in consideration of being provided with a DEVICE, including power adapter, charging cable, case and software (“accessories”) for use while a student at SWDCS, hereby agree as follows:

1. Equipment:

a. Ownership: SWDCS retains sole right of possession of the DEVICE and grants permission to the student to use the DEVICE according to the guidelines set forth in this document and in conjunction with the SWDCS Student Responsible Use Agreement. SWDCS retains the right to collect and/or inspect the DEVICE and accessories at any time, including via electronic remote access; and to alter, add, erase or delete installed software (including the DEVICE iOS) or hardware.

b. Equipment Provided: Efforts are made to keep all DEVICE configurations the same. All systems include ample RAM, applications, and wireless network capability. SWDCS will retain records of the serial numbers of provided equipment.

c. Substitution of Equipment: In the event the DEVICE is inoperable, SWDCS has a limited number of spares for use while the DEVICE is repaired or replaced. This agreement remains in effect for such a substitute. The Student may NOT opt to keep a DEVICE or to avoid using the DEVICE due to loss or damage.

d. Responsibility for Electronic Data: It is the sole responsibility of the Student to backup indispensable data as necessary. SWDCS does not accept responsibility for any such files or software.

e. Responsibility for Installed Software: The Student may not install any software which violates the SWDCS Student Responsible Use Agreement. Uninstalling any school provided or other software or profiles from the DEVICE is not permitted. Operating System and Application updates will be run from a central location. Failure to comply will result in disciplinary action.

2. Damage, Loss or unreturned Equipment:

a. Warranty for Equipment Malfunction: SWDCS has a limited manufacturer’s warranty for the DEVICE. The warranty only covers damage to the DEVICE caused by manufacturer’s defects.

b. Responsibility for Damage: The Student is responsible for maintaining a 100% working DEVICE and accessories at all times. The Student shall use reasonable care to ensure that the DEVICE and accessories are not damaged. Refer to the Standards for Proper Care document for a description of expected care. In the event of damage or Loss/Theft of the DEVICE or accessories, it is the Student's responsibility to notify the high school administrative office as soon as possible.

In the event of Loss/Theft, a police report must be filed. Other charges may be determined at the discretion of the school administration.

c. If the DEVICE or accessories are stolen or vandalized while not at SWDCS or at an SWDCS sponsored event, the Parent shall file a police report.

d. Return of equipment: At the end of each school year all students will be required to return the DEVICE and all accessories to the school administrative office. SWDCS will charge the Student and Parent for any items not returned. Any items that are damaged will be charged to the Student or Parent as well.

e. Students who leave SWDCS during the school year must return the DEVICE and all accessories at the time they leave the corporation. The DEVICE and accessories must be returned to the administrative office of the high school. Failure to do so shall result in legal action.

f. Technical Support and Repair: SWDCS will provide technical support, maintenance and repair during school hours. Any attempt to repair outside of SWDCS may result in the Student and Parent being charged the full replacement cost of the DEVICE or accessories. A regular summer maintenance plan is scheduled and all DEVICEs will be collected at the end of school. The same serial # DEVICE will be reissued at the start of school.

3. Legal and Ethical Use Policies:

a. Monitoring: SWDCS will monitor DEVICE use using a variety of methods to ensure compliance with SWDCS’s Student Responsible Use Agreement and this agreement. Any attempt to “jailbreak” the DEVICE or remove the SWDCS profiles will result in disciplinary action.

b. Legal and Ethical Use: All aspects of SWDCS’s Student Responsible Use Agreement remain in effect during the use of the DEVICE. SWDCS will make every attempt to provide content filtering within the SWDCS network and outside the network. However, SWDCS does not have full control of the information on the Internet or incoming email while off campus.

c. File-sharing and File-sharing Programs: The installation and/or use of any Internet-based file-sharing tools are explicitly prohibited. File-sharing programs may not be used to facilitate the illegal sharing of copyrighted material (music, video and images).

d. Allowable Customizations: The Student is permitted to alter or add files to customize the assigned DEVICE to their own working styles (i.e., wallpaper, default fonts, and other system enhancements). However, SWDCS reserves the right to insure all customizations follow the SWDCS Student Responsible Use Agreement and may periodically conduct maintenance that may configure the DEVICE back to the originally installed state. Pass codes may be used on applicable Student DEVICES so long as they do not interfere with day to day operations of SWDCS and the DEVICE. Students may be required to share or remove pass codes.

e. Digital Citizenship: Using the resources available at Common Sense Education, Digital Citizenship Curriculum will be implemented to ensure that students develop a clear understanding of how to navigate the internet safely and decipher which websites are reliable, credible, and appropriate for their educational interests.  

SWDCS Student Device Responsible Use Agreement Form

Southwest Dubois County School Corporation


This document is an important addendum to the Student DEVICE Responsible Use Agreement Form. Read it carefully prior to signing. You are expected to follow all the specific guidelines listed in this document and take any additional common sense precautions to protect your assigned DEVICE. Loss or damage resulting in failure to abide by the details below may result in full financial responsibility.

Your Responsibilities

● Treat this equipment with as much care as if it were your own property.

● Bring the DEVICE and charging unit every school day.

● Keep the DEVICE either secured (i.e., locked in your locker, classroom or other secure place where others do not have access) or attended (with you or within your sight) at all times. For example, during athletic events, games, practices and trips, store the DEVICE in your school locker/classroom and arrange to return to school to retrieve it after the activity. DEVICES left unattended may be confiscated by school personnel as a protection against theft. Unattended and unlocked equipment, if stolen (even at school) will be your full financial responsibility.

