The Story of Philosophy - The Lives and Opinions of the Greater Philosophers

By Will Durant - Read by Calm Ander

*Note: When I first began recording I tried to create videos roughly twenty minutes in length. I later abandoned that idea (chapter 3) and recorded based on the parts of the chapters.

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Introduction and Chapter 1 - Plato:

The Context of Plato:


The preparation of Plato, The Ethical Problem, and The Political Problem:

The Psychological Problem and The Psychological Solution:

The Political Solution and The Ethical Solution:


Chapter 2 - Aristotle and Greek Science:

        The Historical Background and The Work of Aristotle:

The Foundation of Logic, The Organization of Science, and Metaphysics and the Nature of God:

Metaphysics and the Nature of God, Psychology and the Nature of Art, and Ethics and the Nature of Happiness:


        Criticism and Later Life and Death:

Chapter 3 - Francis Bacon

        From Aristotle to the Renaissance:

        The Political Career of Francis Bacon:

        The Essays:

        The Great Reconstruction:

        Criticism and Epilogue:

Chapter 4 - Spinoza

        Historical and Biographical:

        The Treatise on Religion and the State:

        The Improvement of the Intellect:

        The Ethics:

        The Political Treatise:

        The Influence of Spinoza:

Chapter 5 - Voltaire and the French Enlightenment

Paris: CEdipe:

London: Letters on the English:

Cirey: The Romances:

Potsdam and Frederick:

Les Delices: The Essay on Morals:

Ferney: Candide:

The Encyclopedia and the Philosophic Dictionary:

Ecrasez L’Infame:

Voltaire and Rousseau:


Chapter 6 - Immanuel Kant and German Idealism

Roads to Kant:

Kant Himself:

The Critique of Pure Reason:

The Critique of Practical Reason:

On Religion and Reason:

On Politics and Eternal Peace:

Criticism and Estimate:

A Note on Hegel:

Chapter 7 - Schopenhauer

The Age:

The Man:

The World as Idea:

The World as Will:

The World as Evil:

The Wisdom of Life:

The Wisdom of Death:


Chapter 8 - Herbert Spencer

Comte and Darwin:

The Development of Spencer:

First Principles:

Biology: The Evolution of Life:

Psychology: The Evolution of Mind:

Sociology: The Evolution of Society:

Ethics: The Evolution of Morals:



Chapter 9 - Friedrich Nietzsche

The Lineage of Nietzsche:


Nietzsche and Wagner:

The Song of Zarathustra:


The Superman:





Chapter 10 - Contemporary European Philosophers

Henri Bergson:

Benedetto Croci:

Bertrand Russell:

Chapter 11 - Contemporary American Philosophers


George Santayana:

William James:

John Dewey and Conclusion:

Keep Calm and Keep Calm Online:

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