● Avoid use in situations that are conducive to loss or damage. For example, never leave the DEVICE in school vans, in the gym, in a locker room, on playing fields or in other areas where it could be damaged or stolen. Avoid storing the DEVICE in a car other than in a locked trunk.

● Do not expose the DEVICE to extreme temperatures or elements including water.

● Do not let anyone use the DEVICE you have been assigned. Loss or damage that occurs when anyone else is using your assigned DEVICE or accessories will be your full responsibility.

● Adhere to SWDCSs Student DEVICE Use Agreement at all times and in all locations. When in doubt about acceptable use, ask a teacher, principal or member of the tech team staff.

● Back up your data. Never consider any electronic information safe when stored on only one DEVICE. Use your school-supplied accounts on a regular basis.

● Read and follow all email instructions from school technology personnel.

How to Handle Problems

● Promptly report any problems to a teacher or tech team member.

● Don’t force anything (e.g., connections, charging cables, etc,). Seek help instead.

● When in doubt, ask for help.

● Do not go outside of SWDCS for repairs.

General Care

● Do not attempt to remove or change the physical structure of the DEVICE, including the screen cover or school provided case. Doing so will void the warranty, and you will be responsible for 100 percent of the repair or replacement cost.

● Do not remove or interfere with the serial number or any identification placed on the DEVICE.

● Do not do anything to the DEVICE or accessories that will permanently alter it in any way.

● Keep the equipment clean. For example, avoid eating or drinking while using the DEVICE.

Carrying the DEVICE

● Always leave the DEVICE in the school provided case.

● Do not grab and squeeze the DEVICE, as this can damage the screen and other components.

● When moving with the DEVICE, be sure to hold it securely with both hands.

Screen Care

● The DEVICE screen can be easily damaged if proper care is not taken. Screens are particularly sensitive to damage from excessive pressure.

● Do not touch the DEVICE screen with anything (e.g., pen, pencil, etc.) other than approved DEVICE screen cleaners & input DEVICEs.

● Clean the screen with a soft, dry anti-static cloth or with a screen cleaner designed specifically for LCD type screens only.

● Never leave any object on the DEVICE.  Do not stack notebooks, books, or other items on top of it and do not place pencils or pens in the hinge when open. This is one of the most frequent causes of broken screens.

Battery Life and Charging

● Arrive to school each day with a fully charged battery. Establish a routine at home whereby each evening you leave your DEVICE charging overnight.

● Avoid using the charger in any situation where you or another is likely to trip over the cord.

● Don’t let the battery completely drain. Charge when the battery reaches 10% capacity. Immediately shutdown if you are unable to connect to the charger.

Personal Health and Safety

● Avoid lengthy use involving repetitive tasks (such as typing and use of the track-pad). Take frequent breaks as well as alter your physical position (typing while standing, sitting, leaning, etc.) to minimize discomfort.

● Read any safety warnings included with the DEVICE.

Disciplinary Issues

Southwest Dubois County School Corporation

Student DEVICE Program Acknowledgement Form

Review and initial each statement below.

The following items reiterate some of the most important points covered in the Student DEVICE Use Agreement and the Standards for Proper Care Addendum.

                                                                                         Student  Guardian

I understand that I am responsible for backing up my own files and that important files should always be stored in at least two locations (such as on the DEVICE and cloud storage like Google Drive).

I will not leave my DEVICE or accessories unattended unless it is locked in a secure place.

I am fully responsible for the cost of deductible or replacement should my DEVICE or accessories become lost or stolen.

I understand that I will report any damage, loss or theft of the DEVICE to SWDCS personnel immediately. In addition, I understand that my parent/guardian may be held responsible for reimbursement for loss, damage, or repair of the DEVICE issued to me, which may have occurred at school or at home, or while the mobile DEVICE was being transported, in accordance with the policies outlined in the SWDCS Student DEVICE Use Agreement.

I have read and follow the Standards for Proper DEVICE Care.

I will read and follow general maintenance alerts from school technology personnel. I will report any problems with my DEVICE to a teacher, principal, or member of the tech team staff immediately.

Terms of Agreement

The student is responsible at all times for the care and appropriate use of technology.

I understand if my child violates the guidelines agreed to in the SWDCS Student DEVICE Use Agreement or Student Responsible Use Agreement, his/her privilege to use the technology may be restricted or removed and he/she may be subject to disciplinary action. The DEVICE and accessories remain the property of SWDCS. At the end of the school year or upon transfer from the school district, parents and students agree to return the DEVICE and accessories to the school in the same condition it was issued to the student less reasonable wear.

___________________________________                ____________________________________

Student Name (printed clearly)                         Student Signature

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Parent/Guardian Name (printed clearly)                 Parent/Guardian Signature


____________________________________        ____________________________________

Date                                                        Parent/guardian email

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Student cell number                                        Parent/guardian cell number

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Parent/Guardian work number                        Parent/guardian work email

____________________________________        ____________________________________

Emergency/other adult contact name                Emerg/other adult contact email & phone

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Emergency/other adult contact name                Emerg/other adult contact email & phone

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Emergency/other adult contact name                Emerg/other adult contact email & phone

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Emergency/other adult contact name                Emerg/other adult contact email & phone

Board Approved ___(date)_____________